idiotWe get a lot of comments and emails here about magicJack, and more specifically, the problems people are having with it.

What I find funny is that people are quick to assume the issue is with the magic Jack itself. It can’t possibly be that they’ve downloaded every ‘e-card’ that some ‘anonymous’ friend sent them (that’s a virus, in case you didn’t know) or that they just have their systems configured incorrectly.

Nope, it has to be the unit itself. But understand, lots of people have had minimal issues with it, including me. And if there is a common error your having all you have to do is figure out what the error code means and troubleshoot that specific issues. More often than not the issue is with a poor Internet connection and magicJack has nothing do with that. In order to use VoIP consistently and reliably one simply must have a fast Internet connection.

Could you receive a faulty unit? Of course you could. Could the software install fail? Of course it could. VoIP telephone service is known to be finicky and when you sell MILLIONS of units you are going to have a percentage of them fail. Not every hamburger McDonalds makes looks like the picture either, but most of us just slop the pickles back on top and eat our Big Macs. Right?

This is the way the real world works. A magicJack device is no different than getting a fresh order of fries or one that has been sitting around and awhile and gets soggy and cold. Sometimes electronics are faulty, usually not, but there’s no way every single one the company manufactures is going to be perfect.

Magic Jack is designed to be cheap. Period. It’s not got the profit margin built-in to offer 24 hours customer service hotlines like AT& T. You paid 50 bucks boys and girls. FOR A YEAR… And future years can be bought for just $19.95

Think about that for a minute. Then think about your petty rants before you post them here.


Update: Magic Jack Complaint: My First

Yup, the honeymoon is over. I have my first real complaint about the magicJack and it’s VoIP phone service. It’s not a huge deal, but it could be an indicator of a larger problem.

Here’s what happened.

My mother in law, who’s a dear, was trying to call my wife yesterday and said that she had nothing but problems. Either it would not connect, or even worse, at times it would connect, but to someone elses number. In other words, the call was not making it through and when it did, it didn’t make it through to us…

Could it be user error? Of course it could. She’s a little old lady and it could be that she just made a mistake in dialing the wrong number.


Or, it could be a sign of a very weak network with poor connections. Maybe her Internet was working slow that day. We just don’t know and it could have been from a variety of issues. Long as it’s not a consistent problem things will be okay.

I’m not ready to make a judgment call on this yet, but I have to admit, when I heard the story from my wife last night, it did raise an eyebrow that maybe some of these complaints from users are true.

Discuss and let me and others knows exactly what you have experienced… The more information we can spread to each other the better!

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