MagicJack has been providing businesses and households with VoIP services at competitive prices since 2007. The company offers a USB device that can be plugged into computer or directly into a router that allows you to make and receive calls through their VoIP services

Newer updates to the company introduced a feature that enables their VoIP system to work directly through your internet router. 

MagicJack offers its services at very reasonable prices, which is why they became so popular. However, one of the main downsides that customers have mentioned when using MagicJack is that the customer service is poor. 

Top magicJack Alternatives

To learn more about the best MagicJack’s competitors and alternatives, check out the list below. We’ve included the main details, pros, and cons of what some of the other top VoIP services have to offer. 

1. Ooma Telo & Office

Ooma provides VoIP services that are targeted towards medium and small businesses, as well as residential phone services through the Ooma Telo. Since their business phone service has been designed for smaller size operations, this VoIP service doesn’t come with a ton of features in comparison to some other VoIP companies. Likewise their free residential service is missing a few feature but can you complain about free service?

The pricing options for Ooma Office make it more affordable for small businesses than other services. Furthermore, their interface is simple and allows companies to improve their communications.

As mentioned above their residential service is free but you are required to buy the device and pay the monthly local taxes and fees (typically under $10 per month).  

The setup process of integrating Ooma Telo is simple along with setup of Ooma’s business service. Once business service is setup up, you’re able to benefit from using features such as extension dialing, call logging, ring groups, call transfers, and a virtual receptionist. A mobile app is also available that allows you and your employees to stay in contact with each other and customers whilst on the move. 

After taxes and fees Ooma Telo costs about the same as magicJack making it a top competitor of magicJack.


  • Features can be easily scaled up or down
  • A good range of customer support options are available
  • The app can be used with Apple & Android devices 


  • No training is offered 
  • Filtering call logs could be more convenient 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

Customers like how easy it is to setup up Ooma and how they’re provided with a great variety of features that are tailored to small companies. Scaling the features up or down and changing between the pricing plan options is also easy. 

2. Vonage Home & Business

Vonage’s business VoIP services help companies that work in a range of industries that include law, marketing, retail, finance, real estate, hospitality, travel, insurance, healthcare, and more. Therefore, their VoIP features are created for larger businesses. 

Centralized branch offices and contact centers can benefit the most from using Vonage’s VoIP software. Not to mention, teams within companies can collaborate more efficiently with one another. 

There’s a variety of VoIP features that improve communications, such as audio conferences and web conferences. These are ideal for teams trying to work together from different locations. 

Some of their other features include a virtual receptionist, automatic attendant, call monitoring, call recording, call routing, and more. 

Vonage residential phone service is a bit pricier when compared to magicJack but comes with best in industry support and a wide range of features.


  • Vonage offers an app for mobiles & desktops 
  • Training is available 
  • Reliable call quality 


  • The support team could be more responsive 
  • No free trial period is offered 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

Vonage Business offers some useful integrations that include Office365, Zendesk, G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, and more. Companies that use these apps frequently would have an easier time integrating Vonage into their existing infrastructure. 

3. Google Voice

Google offers a VoIP service known as Google Voice for Business that provides features to help improve a company’s communications. One of the main upsides to using Google Voice is that it’s incredibly easy to install and start using. 

You simply register an account, select the number you want to start using to make calls with, and download the app. If you already use Gmail, Chat, and Google Hangouts, Google Voice will work easily with these features. 

Some of the main benefits that businesses experience when using Google Voice are that they can use a different area code, handle high call volumes, engage in video calls, and use an instant messaging feature. These are great for helping employees communicate better with each other and your customers. 

Google also offers free Google Voice phone service to residential customers, making them a legitimate home phone alternative when compared to magicJack. This service is very basic and allows you to get a free phone number along with making and receive free calls within the U.S.


  • Competitive pricing for international calls 
  • Easy to use interface
  • Competitive pricing plans 


  • The available support is limited to documents and forums 
  • Some customers find that the quality of calls drops in different locations

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

Customers like having a local number available that lets them use a wide range of VoIP features. You can also set up another local phone number for dealing with different business exchanges to ensure that customers can ring a certain line to receive specific help more efficiently. 

4. NetTalk

NetTalk was established in 2008 and provides residential VoIP services that are easy to use. One of their most well-known features involves users being able to make calls without requiring a desktop. This can be achieved through their phone adapter system. 

Within Canada and the US, calls using NetTalk’s VoIP services are free. This is ideal for companies that are primarily communicating with customers and other businesses within Canada and the US. You can also buy credits that let you make international calls.

Some of the main VoIP features on offer from NetTalk include call blocking, visual voicemail, caller ID blocking, voicemail, call forwarding, and conferences. 

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  • Competitive pricing plans
  • Free number porting
  • Easy installation


  • Customer service could be better 
  • DUO adapters must be plugged into an AC socket which can be inconvenient 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

NetTalk offers a mobile app that’s easy to download and enables employees to stay in contact with customers and each other whilst traveling or working from different locations. 

5. VoIPo

VoIPo has been around since 2004 and provides VoIP services for businesses and residential users. You can benefit from unlimited calls to places in Canada and the US. Moreover, their pricing plans are available at competitive rates when it comes to international calls. 

Users like how there’s an extensive knowledge center that’s packed with resources that can help you figure out problems or learn how to use the new system. Their support center includes help for installation and a live chat feature that lets you speak directly to a representative from the company. 

We liked how a 30-day guarantee is available for new users. This allows you to try out VoIPo’s services for 30 days to decide whether it’s the right VoIP service for you when comparing it to magicJack. 


  • Easy setup process 
  • Free number transfers
  • Lots of customer support options 


  • Area coverage for call quality can be unreliable 
  • The IP adapters provided don’t work as well as some were hoping 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

Tons of VoIP features are available when using VoIPo which is one of the main reasons why companies choose to use this service. Their features and simple pricing options make them ideal for businesses of all sizes too. 

6. AxVoice

AxVoice is based in New York and provides VoIP services plans for residential users and businesses. They also offer international VoIP packages that are ideal for businesses looking to communicate with people from other countries in a cost-effective manner. 

They offer a good range of features that include voicemail, caller ID, blacklist, do not disturb, and more than 40 additional VoIP features. Therefore, companies can be sure to make use of the wide variety of VoIP features to improve their communications. 

Users also like how there are great customer support options available. These include installation guides, an FAQ section, and an online chat feature. In addition to this, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can receive your money back if you aren’t happy with the features. The money-back-guarantee gives you 15 days to make a decision. 


  • Easy setup process
  • Reliable call quality 
  • Affordable plans


  • The unlimited plan still has a restriction of 3,000 minutes per month
  • No mobile app is available 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

AxVoice’s VoIP plans are great for providing companies with specific features that fit their needs. Therefore, companies can choose the best package and set of features that would benefit their company’s communications the most. 

7. Phone Power

Phone Power is popular among residential users and companies due to the competitive rates that they offer. Users are also able to make international calls with this VoIP service which is handy for companies that are trying to expand and communicate around the globe. 

When it comes to customer support, Phonepower offers guides that users can use to make the installation process go smoothly. Furthermore, a phone number, email address, and live chat feature are available too. This makes it easy for you to communicate with Phonepower to receive help.

There’s a total of more than 45 VoIP features that include voicemail-to-email, call forwarding, conference calling, caller ID, and toll-free numbers. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee which gives you some time to try out the features and decide if it’s the right VoIP service for your company. 


  • Easy to use mobile app available
  • Great customer support
  • Good call quality 


  • Some find there are hidden fees
  • Integrations are limited 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

Being able to have unlimited international calls at such competitive rates is the stand-out feature from Phonepower

8. 1-VoIP

1-VoIP has been around since 2005 and offers phone services and similar to magicJack they offer services for both businesses and residential use. Their business plans include SIP trunking and PBX hosting services that are scalable which is great for enabling companies to expand.

The web tools that are available with 1-VoIP are excellent for helping you to manage the whole system easily. 


  • Features available that block spam 
  • Reliable customer service 
  • Lower monthly costs are available for more users 


  • Installation instructions could be clearer 
  • No video conference features are available 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

The uptime available with 1-VoIP is impressive as they have a guarantee of 99.99%. They also have a system in place that can adapt and ensure that your connection remains strong. 


VOIPLY was established in 2012 and currently has more than 5,00 companies using their VoIP software. Companies have been liking how VOIPLY’s software is simple to use and set up. All you need to do is have users enter their phone number, the company phone number, user information, and select the call routing features that they want to use. 

We liked how there are more than 60 VoIP features available that provide businesses with all of the features that they need to improve their communications. Some of these features include visual voicemail, video conferences, auto-attendant, conference calls, and toll-free numbers. 


  • Simple interface 
  • Reliable customer service 
  • No setup fee 


  • Some find that VOIPLY only works through Google Chrome 
  • No app available 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

VOIPLY doesn’t require you to sign up for long-term contracts. Instead, you can simply sign up for monthly plans that can be canceled at any time. This is a great benefit for companies that want to remain flexible with their VoIP contracts. 

10. BasicTalk

BasicTalk is a VoIP service that’s made more for residential use rather than for businesses. This is due to how they offer basic VoIP features at affordable prices. Some of their features include 911 calling, call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail. In addition to this, users can benefit from unlimited calls to places in the US.  

The basic features and affordable prices make BasicTalk a good choice for residential users who want to find an alternative to their more expensive landline options.

When users change from their landline to BasicTalk’s VoIP services, they can choose to have a new number or stay with the one they currently have. You’re also given a period of 7 days to receive a refund for the services. This gives you some time to try the VoIP services before deciding whether to go ahead and continue using them.

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  • Installation guides available 
  • Live chat support included 
  • Easy setup process 


  • Call quality could be improved
  • No mobile service is available 

What Makes This Phone Service Stand Out?

The affordability is the aspect that makes BasicTalk stand out compared to other more expensive VoIP services. Furthermore, the basic features available make this VoIP software super easy for residential users to get to grips with. 

Buying Guide to Top magicJack Competitors

Now that you have a better idea about what some of MagicJack’s competitors and alternative options have to offer, you may be interested to learn more about what features to look out for before deciding on a service. 

There are more details in the sections below that could be useful in helping you to decide on the VoIP service that’s best for you. 

Users & Pricing 

Factoring in the number of users that you want to have using a VoIP system is important as it can sometimes affect the pricing of your chosen VoIP services. 

For example, some VoIP services reduce the cost of using their software for companies that have more users. In other cases, however, the rate remains the same. This is handy to keep in mind when you’re comparing VoIP services as you could be saving yourself some money. 


If you have plans to scale your company, you’ll want to pick a VoIP service that enables you to have some level of flexibility. You may want to add additional users to the VoIP service which may lead to further costs. In other cases, you may be able to add new users for a reduced cost. 

Scaling your company’s communications can be a lot smoother if you’re already with a VoIP service that lets you add features and users. So, be sure to think about whether you’re looking to scale the business up in the near future before deciding on a VoIP service. 


One of the main elements to think about is the types of VoIP features that you want to benefit from. Having a clear understanding of this can make it a lot easier to narrow down your search to find the VoIP services that fit your company’s needs. 

Companies should think about how many international calls they make, as well as how many calls are made within Canada and the US. Some VoIP companies offer better international rates compared to others which could be a big deciding factor for businesses that make a lot of international calls. 

In addition to this, you should factor in the main ways that your employees communicate with each other. Would they benefit from an instant messaging app and web conference features? 

Giving yourself a good idea about how your business will use VoIP features can help you decide between VoIP services and make the decision-making process a lot easier. 


You’ll want to consider the types of integrations that a VoIP service offers. Finding services that can be integrated with programs that you already use regularly can make the whole process much easier. 

Users are already aware of how to use the programs and having a VoIP system that’s compatible with these apps can help employees feel more confident about using it. 

In addition to this, companies should figure out whether their chosen VoIP services have mobile apps. Using smartphones makes it incredibly easy for employees to communicate with each other. 

They can use instant messaging features, as well as conference calls via smartphone apps. Some VoIP companies only offer their app for certain devices. Therefore, you should consider the types of devices that your company predominantly uses for communications before committing to a VoIP service. 

Customer Support

Businesses that are making the move from traditional phone lines to VoIP software would want to pay close attention to the level of customer support that’s available with their chosen VoIP service provider. 

If you encounter issues with the installation process or users are having a tough time getting used to how the new system works, you’ll want to have a reliable customer support team to help out. 

Furthermore, consider the types of resources that the service offers. Users can benefit from installation guides, FAQs, forums, and live chat features to solve problems and have questions answered. 

Training is also sometimes offered by VoIP companies. This can help the whole integration process by enabling users to receive specialized training on how to use the new VoIP features. 


If there’s any physical hardware that needs to be installed, you need to find out if there are any additional charges. In many cases, you can simply download the VoIP software onto desktops and be provided with a centralized system. In this instance, there aren’t likely to be any installation charges. 


Deciding on the VoIP service that’s best for your home or business can be difficult as there are so many options available. Be sure to consider the types of benefits that you want to receive from a VoIP service, as well as the amount that you’d want to spend every year or month. 

After reading through our post about what the best alternatives to MagicJack are, we hope that you’re able to feel more confident about which VoIP service is right for you. 

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