Vonage Business and Google Voice for Businesses are popular VoIP service providers for varying reasons and different types of businesses can benefit from what they have to offer. This post covers the customer support options, main features, and pricing plans that Google Voice Business and Vonage have to offer.

As a result, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which one of these VoIP services is right for your business. Finding the right business phone system can drastically improve the way that employees collaborate with each other, as well as how they communicate with customers.

Our Comparison of Vonage vs Google Voice for Business

Google Voice Overview

Googles Business VoIP services can be an excellent option for companies that are interested in saving money and benefiting from VoIP communications. Some of their VoIP features include voicemails, call logging, customized greetings, and more. Their VoIP system also integrates easily with Gmail accounts which can make it simple to integrate with your emails.

Vonage Business Overview

Companies have been using Vonage’s service to improve the way that they communicate with customers and other employees. Their system is easy to use and there are several integrations that you may already be using, which could make Vonage easy to integrate. Businesses have also been liking how the features available with this service can be easily customized too.

Google Voice Main Features

  • Number porting
  • Messenger
  • Voicemail to text
  • Voicemail transcript
  • SMS records
  • Call forwarding
  • Call blocking
  • Conferences
  • Communication management
  • Ring groups

The Google VoIP system can be used with desktops for people in the office, along with Apple and Android devices for employees who are out and about. This ensures that employees can remain in contact with each other for important meetings, no matter where they are. They can also stay in touch with customers more easily by using their devices from different locations.

There are several integrations available with this service that include Google Hangouts, Gmail, Google Sheets, Google Drive, Google Meet, and GSuite.


Vonage Business Main Features

  • Voicemail
  • Conferences
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Caller ID
  • Call monitoring
  • Customized tag calling
  • Voicemail to email
  • Voicemail transcripts available

This service can be used with a range of 11 programs that include Bullhorn, Salesforce Sales Cloud, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Tenfold, QuickBooks. Many businesses already use these apps which can make the available integrations a lot more useful. If employees already use these kinds of apps, you can be sure that they’ll have an easier time learning how to use the new features.

Furthermore, you can use it with Android and Apple devices. This makes it easy for employees to use Vonage Business as Android and Apple devices are the most popular devices that people use for communication. Therefore, employees can remain in contact with customers and other employees, regardless of where they’re located.

Calling Plans & Pricing

G-Suite Google Voice

This service can be used for free when it comes to using a personal account. However, mostly only freelancers use the free version as there are limited VoIP features and customer support options.

Companies can signup for a paid Google Voice Business account through their G-Suite Workspace account which is available at the following prices:

  • $10 per user per month – Allows up to 10 users
  • $20 per user per month – Unlimited users 
  • $30 per user per month – Unlimited users and unlimited international calling

Vonage Business 

You can choose between 3 different pricing plans when it comes to using Vonage Business that are available for the following prices:

  • Mobile – $19.99 per user per month
  • Premier – $29.99 per user per month
  • Essentials – $39.99 per user per month

Customer Support

Google Voice

Google Voice provides their business users with an excellent range of customer support options that include an online chat system, email address, and phone line. These are great options that you can use to directly speak with a representative from Google Voice to get help from an expert. When it comes to using their Workspace plan, you’re able to have these support options available 24/7.


Employees can also make use of the articles that Google posts about their VoIP system. This can make it easier for your employees to learn how to use all of the different VoIP features that are available.

Vonage Business 

They provide users with more customer support options compared to Google . You can get in contact with them via an email address, phone number, an online live chat system, or a ticketing feature. Therefore, you can be sure to easily speak directly with an expert from Vonage to receive assistance.

Does Vonage Business Offer a Free Trial?

Currently, Vonage Business doesn’t offer a free trial.

What Types of Businesses Use Vonage & Google Voice?

Freelancers, small, medium, and large businesses tend to use Google Voice. Vonage is primarily used by small and medium companies.

What Languages Do Vonage Business & Google Business Voice Support?

Both Vonage and Google support English.

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Verdict of Vonage Business vs Google Voice

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our review of what Google Voice for business and Vonage Business have to offer, you’ll be able to make a better decision about which VoIP service is right for your business. Google’s business phone service is the best option if you were looking to keep your costs as low as possible because their features are available for affordable prices. Vonage also offers a great range of VoIP features and integrations that small and medium businesses can benefit from.

Hopefully, the details found throughout our post have proven to be useful in helping you to decide on whether Vonage Business or Google Voice can help you improve your communications.

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