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With our experience we know that switching home phone service can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to make the switch to a relatively new technology like VoIP.

Many question may come up as you are gathering details such as:

  • What features are included with my service?
  • How many minutes do I get?
  • Are long distance calls included?
  • Does faxing work with VoIP?
  • Do I need anything special to take advantage of VoIP?
  • Do I need to sign a contract?
  • How much will VoIP cost me?

Each VoIP provider offers a different set of features and costs can vary widely and that’s where we come in with our best in industry VoIP provider reviews whether it be for a residential phone line or your home based business. We answer all of your questions and many more you have in order to make your buying decision a simple experience.

Not only do we provide clear and concise information but each of our reviews includes real user ratings left by our site visitors. All user ratings and reviews on our website are reviewed by our editors for accuracy and authenticity so you can be sure that you are getting a true picture of each service providers quality. We are always expanding our set of VoIP reviews so please reach out if we haven’t reviewed a provider you’re interested in learning more about. We also have a comprehensive section comparing the top home residential providers if that interests you.

About Our Reviews

When reading our VoIP Reviews you can be certain they are unbiased since we never take compensation from providers in order for providing good ratings.

Why reviews are an important part of choosing a VoIP Provider

When switching to a new provider you need to be absolute certain the services they provide fit your budget and needs since changing phone services is complex and often comes with a minimum service contract. The last thing you want to do is find a special surprise after committing to a 2 year contract, one that could have easily been avoided from doing your due diligence before signing on.

Our Residential VoIP Provider Reviews

Ooma Telo Air 2 Review: Is the Ooma Telo 2 Worth the Extra $?

Ooma Telo 2 continues the trend of strong telephony benefits of a landline-like unit, adding more oomph to the low-cost hardware alternative. The initial investment is for the Ooma Telo 2 Air that connects any standard telephony device to the internet, much like the...

magicJack Connect App Review: What is it & How Does it Work?

magicJack Connect is a new app offered by magicJack VocalTec LTD. not to be confused with the magicApp. Calls are placed for free via Wi-Fi and users also have the option to upgrade to a paid plan and get a U.S. number with unlimited calling to U.S numbers. The app...

Ooma Premier Review – Is It Worth The Added Cost?

Ooma Overview Founded in 2004, Ooma is among the leading telecommunications companies today. Their early offering of peer-to-peer VoIP services allowed users to make home phone calls over their landline services. Since then, they’ve successfully focused themselves...

Ooma Telo Review: Home Phone Service Rated 2024

Ooma is a VoIP telecommunications company that was founded in Palo Alto, CA in 2004. The companies strategy is focused on saving people money on both residential and business phone services. They are able to service to both commercial accounts and everyday consumers...

magicJack APP Review: magicAPP for Cell Phone

Update: Staying connected with MagicJack has come a long way since its promising debut in 2007-08. Back then, magicJack provided a highly economical and portable alternative to traditional phone, which still remains a major draw to date. Below you are introduced to...

MAGICJACK PLUS Reviews: Phone Service Rated 2024

*Update: As of October 2015 magicJack VocalTec has now come out with 3 new devices and an APP. From oldest to newest they are the 2014 magicJack Plus Calling Device, 2015 magicJack Go device and 2016 magicJack EXPRESS dongle. The app is called magicAPP and you can see...

What Is The femtoJack – Full Review Updated for 2024

The femtoJack was a great idea in theory but the product never came to fruition. These reason was obvious but for those that don't understand the need for a femtocell device the explanation is simple. A device became obsolete with the rapid spread of smartphone use,...

MAGICJACK PLUS 2014 Reviews: Rated for 2024

magicJack is a brand synonymous with VoIP excellence. Within a relatively short span of seven years, magicJack has established its credentials with high-quality software and electronic hardware required for flexible home telephone options over VoIP. Things only got...

MAGICJACK GO Reviews: Phone Service Rated 2024

Update For 2018: magicJack has now come out with a new device called the magicJack EXPRESS. In a comparison of the magicJack Express vs. magicJack Go we found that the new device is essentially the same as the magicJack Go but white in color and slightly cheaper...

MAGICJACK EXPRESS Reviews: Rated for 2024

"Consumers need and desperately desire to save money and control their monthly expenses," said Gerald Vento, CEO of VocalTec in a recent release. Our company [magicJack] delivers on both with the magicJack EXPRESS; low cost phone service and the flexibility to...

GVMate Review: Free VoIP Calls Through Google Voice

What Is The GVMate? The GVMate is a relatively unknown USB dongle similar to the magicJack. It costs just $29.95 and works in tandem with Google Voice (via any Gmail account). It is very similar to the much more expensive OBihai OBiTALK devices and it provides free...

magicJack review: Home Phone Service for 2024

Our review of magicJack in 2020 has revealed that the company was established in 2007 on the premise that "Millions of Americans had been get ripped off and overpaying for their home telephone service for a long time." The goal of the company's service was to save...

magicJack WiFi Review – What Was The Actual Update?

Update: The magicJack WiFi release was a great and innovative idea that many people we excited about. We are disappointed to announce that it was ultimately cancelled and there is no WiFi device. Despite this it wasn't a total loss because magicJack decided to go...

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