MagicJack Aims To Improve Customer Service: Appoints New VP Of Customer Experience

West Palm Beach, Fla. & Jerusalem — Jan 21, 2014 — More changes were seen today at magicJack Vocaltec Ltd. (NASDAQ: CALL) as they announced they have appointment Mary Kennon as Vice President of Customer Experience. Kennon is a telecom vet with over three decades of experience in the industry. She has been hired to lead the companies charge in improving both customer loyalty and satisfaction. Mary brings a long resume of experience in the telecom industry along with working directly with Vocaltec for quite some time. Her overall experience combined with here

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New magicJack “Do The Math” Brand Refresh A Sign Of Big Changes At Company

West Palm Beach, Fla. — January 14, 2014. — First new management. Then a new magicJack Plus device. Now a brand refresh campaign tabbed “Do The Math” along with a complete overhaul of the website. With all of this ‘new’ many people are asking themselves what is going

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A Quick MagicJack Plus Release Update

The new device was slated to be released for sale during the 1st quarter of 2011 but for this go around the company is doing it right and putting their new product through a lengthy testing phase before its release. At this time only 200 magicJack Plus units have been sold and they are using feedback from users to work out any kinks and get the final design ready for release.

Recently VocalTec gave guidance that this testing phase is expected to be completed in early July 2011 with release of the product thereafter. The release date is set to be determined

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MagicJack Secret Customer Service Phone Number

Recently there has been a lot of bad talk about the companies customer service and people being upset that they can only be reached via online chat. We can certainly understand this concern and that’s why we took the time to do some deep digging to find out whether they really have a customer service telephone number or not.

After an exhaustive search we discovered a secret customer service telephone number that nobody else seems to know about. When calling this line it states that it is their billing department so I’m not sure whether you can get technical support from it or not

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Magic Jack VoIP Phone Service

I’ve been cruising the forums and the search engines.

Man, some of you people are brutal!!!

Calling the new phone service everything from a fraud to a scam. Some seriously harsh words. I admit I’ve only had my Magic Jack for a short time, but so far I’ve been extremely pleased with it. However, for the sake of argument, I thought I’d post a few comments I’ve found around the web and try to answer some of the more common questions.

Once again, I do NOT work for magicJack, nor does this site have ANY affiliation with the company that sells it. I’m a real user and

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