Update For 2018: magicJack has now come out with a new device called the magicJack EXPRESS. In a comparison of the magicJack Express vs. magicJack Go we found that the new device is essentially the same as the magicJack Go but white in color and slightly cheaper initially, though it only comes with 3 months of free service time as opposed to a full year with the magicJack Go.

MagicJack Go has now been out for several years and is from the VoIP Provider VocalTec who is famous for many low cost VoIP devices released over the past 10 years. With the roaring success of its previous devices – first generation magicJack (Desktop Only), magic Jack+ (Direct Connect RJ45 to Router), and magic Jack Plus 2014 (Enhanced Direct Connect To Router) – the company has an already developed and established fan-base and technical expertise in cloud-based communications.

Having a single number to connect landlines and smartphones, facilitating computer-less calling, superior sound quality and an alternative to hefty monthly phone bills have featured prominently among the success stories of MagicJack. Just when we thought the premier service had reached its capacity, the company surprises us with a product which further broadens the value outreach for its customers, while retaining the best features of its predecessors.


Figure 1: New MagicJackGO boasts a sharp new design

The first thing which catches your eye is the contemporary design with a sleek, angular finish to the edges. It is a welcome upgrade from the traditional ‘matchbox’ design, a clear sign that MagicJack is ready to step up its game vis-à-vis NetTalk even in the looks department. Color-coded ports for Ethernet and phone along with miniature symbols next to the ports make it easier to spot even in poorly lit spaces.

With a service which earned its spurs as a ultra-low-cost VoIP solution, the next thing you notice is that the $59.95 price packet which retains the company mantra of serving it good and cheap. That includes a year of free service, MagicJackGO device, MagicApp (free companion app for smartphones) and one year of free calling to anywhere in U.S. and Canada. For a paltry $35 an year you can renew you magicJack and forever convert your existing land-line or cellphone number to a unique MagicJack account. You can also opt for a 5-year plan for just $99.75. In addition, there is a 30-day trial with full refund if the device doesn’t meet your expectations. If this isn’t a steal, nothing is!

Costing less than $3 per month via the device and free from the magicAPP – MagicJack compares favorably to Vonage ($24.99 per month), Viber (free voice calling, but no landline replacement) and Skype (inferior sound quality, no landline replacement). Besides, on international calling rates alone, MagicJackGO and MagicApp are far ahead of credit-based competing services. The new MagicJack also offers free worldwide calling between MagicJack devices, a remarkable, low-cost option for users, especially business users who might have several international service locations.


An introductory limited-time offer of $10 in magicDollars Credit, which can add up towards services like number porting, international calling or service upgrades is the perfect cherry on top!

magicJack-Go and magicJack magicApp

Figure 2: MagicApp has support for Android and iPhone/iOS devices

Mobility is a big demand for most major technical innovations today. MagicApp delivers in spades on that front, ensuring seamless compatibility with major operating systems (Android, iOS) and broadening the appeal for its eclectic customer base which includes small business owners, freelancers, international business travelers, working mothers or just about anyone who can’t afford to miss an incoming call. Thanks to the MagicApp, now you can take your MJ phone number with you anywhere, packing in features like Free Caller ID, Free Voicemail, Free Call Forwarding, Free Call Waiting and Free 411.

Unlike several free app competitors, magicApp fits into any landline or mobile subscriber worldwide sans the limitation of needing dedicated app users. The brighter, better MagicApp (Talk Free) is available for download in Google Play stores or iTunes absolutely free. It is a worthy companion to the GO device, with an option to work independently from the device, which comes with a minimal-to-zero cost option for international calling and a second number for consumers. Setup remains a cinch, with easy Activation steps on both PC or MAC, or computer-less ‘Detect Device’ options using the site.


Figure 3: Free MagicApp has been refined to support many new features and a new conference calling option.

Interfacing smoothly with existing mobile devices, it automatically imports the contact lists, doesn’t eat into your mobile minutes and does not need a voice plan. Just a high-speed WiFi connection or 3G/4G service plan.

However, the coolest part is that you can also make and receive calls from two different numbers now – essentially a ‘Conference call’ feature which can be used both locally and internationally. It is a feature exceedingly responsible for driving a near 30% surge in its renewals sector (as revealed in their recent quarterly conference call).

MagicJack Go has retained the TigerJet drivers and chipset from its predecessors, ensuring the same top-notch sound quality. The computer-less operation using any internet-enabled devices: desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones remains; as does the simplicity of setup and ability to port your existing numbers. Universal call notifications have been refined further, so you can hear the incoming call simultaneously on your land-line and your smartphone if they share the same MagicJack number.

A smart business strategy, which saw MagicJack team up with big players of the electronics retail sector (RadioShack, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Fry’s and Target) generated a healthy release buzz and curiosity. The result with pre-orders, e-commerce and in-store purchaser footprint as well as ‘early-bird’ feedback in the past month have made the MagicJack Go both popular and visible in a short time.

It was enough for COO Tim McDonald to declare “No other product in our category can match our breadth of retail distribution”, while thanking their distribution partners for their “significant support in expanding the in-store presence of MagicJack”.


As an intelligent solution to step away from hefty monthly phone bills, and a one-stop solution for small business, home, or mobile digital phone service MajicJack has served as a highly attractive solution for the next generation of ultra-affordable VoIP services.

Short of achieving the impossible (triple play service that includes TV, Internet and phone service), the GO doesn’t disappoint. The reality of triple play service mentioned in the past will almost surely never see the light of day.

While some may opt to hang on to their existing MagicJack Plus 2014 if they recently acquired it, the upgrade offers along with the highly advanced app and device hardware features make the MagicJackGO a no-brainer for owning the best in its class.

MagicJack Emphasizes Mobility With New Device

When it comes to freedom from land-lines and phone plans – MagicJack, MagicJack Plus and MagicJack Plus 2014 have set a high standard for device performance and features. Naturally, their next proposed product ‘magicJackGO’ has been cause of much excitement and anticipation.

MagicJack has already showed its inclination to take the portability factor to the next level with their smartphone app which has been popular among mobile users. They have now revealed their technology roadmap for the upcoming year, with an array of new functionalities under the product name ‘MagicJack Go’. Targeting a wider customer base by leveraging different platform touch-points and playing up the brand identity of telephony ‘on-the-go’ form the core of their business strategy. Salient features include:

1. The MagicJack app is now part of their rapid release software development cycles, with improved tutorials and toolkit available for general users and sales personnel. It also enables greater adaptability between mobile devices, portable computers and the device itself – ensuring a shared number common to all media.

2. Additional improvements in customer care promises to be a big step forward keeping in view their hitherto underwhelming experience with the legacy process. Retail space for more call centers, targeted resolution for first-time call and minimizing hold time as well as security enhancements are all in the pipeline to address traffic volume spikes. One of the more attractive customer calling features would involve instant offers of value packages, deals and rebates based on predictive analysis using caller demographics.

3. Another proposed change in the MagicJack Go bundle is radically transforming the services related to advertising, branding and marketing. Redesign of multimedia campaigns, e-commerce options, bilingual user manual (English, Spanish) and free conference calling are just some of the core improvements which not only address better user experience, but also transform MagicJack into an even more attractive package for small business users.

4. Device design is set to become simpler with focus on USB and SDIO interfaces to enable alignment to most personal and mobile devices so data transfer, internet and charging can all be handled easily.

5. New global partnerships to access wider a customer base from different locations, engaging those with previous market experience in expansion to new technology segments, local trade rules, service sectors (including packaging, shipping), value-pricing etc.

6. Technology and research investments in further enhancing the call quality continues to be a major part of future plans and budget. Since this is a software feature, this WILL be available even to existing loyalty customers using MagicJack Plus or MagicJack Plus 2014 editions of the device.

7. Pricing and purchases are better segmented and made easier. MagicJack Go services can be either purchased as a checkout/point-of-sale service at traditional retail (cash options included), as a credit-based pay-per-use service via mobile devices or cross-selling devices which can attach itself to either consumer segment depending on the need and availability.

One of the biggest draws of MagicJack devices in the past has been the highly affordable price tag which seems to pay for itself even within a month of use. The new MagicJack Go bundle doesn’t deviate from their successful business mantra, providing an even more compelling upgrade ($59.95 + one year service) on their existing MagicJack Plus 2014 price ($49.95 + six months service).

This, coupled with budget friendly renewals (one month – $5, six months – $20, one year $35, five year $99.75) make it as alluring as any of the previous versions.

Retail reports of nearly 100,000 pre-orders with 60,000 on the queue provide a fair picture of the reach of MagicJack devices, especially for personal and small business users. That being said, it also makes it imperative that MagicJack doesn’t scale back the expectations like they had to do for the magicJack wi-fi, eventually releasing as MagicJack Plus 2014. The good news is, in this phase all the technology upgrades are set to build on existing hardware and software solutions – which implies less cause for concern. The major changes are mostly in service and feature sectors, which have been reason for some grief in the past and better results can only improve the face value and reputation of the brand.

MagicJack has already shown a consistent upturn in sales curve over the last couple of quarters as better features and services continue to outweigh its opponents. Come June, we shall know if they can keep building on that loyal fan-base with an organic reboot of their fundamental business strategies.

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 11 reviews
by Michael Aziz on TheVoIPHub
2019 Known Problem

I love MagicJack and I've used it for years. I recently bought another MJGO but it cuts off in the middle of a call. I bought the Concierge plan and the agent told me that there's a known problem the developer is working on.

by Kher on TheVoIPHub
Great purchase

I have had a Magicjack for business since 2008 and had some problems that were caused by my computer. When I connected the Magicjack to the modem using an Ethernet cable there were no more problems. I now have a Magicjack GO as a home phone connected to the modem using a powerline adapter. I make frequent calls from Canada to the USA and Europe without any problem. I did not port my number and cannot offer any information. I decided to obtain a new number in the hope of avoiding telemarketers for a while. I have no idea why there are so many poor ratings I am very happy with my Magicjack even more so today when I received my Bell statement. I am saving $50 per month.

by Breck on TheVoIPHub
Not ALL of the U.S. is covered

Apparently, Alaska is no longer a State. While juxtaposed to Canada MJ considers Alaska to be an International call. Caveat emptor.

by Belinda on TheVoIPHub

Having problems with international calls. Sometimes, you don't hear the person at the other end. Sometimes, they don't hear you. Magicjack needs to fix this problem. This is not the best VOIP. It needs a lot of work.

by Ann on TheVoIPHub
I only see one difference between this and the old

I had the first magic jack for years, as well as the Plus and used them at the same time (2 different #'s; one through the computer and one through the modem). After I upgraded computers the original MJ wouldn't work, so I decided to just use the Plus. That didn't work. It took months to figure it out, but I finally realized it was the little power device that was bad. I happened to have one laying around and I was good to go and have been using it ever since with no problems.

For years I was able to call conference numbers. Then last year I couldn't do it anymore and it said that was an option I'd have to pay for. So I had to have someone do a three-way and call me to join. I did more research to find another company with that option at a good price. I kept coming back to MJ. I don't need conferencing anymore so it doesn't matter for me now. I also have been fortunate in that unlike some others, I have had good reception 99% of the time with my home phone.

I got the free app for my cell phone which came with the Plus acct, so judging by what I've read here...the only difference I see is that the MJ Go allows you to do phone conferencing. Other than that, I guess they are still the same. Am I correct?

Also, one thing with the Plus is that you do get cut off at around the 1 1/2 hour mark. Does that happen with the Go?

by Greg McDonald on TheVoIPHub

The MagicJack GO is awesome. I used an original MJ for many years and it worked well. Windows went out on my computer so I installed Linux which MJ does not recognize so I bought the new GO that plugs into my router. It was recognized immediately when I registered it. The big plus with the GO is my fax machine works with it. I highly recommend the MJ GO.

by Joseph on TheVoIPHub
Terrible online system

I had heard the device was good and purchased it from a Source store 3 weeks back. Have been trying to get it to work everyday since then.
Their online purchase systems are a real nightmare! Too many bugs. You will need to spend hours with their live chat / support teams.

by Big D on TheVoIPHub
It's Great

First of all, I have had the MJ sense about 2008 or 2009. My first one went out 2 or 3 years after i got it, it was replaced without any problem. I since have gotten 3 more of them, I use 2 of them in my shops & 1 at my home also I have the app for both of my cell phones &  my iPad. I am saving a ton of money over ATT & other VOIP options. I don't have any problems that rebooting doesn't take care of. The calls are clear 99.5% of the time (you get drop calls on a cell so whats new there?).

If you go with your cable co. phone it is the same thing MJ has, VOIP but it will COST A LOT MORE. When my 1 phone is up for renew in 2017 I plan to upgrade and when the others are up I will do the same.

I can't say anything bad about MJ, Can't wait for any new upgrades.

I don't know any one that can say anything bad when it comes to saving money.
Keep up the good work magicJack.

by Stevie on TheVoIPHub
MagicJack Go A 'NO GO' For Me

Had to replace my original MJ because it stopped working about a year ago. I had signed up for the 5 year plan so the device was covered. Only had to pay $5.75 for shipping and was hopefully good to go.

Of course my first question to MJ was is this device wifi and the answer was that a newer generation was being developed that was. Hmmm, I purchased the original because it could be used without a computer or being hardwired to a router... anyway, it is what it is.

Of course my first question to MJ was is this device wifi and the answer was that a newer generation was being developed that was. Hmmm, anyway, it is what it is.

I have had various problems with this device over the last few months. I did call CS last week because the device hit the caller with beeps as if I was pushing the keypad while talking. Got many complaints from folks that I was chatting with. CS said they were going to refresh my connection which they did. Only thing is that I never had to plug the device into my PC at home...oh well, so now of late the device drops calls and will freeze up when talking. The beeps did disappear so at least we have that done. I have standard internet which is 10 mpbs, so plenty of speed. Going to give the device some more time before I contact MJ and request some sort of remedy. Good luck everyone!

Stevie - Bummer. Sorry it hasn't worked well for you. It seems to be either people LOVE it with no issues or they HATE it with lots of issues. If anyone is having issues like this we suggest you continue contacting support until they offer a legitimate solution. Best of luck everyone!

by Joe on TheVoIPHub
Good Until You Have Problems

My MJ GO Adapter appears to have failed. MJ makes it very difficult getting replacement parts. You have to send the old one back before they send you a new one.

Also, dealing with the customer people is not the best. I’m pretty sure they are in India, or? MJ is great when it works. The customer service is way down there.

This makes sense though because someone could easily lie to get free devices for their friends. Nearly every company in the world does this. magicJack must get the old devices back to test them and make sure they are indeed broken. We are sorry for your inconveniences.

by Tim McC. on TheVoIPHub
It's The Real Deal

magicJack GO is the Real Deal, even better than the old device we use to use and it comes with the magicAPP for free … We use it up in the mountains at our summer place… and I will definitely purchase one to replace our home $500/yr land line, saving me at least $800/yr.

Two of my best friends use it with multiple phones in their homes and that sold me.

At 62, I rarely have endorsed much of anything (I’m just flat out picky to lend my name out too much) … But I give magicJack an A-/B+ …by the way, I give Microsoft about a C-

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