DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) are radios that let you communicate via digital two-way system. These radios can be used instead of the older analog radios and offer advanced features, making it easier for people to communicate with each other. Communications are more secure, the displays are clearer, and the voice quality is better with digital mobile radios.

This post takes you through our list of what the best DMR radios are and what they have to offer you. Armed with this information you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which DMR radio best meets your needs!

Our Top Picks

Our List of the Very Best DMR HAM Radios

Below you can check out our reviews of the some great two way radios you can you enjoy from Anytone, BTECH, Radioddity, Baofeng and more! Most of the products reviewed below are handheld and portable except for 2 of them.

1. AnyTone AT-D878UV Plus – OUR TOP PICK


The AnyTone AT-D878UV is our top pick in this list. Users have been liking how this DMR radio is easy to hold and use wherever you need to. It has been implemented with a Bluetooth feature that’s easy to use with the Bluetooth PTT button that’s available. We also liked how the display can be customized as it’s easier to set up and use to your preferences.

In addition to this, this DMR radio comes with a free course to BridgeCom University ($97 value). This course includes excellent video tutorials that take you through a step-by-step process on how to use the radio. As a result, those who haven’t used these radios before can have an easier time learning how they work. BridgeCom University is an online resource that beginners can buy in order to learn how to use AnyTone DMR radios.

Their course includes everything from how to import the digital contacts list and dim the display, to creating code plugs and connecting the radio to Bluetooth compatible devices. BridgeCom phone and email support is also available which can be useful for helping beginners contact someone from the service to get help directly.

  • Programming software & cable included
  • Belt clip available
  • Battery is easy to charge
  • Massive Memory Channel
  • Li-ion Battery 3100mAh
  • Bluetooth Capability
  • Some find it’s difficult to use with Apple desktops & laptops
  • Importing data can be a little tricky
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We found that the speakers included with this radio have a default level that’s great for being used in a room. You’re also able to use the free BridgeCom University course to understand all features this digital radio offers. There’s also plenty of built in memory that makes it convenient to set up and start using.

2. AnyTone AT-D868UV


A dual band feature has been integrated to this DMR radio that enables you to receive communications from two different channels at once. Moreover, you’re able to use both analog and digital DMR features on any one of the 4,000 channels. The radio also comes with a USB cable for programming and free software so that you can get setup and ready to use the radio in no time.

You can also feel confident when it comes to using this radio during the day or night due to the 1.77″ TFT color display. This makes it easier for you to see the display, regardless of the lighting conditions that you’re in.

This one also comes with the freebie Bridgecom University training course which is valued at $97.

  • Dust & IP-54 water resistant
  • Easy to connect mics & earphones
  • 4 available power levels that can be programmed
  • None that we found
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

After being fully charged, the battery included with this radio can last for up to 35 hours. This provides you with plenty of time to be able to rely on the radio and use it for long periods of time.



The BTECH DMR-6X2 comes with a range of up to 4,000 channels that you can easily program to suit your needs. You can also have up to 10,000 groups and 200,000 contacts. Users have been liking how the radio comes with a programming cable as it makes it easier to program for yourself.

In addition to this, the display has various settings that let you adjust it until it’s comfortable for you to look at. Two belt clips, a charging station, wrist wrap, dual band antenna, and an earpiece kit are all included with this DMR radio which ensures you have everything you need to start using it right away.

  • Compatible with QHM-22 mics
  • Easy to follow manual included
  • Scanning features are easily adjustable
  • Sound quality is a little disappointing
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The built in GPS is a feature that users have been liking as it allows you to send out digital and analog APRS packets more easily. Not to mention, the APRS in analog form can be edited on the radio itself to make things even more convenient.

4. Radioddity GD-77


This DMR radio is easily compatible with repeaters and hotspot devices which makes it simple when it comes to personal and commercial use. It comes with Tier 1 and 2 dual time slots as well which work well to let two people use the same repeater simultaneously. This is a feature that people on job sites would be able to make use out of to continue being productive.

The DMR function that’s available allows users to send messages to other people with radios just like a text. You can have up to 32 messages available to send which can help you get quick messages across to others during commercial use.


  • Large LCD display
  • Easy to use programming USB cable
  • Some find the interface tricky to use in the beginning
  • Battery life could be better
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

To help with emergency situations, an orange button has been placed on the top. This is superb for enabling you to send out an alarm during times where you may need urgent help.

5. AnyTone AT-D578UVIIIPRO

No products found.


With 200,000 digital contacts, 10,000 talk groups, and 4,000 channels, you can be sure to have plenty of options available when using this DMR radio. You’re also able to easily see the screen as it’s an LCD display that’s 1.77″ and in color which users have been liking.

Furthermore, the number keypad that has been fitted includes 10 keys that you can configure. This can be handy when it comes to configuring the keys for different uses that are customized to your preferences.

  • Great audio quality
  • Durable construction
  • GPS antenna isn’t as secure as some would prefer
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

The analog tri-band feature included with this DMR radio works well with a cross band and cross mode functions that allows you to easily connect to repeaters with no hassle.

6. Greaval Ham Radio


This DMR radio is compatible with computers which can make it more convenient for you to program it from your available desktop. We liked how you can also easily change the power levels between low, medium, and high by using the switch function that’s included.

Once the battery has been fully charged, you can use the radio for between 12 and 20 hours continuously. Users have mentioned how the car charger adapter is great for letting you charge the battery while you’re driving to ensure that you’re able to rely on using the radio if you forgot to charge it for long enough.

  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • LED flashlight built in
  • Alert for low battery levels included
  • Some find the earpiece feels uncomfortable
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

You’re able to use this radio with most other radios due to how it can be used with the most common frequency ranges. This makes it easy for you to use in different commercial environments while working with others.

7. TYT MD-UV380


Users have been liking how the LCD display included with this radio has various colors as it can make it easier to see in different lighting conditions. You’re able to see the display in clarity and have an easy time when it comes to using the 3,000 channels that are included.

To make the set up process easy, a programming cable is provided. This makes things more simple as you’re able to connect this cable to Windows computers for programming purposes.

  • Belt clip included
  • Durable build quality
  • Not supported by Mac devices
  • Rotation knob for channel zones can be tricky to use
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We liked how the dual time slot function lets you use repeaters more easily. Not to mention, the radio is compatible with Tier 1 and Tier 2 functions that can be useful for people who are using the radio in commercial settings.

8. Baofeng UV-5R MK4

No products found.


With two radios included in this set, you can feel at ease knowing that you have a back up option in emergencies. You could also give the other DMR radio to someone else for simplified communications. Furthermore, we liked how an LED flashlight has been fitted to these radios. This can be useful at night and during times of emergency where the lighting conditions are poor.

A battery saver and low level battery alert functions have been included with these radios. Therefore, you can always be sure that you know how much battery you have left so that you can use the battery saver feature to preserve power in uncertain situations.

  • Large display
  • FM radio available
  • Belt clips & hand straps included
  • Some have difficulty programming these radios
  • Instructions could be better
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

A VOX function has been implemented to these radios which can make communications much easier. The transmission automatically turns on when you start speaking and turns off when you stop. As a result, you can be more hands free and still easily communicate with these radios.

9. TYT MD-380 Ham Radio


You can have an easy time using this TYT radio with other radios due to how it’s compatible with Tier 1 and Tier 2 radios. These include popular radios that are manufactured by companies such as Hytera, Motorola, and Kenwood. In addition to this, Time Division Multi Access technology has been integrated into this radio which helps to make it more compatible with other devices.

Customized firmware can be easily added onto this radio. This is a feature that can be useful when it comes to loading on more talk groups. A rotary switch is also included which makes it simple for you to select between different talk groups.

  • Clear audio
  • Bright display
  • The PTT button can be accidentally pressed too easily
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

People who are beginners to using DMR radios have been finding that the overall functionality of this radio is easy to grasp. It’s also an affordable option that can help introduce you to the world of DMR radios before using the pricier options down the line.

10. AnyTone AT-778UV


The keypad included with this radio has been made with a light up feature. This is excellent for allowing you to easily see the numbers that you’re typing, no matter what the lighting conditions are like. Furthermore, the radio comes with a mic and built in speakers that make it convenient to communicate with others.

A fan has also been included in the design of this radio. The fan works to keep the radio cool to ensure that you can continue using it for long hours without any overheating issues.

  • LCD display available in color
  • Solid construction
  • Good sound quality
  • User interface is a little complicated for some
  • Programming software not included
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

We were impressed with how the display can be rotated up to 180 degree. This can be a useful feature that ensures you can see the display with clarity by moving it around to your preference.

Ailunce HD1


The battery that has been fitted into this radio can last for up to 15 hours with regular use. However, when the radio is on standby, it can last for over 160 hours. This is pretty impressive and gives you an idea on how long you can rely on using the radio for during emergencies where you don’t have access to a charger.

We also liked how a GPS tracker has been included with this radio. The GPS features are accurate and can be helpful when you’re exploring new areas or trying to locate people in emergencies.

  • 20,000 priority contacts available
  • Backlit keypad
  • Clear LCD display
  • Instructions for programming could be better
  • Microphone can be muffled at times
What Makes This Product Stand Out?

This radio has waterproof features which make it more durable when you’re using it outdoors when it’s raining. This can provide you with more confidence in knowing that you can use the radio in the rain and not have to worry about damaging it.

Our Top Picks

Buying Guide On the Best DMR Radios 

After checking our reviews of the best DMR radios above, you may be wondering more about what things to look out for before making a final choice. This buying guide includes more information that you may find useful to make your buying decision easier.

Channel Selection

DMR’s come with a varying range of channels available which can be anywhere from 16 to over 1,000 channels. You’ll want to consider the number of frequencies and talk groups that you want to be able to use when looking at the channel selection available. This is because one channel will be needed for every frequency and talk group that you want to monitor.


Not all DMR’s come with Bluetooth features, however, some of the more advanced models do. You’ll want to think about using DMR’s with Bluetooth if you wanted to be able to connect to Bluetooth enabled headsets as you’re able to use them wirelessly. Some of these radios will come with a Bluetooth function that’s optional which can help you have more options when it comes to connecting headsets.


Many of the newer DMR’s come with a display, but some of them don’t. The one’s that don’t have a display have a knob that you can use to choose between the different channels. However, the DMR’s that come with a display can help you see important information more easily. Some of the displays are in color or monochrome.

If you wanted to be able to see more information conveniently, you’ll want to consider using a DMR that comes with a display as it can be easier to see all of the information that you need.

Programming Software

Programming software isn’t always included with all DMR radios. Sometimes, you may have to pay a fee to use the programming software with the radio. However, there are also options that come with the programming software for free or or included in the price.

If you wanted to be able to conveniently use DMR’s more easily and right away, the ones that come with programming software included would be the best options.


We’ve included some DMR radios in this review that come with GPS features, but this isn’t a standard feature across all DMR’s. GPS can be useful for people who are looking to travel in unknown areas who don’t feel too confident about their surroundings. However, you should remember that having GPS turned on will generally cause the battery of your radio to lose power faster.

Who Uses DMR Radios?

First-responders commonly use DMR radios as they’re more convenient for letting you communicate across various frequencies at once. DMR’s are also very popular among hikers and people who are generally exploring unknown areas because they’re able to have an easy form of communication with emergency services. This is because radio signals are easier to use when compared to phone signals which can make DMR radios more reliable for emergency situations in areas where the cellphone signal is low.

People who live in especially remote locations would also be interested in using DMR’s for the same reasons. The area that they’re living in may not have great cellphone signal which can make using DMR radios more reliable. Furthermore, it’s common for events organizers to use DMR’s because it can be easier for multiple people to stay in contact with each other on one frequency so that everyone can respond faster.

The 2 Main Kinds of DMR Radios

Portable and mobile radios are the main types of DMR’s that are available. The handheld ham radios are the smaller options that are commonly seen among firefighters and police officers. They come with belt straps that make them easy to attach and use while you’re on the move. However, these types of DMR radios don’t come with as much power or range when compared to mobile radios.

DMR mobile radios are the ones that you can install in the dashboard of a vehicle or at a desk. These are the ones that are most common among the vehicles of first-responders as they’re able to use them to communicate with more frequencies. Mobile radios have more power compared to the portable ones due to how they have external antennas and power sources.

Conclusion to the Best Digital Mobile Radios

After checking out our review of the best DMR radios, we hope that you’re able to have an easier time choosing the one that you think is best for your needs. Be sure to consider the main features, pros, and cons to ensure that you’re left with the best overall picture about what each of these radios can offer you.

Our Top Picks