Recently there has been a lot of bad talk about magicJack support and people being upset that they can only be reached via online chat. We can certainly understand this concern and that’s why we’ve taken the time to do some deep digging to find out whether they really have a customer service telephone number or not.

After an exhaustive search we discovered a secret customer service telephone number that nobody else seems to know about. When we called the number we got a recording that said “press 1 for sales”, “press 2 for technical support“, “press 3 for order inquires or billing”. So it does appear that you can now get a live person for technical support, though we didn’t verify this (the whole thing could be an automated system).

If you can reach a live person through this number the company has certainly kept this ‘secret’ number under wraps.  We’re not sure whether you can actually get technical support from it or not but hey, at least it’s a working number that allows you to speak with a real person.

MagicJack Information Line – (561) 594-2140, 1-844-866-2442  – Both of these numbers are a recording that give you 3 options to choose from sales, technical support, or order inquires/billing.

Bill inquiries outside the U.S – 1 (561) 594-9925 – This number is a exactly the same as the one above but for calls coming from outside the U.S.

Sales –  1-800-magicJack (1-800-624-4252) – This number tells you to hang up and use chat support if you are looking for technical assistance and then goes to the sale portion where current and new users can make a phone order.

*Please don’t abuse these phone numbers or magicJack is likely to shut it down and then it will be ruined for everybody.


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