Update: The magicJack WiFi release was a great and innovative idea that many people we excited about. We are disappointed to announce that it was ultimately cancelled and there is no WiFi device. Despite this it wasn’t a total loss because magicJack decided to go ahead and release an updated version of the magicJack plus, tabbed the New magicjack Plus 2014 upon release and the company made some big changes from the initial plans for the WiFi device. Please visit our review of the new 2014 magicJack Plus to see what this device all about.

Please read on to learn about the device that never was 🙁

The newest development of the magic Jack series is the magicJack WiFi, developed by magicJack VocalTec Communications Limited.  This highly advanced device is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of 2012 and there are expected to be a number of exciting new developments with the magicJack WiFi, including functions that are expected it to make it the easiest, and one of the most convenient Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices ever.

Luckily for us the WiFi version has totally eliminated performance concerns (especially for faxing with the device) due to it’s 802.11n access point feature. With this new version you will only need an electrical outlet and a regular phone. Simply configure the device so that it connects with your wifi internet signal, hook the device up to your phone and into an electrical outlet and you will be ready to go.

The WiFi device is expected to feature a new chipset that greatly enhances the device’s capabilities.  In addition to the magicJack Plus chip’s 14 current functions, the magicJack WiFi is expected to gain another 7 new functions.  This new TJ980 chip delivers a dedicated high-speed local bus for Wi-Fi, an LCD panel display, automatic audio gain control, video compression, engineer, double clock DDR memory, and a power-saving sleep mode, amongst other new capabilities.

With its increased power, the new magicJack WiFi is expected to provide exceptional voice clarity and quality, with no background noise, whistling, or echoing.  In fact, during its preliminary testing, Dan Borislow, the CEO of VocalTec, was shocked at the quality of the call he received from the developer of the magicJack WiFi’s chip, using the magicJack WiFi prototype.  He stated that he could not believe the clarity of the call, especially since the device was so early in its testing phase.

The new magicJack WiFi is expected to add other functions and the company is also expected to revamped the my magicJack account login account area to make it much more user friendly.  In addition to providing high-quality phone service through the user’s high-speed Internet connection, the magicJack WiFi should be able to act as a Wi-Fi access point when it is plugged into a cable or DSL modem. Additionally, rumors have said the device will be able to receive Wi-Fi for cable and satellite boxes thus allowing them to use Internet for video on demand purposes.


This new magicJack device is anticipated to be one of the most widely accepted and utilized VoIP phone products ever. Of course all of the WiFi on demand video and access point features are just rumors and nobody knows if they will actually come to fruition or not. magicJack is well known for over promising on updated versions and not producing what they had hoped to. So be sure to check the official features once the device is actually released.

The company expects to have huge demand for the product, so they are currently producing large quantities of the device to meet this demand.  A large part of this demand is expected to come from a market that has under-utilized VoIP phone services for businesses.  With advancing technology, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other digital devices, the utilization of digital phone service is expected to increase dramatically.  This is especially true for small businesses, many of whom are looking for cost-cutting measures wherever they can be found.  The TJ980 chip is expected to support up to 40 business phones, so small business owners can cut their costs, without cutting the quality of their phone service.

The magicJack WiFi is also expected to continue to provide its users with free calls anywhere within the United States and Canada.  They will also be able to continue to make other international calls for a low per-minute rate.


The device is expected to be about the same size as previous magicJack models, at about the size of a flash drive.  This device, however, should be much easier to set up, and users could begin making calls in just seconds after plugging the device into a power outlet.  For the time being, the cost of the magicJack WiFi has not been released.  Consumers can be certain, however, that it will be at least close to the price for the magicJack Plus and much less than the cost of phone service delivered by a traditional landline telephone service provider.

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