Update: It is now clear why magicJack cancelled there femtoJack plans. Technology obviously zoomed right past the idea of the device with the explosion of smartphone calling and text messaging apps. We are in luck though because magicJack has actually come out with their own very useful smartphone app called magicApp which provides anyone who downloads the app with free calling, no need to buy the device or pay anything. Wow, even better than the femtoJack!!

We am very sad to write today that magicJack VocalTec LTD. announced that they will not be coming out with the femto Jack as originally planned. I knew something was up because they were suppose to come out with the femtoJack last year but never did imagine that they would totally cancel their plans for it. It’s too bad because I had big plans to make this the top femtoJack information guide on the web, outside of the official site of course.

I can’t seem to figure out why in the world VocalTec would cancel this product because to me it seems like it could be even bigger than the magic Jack. Who wouldn’t want unlimited minutes while at home on their cell phone? My only inclination is that it had to do with them using cell signals and the cell companies raised a huge stink over it and that’s just too bad.  It’s crazy to me that these companies greed and desire for profitability causes the femtoJack to never even come into existence.

In the article I read it did however state that they are coming out with a new second generation magicJack plus, which is an updated version of the original device that propelled the company to its current popularity. It is being designed as a standalone device that doesn’t require the help of a computer to operate.. The article I read said that there were a whole bunch of new features but the only one I remember was that it didn’t have to be hooked up to a computer like the old magic Jack.

The biggest hangup with the original magicJack was that some many people ran into problems when involving their computer. Problems ranged from certain computers lacking compatibility all the way to some people simply hating the idea of having to keep their computer on 24/7.

The new magicJack plus solves all of those problem since, as stated above, it doesn’t have to be hooked up to a computer. But you do have to have a router/modem to hook it up to. It can also still be used in the same manner as the original magicJack

Besides this awesome upgrade it has also been reported that the plus will have several upgrades that drastically improve voice quality.

With the femtoJack’s cancellation I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this site. I’ll probably throw some ads up since it gets a bit of traffic and then I dunno. Perhaps I will expand on VoIP services, maybe about the magic Jack. Or maybe I won’t do anything with it.

What a shame that we won’t be seeing the femtoJack!!!

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