If you’ve been interested in using Dialpad or Vonage Business for your VoIP communications, you can get a better idea about what each service has to offer by checking out our comparison post. We cover what VoIP features both companies have to offer, along with their pricing plans, and customer support so that you can feel more assured about the one that’s right for your business.

Dialpad or Vonage Business: Which Is Better?

Vonage Business Overview

This company offers VoIP services that lets businesses communicate through the cloud. They currently cover a wide range of industries that include insurance, healthcare, accounting, real estate, retail, law firms, and more. They’re mostly used by smaller and medium sized businesses due to the way that their pricing plans are structured.

The VoIP software available with Vonage allows businesses to conduct web conferences, online meetings, and conference calls. Staff members within a business are able to use a wide range of devices while using the Vonage Business VoIP system that ensures everyone can communicate easily.

There’s plenty of customizable features available with their service that enables businesses to have more control over how their call centers deal with calls between customers and other people within the company. Being able to customize the VoIP software to your liking means that you can improve your customer service in more specific ways to enhance people’s experiences with your business.

Dialpad Overview

Dialpad provides companies with VoIP software that allows for enhances communication among members of staff and customers. In comparison to Vonage, Dialpad is a newer VoIP system that includes many features that businesses can scale as they grow.

As a result, they’re a VoIP service that medium and large businesses can benefit from greatly as they can easily scale up their VoIP plans as they expand.


Businesses can benefit from being able to make calls through Wi-Fi as they don’t need to have phone lines physically installed. Instead, you can start using the system as soon as the software has been integrated into your company. There are various features includes with Dialpad that include video calls, call switching, group messaging, and more.

Dialpad Main Features 

  • CRM integration
  • Activity tracking
  • Application integration
  • Call list management
  • Call center management
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Call reporting
  • Caller ID
  • Messenger
  • File transfer
  • Voice recognition

Dialpad also offers a variety of integrations that include Google Contacts,, ExecVision,, Okta, Front, and Zendesk. Some of these integrations are applications that many companies use regularly which can make Dialpad even easier to implement into your business.

Vonage VoIP for Business Main Features

  • Call monitoring
  • Call routing
  • Call recording
  • Caller ID
  • Call Transfer
  • Mobile integration
  • Conferences
  • Voicemail

Businesses are able to benefit from the integrations that Vonage have to offer as they include several popular applications. Vonages’ business service works with VanillaSoft, SugarCRM, Tefold, Salesforce Sales cloud, QuickBooks Online Advanced, Microsoft Outlook, and Google Contacts.

Calling Plans & Pricing

Vonage Business

The pricing plans that Vonage offer include the following:

  • Metered Extension Plan – $14.99 per month for each line and $0.03 for every minute
  • Virtual Extension Plan – $14.99 per month for each line with a direct dial number included
  • Unlimited Extension Plan – $39.99 per month for each line with unlimited calls available in Canada and the U.S.


Dialpad offers a 14 day free trial which provides businesses with a good amount of time to test out the VoIP features that are available. If you like it after the 14 days, you can continue using their service by signing up to one of their pricing plans. If you find that it’s not the right fit for your business, you can simply move on.

The pricing plans available from Dialpad include Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

  • Standard Plan – $15 per month per user if billed annually or $20 per month per user if billed monthly
  • Pro Plan – $25 per month per user if billed annually or $30 per month per user if billed monthly
  • Enterprise Plan – To use the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact Dialpad to receive a quote as it can vary depending on the number of users you want to set up.

Customer Support

Considering the level of customer support that’s available with a VoIP service provider is crucial to ensuring that you can receive help if there’s a fault with the system. A VoIP service provider that has unreliable customer support could lead to communication problems within your business lasting longer and causing more issues.

So, let’s take a quick look at what type of customer support is available from Vonage Business and Dialpad.

Vonage Business

You can get in contact with the company by calling their standard line that’s available from 8 AM to 12 AM Monday to Friday. These lines are open on the weekends between 9 AM and 9 PM.

You’re also able to use an emergency on-call after hours support line. Having access to a form of online tech support means that you can be assured to get assistance no matter what time of the day or night you experience problems with the VoIP system.

In addition to this, you can contact a member of the customer support team by using the live chat feature that’s available on their website. A case about a query can be opened and you can also join the Vonage community that allows you to ask others about problems to see if they can help you out.


Businesses can contact Dialpad through their phone line that’s available during the week and weekdays. Users who have the Pro pricing plan are able to receive phone support 24/7, which can be helpful for people who want to get directly in contact with a representative for help.

A live chat system is also available for users which can be easily accessed on Dialpad’s website. This enables you to contact a member of the customer support team to let them know about any technical issues you’re experiencing.

Furthermore, a help center is available which includes a wide range of resources and guides that users can make use out. This help center includes a lot of the common queries that people may have so that they can easily find solutions to their problems.

Is the Dialpad Support Free?

Yes, the tech support provided by Dialpad is free to all users. Having said that, the 24/5 telephone support line is exclusive to Pro users.

Is It Difficult To Install the Vonage or Dialpad VoIP System? 

Dialpad’s installation system is incredibly quick and easy due to how it can be achieved through one web portal. This saves you from having to have each individual’s desktop set up separately.

Vonage Business has a guided setup system that enables users to install the VoIP service themselves. You’re always able to seek help during this process from a customer support team member but many users find that they’re able to have the system installed easily and quickly.

What Type Of Internet Connection Is Required To Use These VoIP Services?

To use Dialpad and Vonage effectively, you’ll need to have high speed internet connection. For remote locations, it would be best to use cables for your internet connection to reduce the risks of WiFi problems. When you’re out and about using the VoIP service on your smartphone, you’ll have to rely on your phone’s internet connection to use these services.

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Verdict of Dialpad vs Vonage Business

The Vonage features and pricing plans may make more senses for smaller and medium sized businesses, whereas larger organizations can benefit and save more money with the pricing plans included with Dialpad.

Now that you have a better idea about the kinds of features, calling and pricing plans, and customer support options that Dialpad and Vonage Business have to offer, you can leave with a better senses about the VoIP service provider that’s right for you.

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