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There are a lot of major players in the VoIP market for residential phone services these days and we know that you’re likely struggling to chose between them. The good news is that among the main players it’s hard to go wrong since they are all so good! But if you’re stuck on the fine details on which is the best option for you then this section is just what you’re looking for. Here we’ve included a bunch of comparisons to help you in understanding the small differences between each provider.

Selecting a service provider is a big decision and we want you to pick the home phone services that will meet your needs in regards to features and cost so you feel good about your decision! Go ahead and have a look below or check out our residential VoIP reviews section!


Our Residential VoIP Comparisons

magicJack GO vs NetTalk DUO Wifi Comparison 2020

Among the two prominent players in the home VoIP service provider market, magicJack and NetTalk have long been competing for the same market share and customers due to both of their low cost yet excellent home phone service models as compared to the traditional...

magicJack vs Ooma Telo Comparison for 2020

MagicJack and Ooma have captured the imagination (and market space) of residential VoIP service in quick time. Both have come to prominence as the best services in their price range, not least because of their similar claim of ‘no monthly fee’ which gives them a clear...

magicJack vs Basic Talk Comparison for 2020

Technological evolution in network infrastructures, ever-increasing demand for mobile & wireless communication services and high price performance ratio has led to sustained growth of VoIP services in corporate and individual consumer segments. Add to it, the rise...

magicJack vs. NetTalk VoIP Comparison for 2020

With an increasing trend by personal and business customers to save money by using VoIP phone service providers over traditional phone providers, the leading brands – MagicJack and NetTalk – have firmly entrenched themselves in the market. Loyal customers have their...

magicJack vs. Skype Comparison for 2020

TheVoIPHub now has many different comparisons of magicjack vs other devices. OK, we admit it wasn't the most scientific test, but we really needed an answer in a very important situation as to who had the best VOIP service at the moment we did the testing. So what was...

magicJack vs Vonage Comparison for 2020

For residential VoIP service as an alternative to conventional phones, cell-phone services and landlines – Vonage and MagicJack have both had their moments. While the technical premise of using ATA (analog telephone adapter) is similar for both, there are differences...