This prepaid Visa rewards card is usually issued by in conjunction with various companies such a DirectTV, Dish Network and other TV and ISP (Internet Service Providers) typically as a promotional offer for signing up as a new customer and it’s typically for $100 or $150. If you already got a rewards card and you can’t remember how much it’s for you can visit to check your balance or recent activity.


YourRewardCard Activation, Check Balance & My Experience 

In this post I discuss our experience in receiving our reward card and also a few details about activating and using the YourRewardCard once you have received it.

How Do I Activate My YourRewardCard?

You can activate Your Reward Card at the Activate page and then you can use it anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

How Do I Check My Balance and Why Is Knowing My Balance Important?

You can sign-in to check yourrewardcard balance so you know how much the card is initially for and your remaining balance left on the card. I forgot what my balance after we made a few purchases and knowing your balance as it approaches zero is important. The reason you will want to take note of your remaining balance is that if you try to make a charge for more than the balance left on your reward card it will be rejected so you will need to know your exact remaining balance and ask the clerk/cashier/waiter/waitress to only enter a charge for the remaining balance on your account. Then you will have to use a different form of payment for the amount that you still owe on your purchase.

How Do I Use My Account After I Have Activated It?

Using your reward card is very simple and no different than using a regular debit card. Just remember the point above about not trying to charge your card for more than the remaining balance and you’ll be fine.

My YourReward Card Experience

So here is what happened to me and what I had to do to get my $150 your reward card.


After the 90-day period had passed I patiently waited an extra 45 days and still hadn’t received my card so I called Suddenlink and asked about it. The agent said I indeed qualified and that my card was coming.

Then I waited 2 more weeks, crickets… So I called again. Same answer.

At this point I started to get skeptical and did some digging and found a few Reddit threads where people mentioned that they hadn’t received the YourRewardCard Visa and it really got me thinking.


So I call again. This time the agent tells me that they weren’t sure whether I qualified or not. Or why the card hadn’t come, they were pretty much clueless.

For those that have been wondering, I finally received my $150 Your Reward Card Visa from Suddenlink! Yay!!! When we signed up for Internet service last March we were offered a $150 Visa Your Reward Card as a promotional offer for being new customers with one catch, to receive your rewards card you have to stay up-to-date on our payments for the first 90 days.

In the end it took about 7 months to receive my card and it was a hassle but it was definitely worth it. My guess is there was a glitch with our Internet Service Provider or and I doubt it was their intention to make this difficult for me to get my reward card but I’m writing this for those that are offered this deal with any company. I can’t be certain it was specific to my ISP so this is for anyone that is expecting to receive a Visa or Mastercard Your rewards card.


Solution: I Filed a BBB Complaint

At this point I decided to fill a BBB complaint against the reward card department and what do you know, I get a called within a few days from a special department. I don’t know if they were from my ISP or the company but they took down all of my details and said they would be investigating my complaint and would called me back within 72 hours.

48 hours later and I got an email and a call back from the same lady saying that my rewards card would be in the mail within a few days and I should receive it soon.

About 7 days after all of this I finally got the your reward card in the mail for the full amount of $150, which was awesome because it covered the first 5 months of my Internet service.

Cool deal! Sure it was a hassle but I was definitely worth it in the end.

What You Should Do If I’m Having Trouble Getting My Reward Card?

If you’re struggling to get your reward card that is rightfully yours skip the trouble and just file a complaint with the BBB and you’ll probably save some time.

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