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MAGICJACK Renewal Pricing – How much does magicJack Cost?

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This guide does not include any of our comments regarding installation, registration and activation of the device or any pictures from the MJReg.com site. For more detailed and complete instructions including our commentary and MJ Registration site pictures please see...

magicJack Faxing: How to Send a Fax With All magicJack Devices

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How Much Does Ooma Office Cost? The pricing for Ooma Business phone service (called Ooma Office) is significantly cheaper than most other VoIP services geared toward businesses and is a great way for businesses to cut cost whether thriving or struggling. For the only...

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Ooma Voicemail: How to Setup & Check Your Voicemail System

Setting up and accessing your Ooma voicemail for the Ooma Telo Device or updated Ooma Telo 2 service is done in a cinch. You can access the number for setup from your home, mobile phone, or anywhere that you have access to a phone. Unlike traditional telephone units,...

Ooma Linx Wireless Adapter: A Full Review and Setup Guide

What Is Ooma Linx? Ooma Linx is the ideal accessory to expand your Telo or Office Manager unit, connect additional devices, and add flexibility to your home phone system. The great thing about the Linx is it can be used with both Ooma's residential phone service and...

Ooma Login Help: A How-To Guide To Your My Ooma Telo Login

Ooma Telo Login Overview Setting up your VoIP device is often the first step to ensuring a seamless functional experience and it is no different for the premier residential VoIP provider, Ooma. One important thing in getting it setup is figuring out how to navigate...

What is VoIP?

The technical definition of VoIP is not particularly relevant so we’ll jump right into what it means for you. VoIP is simply an acronym for Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol, which is a relatively new type of digital phone service where calls are routed over the Internet rather than through traditional telephone lines you see everywhere. By eliminating the overhead costs of telephone lines and other infrastructure VoIP service providers are able to significantly cut cost, passing many of these savings on to their customers.

Who is VoIP over IP for?

For those that still have a landline at home residential VoIP service offers significant cost savings over traditional landline phone services but the biggest value is usually seen with businesses. Whether you’re a one man operation or having thousands of employees and need a complex solution most business VoIP providers are able to offer a simple and scaleable solution that is feature rich and meets all of your needs.

VoIP vs. Landline phone

Behind the scenes VoIP technology is completely different than a landline but for the end user there is no difference. Similar to a landline phone when calls come in you simply answer them from your phone. Making calls is dually easy, just pickup your VoIP phone and dial a number and the call will go through, really there’s no difference.

VoIP Requirements

In order to use VoIP phone service you will need a reliable and consistent high-speed Internet connection. With the right Voice over IP provider a bulky phone system is no longer needed since services are completely contained within the cloud. A truly cloud based communications solutions that works seamlessly with any telephone is where we’re rapidly heading and any VoIP service provider that doesn’t adapt will soon be obsolete.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Eliminate costly hardware
  • Eliminate complicated wiring
  • Completely customizeable VoIP over IP solutions to meet your needs
  • Significant cost savings over traditional phone service
  • Cloud based phone systems eliminates expensive and bulky phone systems
  • Easily scaleable to any sized business
  • Advanced features such as conference calling, texting, auto sync with your mobile device, etc.

Disadvantages of VoIP

  • Requires a high speed Internet connection
  • Hard to choose between many excellent providers

Ways you can expect to save after switching

  • Lower monthly payments – The most obviously way you will save it by lowering your monthly recurring charges.
  • Cheaper or less equipment to buy – A second way you will save it by getting a cheaper less complex business phone system or you might not need one at all
  • Free long distance and international calls – Many providers offers plans that are inclusive of long distance and international calls for only a small monthly upcharge so you won’t be paying outrageous by the minute rates.
  • Free premium services – VoIP providers usually don’t charge for premium services such as conference calling, automatic syncing to mobile phones, voicemail, texting, auto-attendants, video calling, etc…