Founded back in 2011, FreedomPop is a company that states it “believes mobile service should be free because it’s a right, not a privilege”. Because of this, FreedomPop strives to provide free mobile services including data, text and voice minutes to millions of users in the United States and Europe. Sound intriguing? Then keep reading our FreedomPop Wireless Review to learn more about how FreedomPop is able to offer free phone service to users, the various plans available, its features, and more!


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How Does FreedomPop Work?

Freedom Pop works by giving out 500MB of data free to users in addition to 200 voice minutes. Freedompop messaging is unlimited; however each message will eat up your data. This may sound like a dream come true, but understanding how FreedomPop works will give you an insight as to whether or not this is a good option for you. The company also offers various Internet only plans to satisfy the demands of tablet users.

This particular wireless carrier offers three different plans, one of which is free and all plans are month-to-month, so there are no contracts, activation fees, cancellation fees or credit checks. One of the primary reasons that so many people have switched is because they claim they do not charge hidden fees or require contracts of any kind for customers to use their services.

From – “Here’s one thing to know about FreedomPop’s free data service, which is already available today:

  • FreedomPop uses Automatic Top-up to ensure you are never left without mobile data access when you exceed your monthly plan limits. The default top-up amount is $15, which you can turn off this feature at any time.

Finding the above stipulation on FreedomPop’s website isn’t easy. There’s no mention of them on the home page, nor on the terms of service page that’s linked from the home page. You’ll only find them on a separate “Service Plan, Equipment, and Payment Terms” page, which is linked from the main terms of service. Even then, the part about extra fees is buried beneath six other sections of legalese.

FreedomPop does give subscribers a chance to opt out of automatic refills on the final service activation page, but the wording (“To ensure uninterrupted service, top up my freedompop account”) is vague. It doesn’t say that the charge is recurring, nor does it mention the 100-MB trigger.”



Our review of the website revealed that there are a number of different FreedomPop phones to choose from, though you will have to make sure you select one that is compatible with the plan you are interested in. The company also offers BYOD (bring you own device) options but again, the phone you are wanting to use must be compatible with the Freedompop network. Some of Freedomp Pop’s phones are Certified Pre-Owned, but they are all said to be in excellent condition. You will be able to browse through all of the different plans and phones on the company’s website before deciding which one is right for you. This carrier offers a variety of the latest and greatest smartphones including the latest iPhones and Androids devices such as the Galaxy S series, so you will have a myriad of options to choose from.

Before signing up for the free 500MB of data and 200 voice minutes, we suggest you learn more about the features and options this service provides. Additionally, you want to weigh the pros and cons to see if a ‘free’ service like FreedomPop is for you, or if a pay as you go plan is going to be better for your situation.

Why Choose FreedomPop?

Certified Pre-Owned Phones

All of the Certified Pre-Owned phones that are sold by FreedomPop go through extensive physical damage and functionality tests as well as data wipes, factory resets, and advanced frequency checks to ensure they are in perfect working condition. There are many inexpensive Certified Pre-Owned phones so they are affordable for most people.

Free High-Speed Data & Minutes

Those who sign up with FreedomPop will automatically get 500MB of lightning fast movie streaming, downloading and data for free each month, which is a feature that you will not find with any other wireless carriers. Even plans with additional data from this carrier only cost a fraction of the price that Verizon and AT&T charge. Also enjoy 200 voice minutes for free each and every month.

No Contracts

Another great thing about Freedom Pop Phone service is the fact that you never have to sign a contract like with so many other mobile carriers, this gives you the option to cancel your service whenever you want without having to worry about commitments or fees of any kind.

Premium Plus Service

Freedom Pop’s Premium Plus service is available for just $7.99/month, providing you with access to Sprint’s voice network through FreedomPop’s premium voice, as well as Wi-Fi tethering, and visual voicemail through the Freedom Pop Voicemail Android app. This voicemail Android app will allow you to receive, manage, and store all of your voicemails efficiently, as well as recorded personalized greetings for anyone who calls you. The Premium Voice feature ensures high-quality voice, even when the network connection is low. Wireless tethering allows you to turn your phone into a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling you to connect up to 8 different devices wherever you go. Data Rollover (for an additional fee) allows you to roll over all of your unused data and accumulate up to 20GB, which you can use anytime you want.

Universal Use

Instead of having one allocated phone, the company allows you to use the same number on any of your phones simply by downloading the FreedomPop application to your mobile device. This application is available in both the Google Play Android store and the Apple iOS store!

Bring Your Own Device

You can set up your existing phone with the FreedomPop service (providing it passes their requirements), or you can purchase a no contract device from their website at a great rate.

Super Cheap Plans For Those That Want More

Great plan options for paid users wanting more for less than the going rate. Plan options ranging from 2GB up to 10GB.

Getting Started With FreedomPop

If you want to get started with FreedomPop you can purchase one of their phones, or see if your phone already meets the eligibility requirements via their website. If you already have a phone, you are charged a fee for the use of FreedomPop; however this is waived if you buy one of FreedomPop’s smartphones via their website.

Once you’ve got your phone sorted out, you’ll have to create an account. The account is created online and will guide you through a step-by-step process of setting up your phone and service. Once the phone is linked to your account, you should be able to use your FreedomPop service almost immediately.

For setup of your USB modem or hub, consult the instructions provided or follow the video tutorials on FreedomPop’s website.

Does FreedomPop Offer Services To Businesses?

Yes they do actually. It’s not well known but FreedomPop does offer business cell phone service at considerably lower pricing than businesses are use to paying. For further details please see our review of FreedomPop Business.

Bulk Purchasing – Get even cheaper phones than FreedomPop already offers when your business purchases phones in bulk. Buying a lot of data? Purchasing it in bulk can further reduce already rock-bottom prices.

Unified Billing – Enjoy the easy and convenience of a single bill not matter the size of your account

Discount Pricing – Get even further discounted prices from already industry low prices. The more lines the more you save

Dedicated Account Management – Businesses need help right away when there is an issue with their phone service or they can lose valuable customer. Get premium customer service and attention whenever you need help with a dedicated account manager.

What Are FreedomPops Service Plans And Pricing?

FreedomPop offers a number of different plans that you will want to know about so you can choose the one that will meet all of your specific needs.

Free Plans

Talk, Text & 500MB LTE Data

With this plan you will get a total of 200 talk minutes, unlimited text, and 500 MB of data for FREE. This is a monthly plan, which means that you can cancel anytime you want. This plan runs through the Sprint network and is free forever with the same great service Sprint offers their customers but at a fraction of the price. This is the world’s only 100% free mobile phone plan (as of July 2017).

Premium Plans

#1 Unlimited Talk & Text with 1GB LTE Data

One plan that FreedomPop offers includes unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data for the low monthly rate of $19.99. With this plan the first month is free and no credit check is required. This plan, like all of FreedomPop’s other plans, is month-to-month, so you can cancel at anytime time without incurring any fees whatsoever. The 1GB of full speed data will allow you to browse the web on your mobile device faster and more cheaply than ever before.

FreedomPop offers their premium plan in several options for those who may need more data. 2GB – $24.99, 3GB – $29.99, 4GB – $34.99. All of these plans include unlimited talk and text.

Internet Only Plans

FreedomPop offers several often changing internet only plans for tablet only users. These internet plans include a number of hotspots nationwide that are also changing often and the company is always adding more hotspots monthly.

FreedomSpot Photon & Other Hotspot Devices

What are they?

The Freedom Spot Photon, Photon Platinum, Photon LTE, FreedomPop Supernova and many more are internet devices that allow users to create a 4G mobile hotspot wherever they are at, be it at home for emergencies (power or Internet goes out) or on the go while traveling in their car. Each device comes with 500MB of data (4G only) for free each month and several options to upgrade and pay for more data. As of now you can get 500MB (all-networks) for $3.99 per month, 3GB of data for $28.99 per month, 4GB of data for $34.99 per month, 5GB of data for $39.99 per month, 10GB of data for $74.99 per month. All plans are an absolute steal compared to Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile who offer similar hotspot deals for $76 or more.

How They Work?

The older Photon’s only work on Sprints 4G WIMAX network so no LTE service but they are still lightning fast at up to 12 MBPS. The Supernova and Spot Photon LTE obviously work with LTE data so you can get even faster speeds.

Fortunately for families each device can work with up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices and they are all about the size of a credit card, small enough to fit in your pocket. They each come with a battery life of over 6 hours which means using them is a great way to keep the kids entertained during those long road trips your family will be taking this summer.

How much do they cost?

Currently the Franklin Wireless R850 4G LTE Hotspot can be purchased for $59.99 (normally $179.99) on the official company site and the Novatel Wireless MiFi 500 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot can be purchased for $129.99 (normally $199.99). You can also find the older hotspot devices on the company’s website or on Amazon for $50-$150.

Usage Policy

Before using the device you must register is with FreedomPop or the approved carrier of your choice (not all carriers allow use of a Wi-Fi hotspot device). E911 location information will not be provided or will be inaccurate for calls served through the use of these devices.

FreedomPop FAQ

1) How is the FreedomPop coverage map?

As of this article the company uses the Sprint network for its services so it should be pretty good, although the coverage likely isn’t up to par with Verizon, AT&T or T-mobile. Of course that’s a matter of opinion as Sprint coverage can’t be horrible considering it has several million very satisfied customers in the US.

2) What is FreedomPops customer service phone number?

Despite rumors that there is no FreedomPop number we were able to find one. If you are having issues with your service you can call 1 (888) 743-8107. We have heard that there is a long wait time so make the call when you have some time to spare and be prepared to wait for awhile or hope that the other rumors that we have heard about them vastly improving wait times are time.

3) Does FreedomPop Have An App?

Yes, actually they do. More on that coming soon!

The Good

Fairly cheap even with the extra fees – if you’re looking at a cell phone bill of over $60 from a normal provider, you’re likely going to be saving some money with FreedomPop even if you add in the extra fees, premium use, and active status charges they confusingly throw at your.

Fair amount of devices to choose from – while it’s said that the devices are refurbished Sprint phones that are offered on contract, you’ll actually find that you have a pretty decent selection of Android and Apple devices to choose from.

Free 500MB – one of the best features is that this is a good option for light phone users. You get 500MB of data for free from FreedomPop before you need to start paying something. For those who don’t watch a myriad of movies or download extensive amounts of games, this is a great option that can save you a fortune because, well, it’s free.

Free International Calling – There is also free international calling, which is a particularly great feature for those who have friends and family overseas.

Free International Texting Over Wi-Fi – You will also never have to pay anything for calls and texts that are sent/received over Wi-Fi to over 50 different countries and there are discounted for rates for country-specific plans.

30-day Money Back Guarantee – If you still don’t feel completely comfortable making the switch to FreedomPop, you will want to keep in mind that there is a 30-day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

The Bad

Though FreedomPop is an incredible cell phone service they aren’t perfect, as is the case with all companies in this world. Here we list some of the negatives as of Spring 2017.

Customer support – Update: FreedomPop has beefed up their customer support team and had been able to provide much better customer service as a result. With wait times significantly reduced and it being much easier to get a real person on a support call FreedomPop customers are finding a much better level of satisfaction. They are working hard to continue to improve customer service according to a FreedomPop rep in June 2017 “We also have a devoted customer service team that can be reach by phone and e-mail and an extensive support page with forums that are constantly being updated. The wait time has also improved significantly.” FreedomPop does have a customer support number but we have received many complaints about it including long hold times and short hours for the help line. We found a contact form and a general FAQ/info page on their website and this may be your best route if you’re short on time. This reminds us of the complaints regarding magicJack’s lack of top-notch support. Though we again ask the question, do you really expect to get the same quality of customer service while paying next to nothing. It’s pretty simple if you think about it, the companies that provide super deals cannot possibly keep the same overhead as the more expensive multi-billion dollars companies and stay profitable.

Potential Company Contacts

  • Support Phone#: 888-743-8107
  • Support Email:
  • Support URL:
  • Forums:
  • Social Media: Instagram (
  • Facebook (
  • Twitter (

Potentially confusing upsales and extra charges – When going through the signup process you are offered upsales and ‘extras’. These can be tricky if you rush through the process and you may be surprised when your bill comes and it isn’t free. Just know that all of these beyond the base free plan will cost you something if you don’t deselect them during the purchase process. Most of the fees however are only $5-$10 and you will still likely still be saving a significant amount over your previous carrier.

Final Thoughts On FreedomPop

There are many different wireless carriers to choose from and FreedomPop is on par with the others in regards to a confusing billing processes and add-on service fees. However, they are the only carrier to offer a completely free talk, text and data service with no contract whatsoever (provided you catch and deselect all of the upsales), which is fairly impressive on its own. The 4G speeds that FreedomPop subscribers get with these plans rival other carriers around the world, which is something that will definitely appeal to those who spend a lot of time going online with their phones.

The fact is that FreedomPop is what it advertises itself as being, which is a cheap (or even free) wireless carrier for those who are tired of signing one or even two year contracts. This carrier really does allow its customers to cancel their service anytime they want without fear of any fees. The Premium Plus service from FreedomPop also has a lot of great features to offer and may be for some people who need a more robust plan.

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Average rating:  
 47 reviews
by Ash on TheVoIPHub
Scam. Stay Away

I signed up for the one month prepaid plan in Nov 2016. I canceled the service after 2 weeks as the service was terrible. Their website said inactive.

Now in Jun 2021, I got charged $4. I am told that although my account is inactive, I didn’t cancel the auto-charge. Apparently, there’s a separate part in the legacy website of FreedomPop where we have to disable auto-charge.

I am not sure how a company can auto-charge you for something that you can’t use. And why was the auto-charge executed almost 4.5 years later.

Anyway, PayPal couldn’t dispute the transaction but they did disable further charges from FreedomPop.

Bottom line - Both service and customer service suck at FreedomPop. Their website is not easy to navigate and tricks you to sign up for service.

If you are going to cancel service:
1) Make sure your account is inactive.
2) Disable auto-charge on FreedomPop’s website.
3) Disable auto-charge in PayPal (if you used PayPal for payment).

by Kostic on TheVoIPHub
Stay away

One word: thiefs.
They retired 200/200/500 plan I was signed for and requested either to accept new 5/25/25 or to cancel account. I cancelled account and asked to refund unused funds from it. How naive I was. They told me because I cancelled the account, I was not in their refund policy anymore.

by RichR on TheVoIPHub
OMG -- FreedomPop -- stay away - far away!

OMG -- FreedomPop -- stay away - far away!
You cant get hold of live person -- and if you can - like the sales dept -- they just transfer you to automated support.

WAY too easy to go over the "free" 200 meg data - and when you do (and u easily will) - bam! - $20 "credit up" charge on your credit card.

and every month at least a couple charge fees to keep your account active.

so -- I want to find out if I'm gonna get a refund for canceling service; and from the website (or by phone if you call in, ie. the stupid automated system) -- both says to put in a ticket.

but to put in a ticket you have to a premium support fee of $6 a month -- forget that!!!
so YOU CANT put in a ticket!!
Pay $6 for a question of whether I will get any kind of refund ??!! -- again forget that!!!

I ended up canceling out of complete frustration.
Then found their "terms and service agreement" -- it basically says "no refunds" - so now im out another $28 from canceling 2 devices.

worse piece of crap internet hotspot service company I've ever had.

by Rosanna on TheVoIPHub

I'm still waiting for delivery after almost 30 days. Is this a legit operation or another scam? They had no problem transfering money out of my account - but forgot to say "the phone is on back-order. What does that mean? Customer disservice is what this operation should be called. Reading from a script doesn't solve the myriad of problems these service people have figuring out a billing address is not the same as delivery address. After 15 calls over 19 days and demands for a supervisor call back I have my answer. This is a scam! Save your money and piece of mind - find someone else!

by Kathy on TheVoIPHub
Bogus Charges

First, to get any possible "descent" service you do need to pay for the "Premium Call" or most of the time you can't make calls. Second, I got double charged for several months (they did credit my account back). Third, they put a "bogus" charge on my card stating I agreed to a "rollover" data plan when I signed up (I did not) and said I had 30 days to cancel it, well since I did not know about this so called plan, I didn't cancel BUT the kicker is I signed up in Feb 2016 and the "bogus" charges didn't start until 4 months later, what's with that??? I called my credit card company and explained everything to them so now there's a dispute with FreedomPop, therefore they cancelled my service without letting me know. I called to try to reinstate my account and they will not until I stop the dispute. REALLY! You charge me for something I didn't ask for and lie about when it started. DON'T fall for this trap. Unfortunately I'm in a position that I can't afford a reputable cell service...thanks for nothing FREEDOMPOP!

by chinna on TheVoIPHub
Beyond horrible

I didn't know any business can operate in such a horrible way. I placed an order for SIM kit. (No device needed). After 5 weeks I still did not have my SIM. I sent several emails, phone calls. Response for emails is beyond funny. When I ask them what happened to the SIM shipping giving the order number. The response I got after 2 weeks is "Selfy stick" out of stock.

Now, my billing cycle automatically started in a week. I got suspicious and cancelled premium ( I wanted to see how premium works and if decent I intended to keep it).

So, they could not even ship a SIM in 5 weeks, but can start billing customer without even sending the SIM. Wow!, I can't believe any business can operate like this.

by Anca on TheVoIPHub
Horrible Service

I could never get in touch with FreedomPop customer service. The phones provide are refurbished and not working properly. The service gets interrupted, doesn't matter if you pay $30 or more per month or the free plan. I had better service with Net 10 with the old pay as you go. I will switch to a normal company, Verizon, AT&T, Metro PCS, etc, ASAP. I much rather have a phone service than nothing.

by Christine C on TheVoIPHub
Real with a Twist.

I am speaking as an older adult. I wanted to like this service, I really did. I signed up after leaving Cricket which was $35.00 a month for me. I am older and had been sick a lot the past years so working has been limited and money has been too. So I wanted as cheap as I could get.


Seeing this on FB for about a year advertised all over the place I finally decided to sign up. The phone I got was an HTC was refurbished and filled with pre-installed apps that I could not get rid of. It was $39.00 but wasn't really worth it but the phone service came free with the phone for a month.
I could not use the voicemail.
I could not use the phone.
I was unable to get my voicemail messages.
I emailed them for help.
2 days later the "agent" got back to me. Her English was poor and she used slang numerous times.
She did not address the issue.
I did not bother to write back because I fixed the issue myself.
I wanted the "premium voice" service offer as it is an extra $7.99 a month. I tried to go to the website to remove it but you can't do it yourself there are tutorials galore but to say it is difficult is an understatement.

The phone does not work all the time. If I am outside of a WIFI area the phone does not work at all. Not for phone calls and not for messaging.

I am now on $10.99 a month plan of which I will not be paying because I can sign up for skype and pay $2-$3 a month and use it with wifi as well as messaging through my cell phone.
This service simply is not worth it. Maybe if it is free but no other way. The customer service 'agents' are worse than dealing with a bunch of groundhogs. That is being nice. Don't bother cheap never means good. I am back to Cricket.

by Teresa Pratt on TheVoIPHub
Hung Up On Me!

I called to BUY their services and I couldn't find the right "tab" on the phone to view my account. The woman I was speaking with was annoyed with the situation. She then said they are closing for the day and hung up on me! AND I WAS BUYING SERVICE FROM THEM! Imagine that! If this is how they treat perspective customers, just think how they'll treat you once they have you as a customer! STAY AWAY! You've been warned...

by Victoria on TheVoIPHub
not a scam, excellent service

After 1 free month my husband called them after they charged the card. Promised a refund. Got it in 2 days. I decided to cancel because this type of phone operator where you can call only through app and text too did not work well for me, sometimes people could not hear me or it did not call. Nevertheless, excellent customer service.

by Kellie Barnett on TheVoIPHub
Poor Service

My experience with freedom pop was very bad coverage and not receiving my refund after I returned the phone and cancelled the service. Bad company, don't waste your time and money.

by TW on TheVoIPHub
Got no where

Run away. 59 days and counting. First phone defective. Second phone doesn't work either. I have talked with their so called customer service 20 plus times. All they really want to do is wear you down. All you will here is wait 48 hours and everything will be good, over and over. If anyone leaves a positive review about this company, they must be crazy. Run away!

by Randy on TheVoIPHub

Bought two iPhones from them. Only discovered after we got them that we couldn't transfer our numbers. One of these "certified pre-owned" phones had a bowed screen (as in the battery was probably expanding and going to explode in a while." We returned them and after one month we are finally getting a refund on one of them. We have had to threaten filing complaints with Paypal and the BBB in order to get responses from them and we still haven't been fully refunded. As far as I'm concerned, they are nothing but liars and thieves.

by Nicole on TheVoIPHub
Stay Away

Please warn all of your friends - easy to sign up with them, extremely difficult to get them to stop charging your credit/debit account (even if you switched to a "free" account) and impossible to transfer your telephone # to a real provider once they have it and you realize this provider is a farce. Very difficult - impossible really, to contact Freedompop as their hours are the same as most working people and the wait time can be more than an hour - even leaving a # they can call you back on doesn't work as I never received a call back using that method (it's been months since I left the call back number the first time...). I had issues with my phone not working due to an issue on their side, but it took me over 2 weeks to get them to respond to me - I had no phone for 2 weeks due to Freedompop's neglecting to answer me and they did not refund me for that time. Fair Warning to all that I wish I had received -Stay away from providers who offer "free service", but are impossible to get ahold of and/or to cancel your account - once they have your information (telephone #, charge account info) they have you stuck!!

Again, they are is easy to contact until you want to cancel service or have technical issues at which point the headaches begin - I have been trying to stop them from charging my account for 2 months and finally decided to freeze my charge account so that they could no longer charge me - a bit ridiculous for someone looking to cancel a service don't you think? I also need to stress the point that not even
AT&T could get them to allow us to port our numbers back to AT&T forcing us to change our numbers after 10 years of having them - they essentially  stole our numbers and according to AT&T we are not alone - don't be victims, stay away from them.

by D. F. on TheVoIPHub
Don't waste your time and money

I got my phone last spring (2016). It took one month of emails before someone in customer service straightened out my account and I was able to try to use my phone. I have not been able to complete a call using the service without getting cut off in mid call. Whether or not my phone rung at my end when someone attempted to contact me was always a gamble. I went back to my previous carrier. I need a service that will actually make and receive phone calls. The phone was briefly good as a mini computer until it burnt up and shut down. I got a galaxy s5 because I wanted to sync it to my health device. What a disappointment, I really like Samsung. The only thing that is unlimited about freedompop is the amount of aggravation they are willing provide you for as long as you allow them.

by alex on TheVoIPHub
Don't be fooled

Don't be fooled. This is pure garbarge. Their phones are garbage, their service is garbage, and their support is garbage.

I paid $100 for one of their LG smartphones. Worst phone I ever had. It went from full charged to fully dead in 2 hours or less. I even replaced the battery, turned off bluetooth, alerts, wifi, you name it, and it wasn't any better. Service was also abismal. I could barely ever make any phone calls. Usually when I needed it most it wouldn't work, which was nearly always. Their phones are locked down so about all I can do with the phone now is use it as a paper weight. Thinking they would save me money was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. It has cost me plenty in so many ways.

by Sandra on TheVoIPHub
Not Happy

Horrible service, never worked, tried multiple things and times. Assured multiple times it would work. Was charged three times for something that did not work and then would not refund my money!

by Bob on TheVoIPHub
100% scam not free

Does not work on any phone. Pure crap. It will not let you cancel your bill. And it has been charging $12.99 every month even though i signed up for the $0 a month plan

by Jenny on TheVoIPHub
My Review & Experience

Everyone I knew warned me about not even bothering with them, but it was such a good deal I caved. Got freedompop through a promotion as a trial. Thought it would be neat to try out since it was a cheaper alternative when communicating on the go for when I was traveling. Did NOT receive any signal on my trip, but if I was lucky I could get a straight 10 seconds of talking without the call dropping.

Once the end of the trial month was nearing close I called to cancel. Their representative said that if I wanted they could switch me over to a FREE plan so that if I ever wanted to try them again I wouldn't have to pay for a new sim card.

Guess who got charged this month? Lesson learned - nothing is free and everything about this company is trash.

How it has a 2 star rating on this website is beyond me.

by Real User on TheVoIPHub
No service 60% of the time

What a scam. I bought one of there phones with a 30-day return policy. They gave me somewhat ok service. It worked about 60% of the time. After that, NO service was available. I have never seen 4G or and data ever again. I've had it for a year now and I've never seen service. Also, that time I really need it because it's an emergency, NO SERVICE!!! Things would have gone a lot easier if I could call. Free 1GB of data! That means nothing! I can't even use anything because there is no service. What a waste of money on that phone. Oh and the phone is slow, and poor quality. $80 for a refurbished phone. And what does, "We are the most honest people..." STOP! What a lie. Don't ever even think of getting FreedomPop. There is no service at all.

by rosario ross cracchiolo on TheVoIPHub
Known hidden gem

I have been a customer almost 2 years. I have multiple phones for me and the fam on one debit card. I have never had any problems. It's amazing to me such a good deal flies under the radar. The best part about them is customer service and the forum. Customer service always helps no questions asked. I wish I lived in Cali instead of Philly so I could visit headquarters. Thank you for saving me so much dough freedompop!

by Scott Turner on TheVoIPHub
Poor Customer Service

I have tried to get my phone replaced with my warranty. It has been two weeks and I can get no indication of when this might be approved. I have talked to customer service, and emailed several times. They just refer me back to previous emails. The worst customer service I have ever experienced

by Jared kent on TheVoIPHub
free? child please!

All I wanted from freedompop was the free service. Someone left me a voicemail once and I was charged $2.49. I called them and found out voicemail wasn't free so it shut it off. For the last 5 months my credit card was charged $4.48 a month for something I never signed up for on a phone I now only use as an MP3 player and keep around as a backup in case I lose my other cell. They have been nothing but aggravation to me, and the free service has cost me something every month since I've had it.

by Kenya on TheVoIPHub
Horrible, scam

Do not use their service. I had all extra services removed from our account when I got the phone. The data itself was OFF since that day. For 2 months they have been trying to bill me for $15 worth of data, claiming I am 'almost' over. How is that, when it has been turned off?

Then, on a random day they turned on a messenger service and tried to charge me for that. I never activated this service, never asked for it. I called and they said I have to pay the balance due (on supposedly free service) in order for them to turn it off for me. They want me to pay 2 months of service, for data that wasn't used, and messenger service I never activated or asked for. I had my account cancelled, since my service wouldn't work without giving them money. They are an absolute scam. Would rate a 0 if I could.

by Edward on TheVoIPHub
Worst Mobile

This is the worst of all mobile companies I know. I was told this was free so I signed up. I realized money was being taken from my accounts so I asked them to cancel as I don't want to own a second contract. With all my emails they refuse to cancel, I threw the chip away but they continue taking money from my accounts. Worse company, worse customer service

by Dennis Wayne on TheVoIPHub
Appears to be a Scam

Horrible experience for me ! Product never worked. Customer service was almost non-existent. Tried to get me to pay for what was supposed to be free. In my opinion, classic "bait and switch". Horrible and dishonest company, in my opinion. I will NEVER trust these "pirates" again!!!

by jeneca zabala on TheVoIPHub
Love the lower price

I have had this service for almost a year and I love it. I wouldn't change to a different company because Freedompop gives you everything for a low price and I love that about it.

by D. Wick on TheVoIPHub
Dreadful Experience

In my opinion, FreedomPop is nothing more than a third-rate scam. Business model appears to be "bait and switch"! Customer service is almost non-existent. DREADFUL !!!!

by Sonia D on TheVoIPHub
Love It!!

I love the service that they give and I love there prices. You can't go wrong with freedomPop.

by James Barnaby on TheVoIPHub
Use their forum for help

I picked up a Mingle from FreedomPop to have something on the road. It would only pick up 3G so I joined the forum to ask why. I received a email saying it was being fixed before I could even post and it has worked great since. Sprint is very fast in Denver and I have seen a lot of people helped on the forums.

On Sprint as a carrier they have rock bottom prices on various devices, sometimes refurbished. It is an easy way to get the 500 Mb free plus the 500 Mb of friends data a month. Yes you need to pay attention and turn off the trials if you don't want them, once understood it's great.

The least expensive way to acquire service by far is the GSM sims that sell for as low as a buck and are good for 200 Mb of data plus 500 Mb of friends data or have 200 talk and 500 text included. They work all over and for $10 total you could have over 6 gigs a month for nothing.

I suggest giving it a shot. You have a month to decide if you want the services offered or turn them off. You don't have to pay any thing if you don't want to and lots of options for additional services if you want them.

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