RingCentral and Vonage Business are two of the longest standing and largest names in the Cloud Communications sector and both provide top quality service and an extensive feature set. Vonage Business is a leading brand for discounted business phone service at offers excellent service for the price. Even if you’ve never heard of VoIP, you’ve probably seen their adverts and heard their catchy jingles nonetheless. While Vonage is among the largest providers of VoIP for businesses of all sizes, particularly needing multiple lines, RingCentral is endorsed by very large brands such as BMW and Twitter, despite less focus on VoIP-only needs and more on UcaaS. Below you will find out complete comparison of these two top business phone providers.

Vonage Business vs RingCentral

RingCentral Office Overview

RingCentral has become a mainstay in the Business VoIP sector since it’s inception in 1999 and they are one of the leading enterprise collaboration solutions available today. By offering basic plans and customize able plans with an ever increasing number of app integrations, best in industry customer service/satisfactions and the largest feature set they have been able to meet the needs of both businesses small and large. As as result they have been able to stand out in a very competitive market and are tops in regards to subscriber numbers worldwide with several hundreds thousand satisfied customers currently using their service. While not the cheapest provider businesses that aren’t on the tightest of budgets can’t go wrong in choosing RingCentral for their communications needs as they offer ultimate scaleability as your business grows and needs change.

Vonage Business Overview

A pioneer in the VoIP industry Vonage has been around since the beginning of cloud based communications and was popularized with their affordable home phone service offerings. They were the company to take VoIP mainstream and make is a household service among consumers. They offer small-to-medium sized businesses with hosted telephone service that can be customized to the businesses needs so they don’t have to waste money on features they might not need. Vonage offers best in industry customer service, a trusted brand name and an affordable price but quite doesn’t provide a feature set as robust as Ring Central.

RingCentral Calling Plans

When choosing a service provider the most important thing is price and what particular plans offer along with the potential for the need to scale with company growth.

Ringcentral Plans & PricingRingCentral offers four different tiered standard plans (as seen above and below), similar to what you see from the common RingCentral alternatives.

  • Essentials Package Details: $19.99 per month per user, 100 toll free minutes, 4 people per meeting, mobile apps included, integration with Outlook, Dropbox, Glip and much more.
  • Standard Package Details – $24.99 per month per user, 1,000 toll free minutes,  4 people per meeting, mobile apps included, integration with Outlook, Dropbox, Glip and much more.

  • Premium Package Details – $34.99 per month per user, 2,500 toll free minutes, 25 people per meeting, HD Voice and a call attendant plus all features from the standard package above.

  • Enterprise Package Details – $49.99 per month per user, 10,000 toll free minutes, 50 people per meeting plus all features of the Premium package listed above.

  • Extensions – $34.99  per month for the initial user, then user 2-19 cost just $29.00 per month.

Beyond the scope of these standard features businesses can customize their service to meet other needs they may have and the cost varies. Examples of add-ons include extra phone number for dedicated fax lines. The cost for each situation is on a case-by-case basis and can vary widely depending on the needs of the business but RingCentral can tailor packages to meet most any business needs


Vonage Business Calling Plans

Vonage Business Cloud offers several different tiers of their service as seen below. It is important to note that you get a price break on these plans if you have 5-19 lines and another price break when you have 20-99 lines. For pricing on 100+ lines you need contact Vonage for a custom quote.

  • Building Your own/ Mobile plan – $19.99 per month per user
  • Premier Plan – $29.99 per month per user
  • Essentials – $39.99 per month per user

Vonage Business or RingCentral Comparison Table

Vonage BusinessRingCentral
Plans & PricingBuild your own/ Mobile – $19.99/mo
Premier – $29.99/mo
Essentials – $39.99/mo                                                                                        Vonage offers better raw value since it gives free headsets, discounts for multiple lines, unlimited toll-free minutes, and no set-up fees. Vonage also scores higher for allowing individual add-ons.
Essential – $19.99/mo (1,00 minutes)
Standard – $24.99/mo (1,000 minutes)
Premium – $34.99/mo (2,500 minutes)
Enterprise – $44.99/mo (10,000 minutes)
RingCentral offers more comprehensive solutions, with each tier adding more features. Headsets are an additional $20/month.The add-ons for each tier are available as all-or-nothing bundles.
Features (free)Virtual receptionist
Call routing with time-based auto redirect
Call transfer with Do Not Disturb option
Programmed alternate phone and VM
Call announce, Call screening, Call hold, Click-to-call, and Call blocking
Free Virtual receptionist
Call routing with time-based auto redirect
Call transfer with Do Not Disturb option
Programmed alternate phone and VM
Call announce, Call screening, Call hold, Click-to-call, and Call blocking
Features (paid)Call queuing ($14.99/mo)
Internet fax ($14.99/mo)
Toll free number ($39.99 /mo)
Call queuing ($7.99/mo)
Internet fax ($7.99/mo)
Toll free number ($29.99 /mo) RingCentral nets out at nearly $25-$30 cheaper than Vonage for paid features.
IntegrationAndroid, iOS, and Linux

Advanced integration for Google Apps, Office 365, Bullhorn, Clio, Connectwise, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce. Plus, free proprietary desktop app.

Vonage is better for free integration options and small business often don’t need more than that.

Android, iOS, and Linux

Free Microsoft products, Google, Box and Dropbox integration for all devices. Paid integration for Salesforce, and Zendesk.

Ringcentral is more valuable for all kinds of business needing wider integration options, despite some paid options.

Customer supportUSA based team

Ticketing, phone, and email options, including set-up help and troubleshooting.

Excellent after-hours support and 24/7 availability for multiple line customers.

USA based team, larger global footprint

24/7 support for multiple-line customers

Ticketing, phone, and email options. Also equipped with comprehensive support center with FAQs, user-guides, and personalized demonstration.

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Verdict of Vonage vs RingCentral

As it’s clear from the comparison above, Vonage offers a feature-set which is as rich as RingCentral, and scores for on pricing for multiple-line options, especially with the freedom to customize plans and put together features on per need basis. This is certainly attractive for small businesses looking to cut corners.

However, in the broader scheme of things, RingCentral offers not-only a lower starting cost barrier, but also more features and integration options, despite a bit more additional cost. RingCentral’s customer support is marginally ahead of Vonage owing to their wider reach and extensive FAQ features. If you still have questions about RingCentral we suggest you check out our help section.

To sum it up, if the business needs multiple lines at a lower cost, Vonage business might be the option of choice, while RingCentral would deliver more features and scalability in the long-run with only a small amount of additional cost. RingCentral also has the additional benefit of superior conferencing options (especially for HD video conferencing and number of users allowed) as well as Chat/ Messaging options (Glip) which makes for better unified CRM experience.

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