If you have magicJack phone service and are experiencing the dreaded error code 23 then you’re probably wondering what error 23 on magicJack is and how you can fix it so you can get back to making ultra-cheap phone calls. If your magiJack stopped working and your dealing with this frustrating error read on and get our tips and tricks to get this error resolved quickly and easily.

Our Guide to magicJack Error 23 Fixes

The error 23 on magic Jack can happen on any of their available devices including the original magicJack, magicJack PLUS, magicJack GO and even magicJack EXPRESS. It’s essentially a system error and not device type specific. When you get this error you will noticed the error code being displayed on your computer screen when you pickup the phone (if youre device in connected to a computer) and a constant and dreaded dail tone when you pickup the receiver (if your device in connected via a router/modem).

What is the Cause of Error Code 23 on Your magicJack?

This error can be caused by a number of different issues including but not limited to old firmware that needs updating, internet connectivity issues, or a bad USB port. The cause of your magicJack not working isn’t that important so we will move on to solutions to get your service working ASAP!

How to Fix Error 23 on magicJack?

These suggestions are directly from our discussions magicJack support so one of them should work and if not you can always contact support directly yourself.

Device Connected to Computer

  • Try rebooting your device by disconnecting it from you computers USB port. Then restart you computer, reconnect your device and open the magicJack software to see if the error is gone.

magicJack with computer

Device Connected a Router

  • If your magicJack was connected to your router or phone follow similar steps by unplugging your magicJack device from the router. Then unplug your router for several minutes before plugging it back in and re-connecting your magicJack. Once the modem has had time to re-boot simply pick up your phone and see if the dreaded and continous dial tone is gone.

magicJack GO Activation


If Reboot Doesn’t Work

If re-booting doesn’t work you’ll need to try a few other things including checking that your Internet connection is up to speed and functioning as expected, trying a different USB port on your computer or router/modem. If neither of these resolve your issue you can also check to make sure that your device has the most up-to-date firmware.

Last Resort

If all else has failed we suggest you  contact magicJack chat support directly from their website.


Any time your phone service goes out it can be quite frustrating, espeically when you need to make an important call. In general error code 23 on the magicJack is such a generic error it can be one of the most frustrating errors you experience with your magicJack. We hope that this little guide can you help you to quickly get your phone service fixed and you can get back to make the ultra-cheap calls magicJack is known for!

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