Over the years magicJack has had many different Walmart commercials and videos for its various products. Below you can find a handful of different videos and sort of see the evolution of where magicJack got started and where it stands as of today. In its younger years magicJack ran commercials with sly marketing tactics and presented itself more like an ASOTV product, where as these days their marketing campaign is based off of their “Do The Math” campaign in tandem with Walmart and an attractive model / actress tabbed by many as the ‘magicjack girl‘. These magicJack Walmart commercials appear to be much classier than their old model and paint the company in a much better light. Their new Do the Math campaign follows the longstanding Walmart mantra by focusing purely on the savings the device provides its users when they switch over from a landline phone.

If you are interested in getting a magicJack its important to note that the majority of these videos are for older versions of the device and that their latest product is the EXPRESS device from magicJackwhich comes with a 30-day free trial and ultimately costs $39.95. This cost is for the device and the first 3 months of service. Future years can be renewed at $5 per month, $20 per 6 months, $35 per year or $99.75 for a 5 year plan. You can also purchase additional overseas calling minutes for a separate charge.


original magicJack commerical


magicJack plus infomercial


New magicJack Plus 2014 “Do The Math” Commercial


magicJack Wal-Mart “Do The Math” Commercial


magicJack commercial featuring Abby Wambach

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