The hotel business is one that involves a lot of costs. If you run a hotel business, or are interested in running one, you’ll be interested to know that using VoIP services can be one of the areas where you can save on your business costs

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It’s a service that enables you to use telecommunications at a reduced cost, while also boosting productivity among staff members and improving customer service.

To learn more about how hotel businesses can save money while also experiencing the benefits of VoIP, take a look below.

Cost Benefits of VoIP for Hotels

Hotels Save Money My Switching to VoIP

Infrastructure Costs

The infrastructure for telecommunications is one of the areas where you can drastically cut down on costs without having to compromise quality. Hotels that use older phone systems have two different networks for their data and phones. 

In addition to this, hotels incur more costs for installation due to all of the cables that are required to connect the phones. Furthermore, there are more costs required for maintenance which each of the networks that you have. 

When you implement a VoIP service to your hotel, you’re able to completely remove the need for complex instructions with cables and professionals needed for installation. VoIP services also remove the necessity for having individual networks to allow for even more savings. 


There are no physical infrastructure costs because all of the data is in the cloud. As a result, you’re able to save money and invest it into other areas in the hotel. 

Using VoIP services also enables you to pay for the service on a monthly basis. Therefore, you’re able to know how much you need to pay each month for the service to make budgeting easier. 

Furthermore, you’re able to remove the budget for maintenance as the system fixes are covered by the VoIP provider and the monthly fee that you pay.

VoIP and Hotel Expansion

VoIP services allow you to make and receive calls to any location around the world. Therefore, if you’re looking to open up new places within the hotel or in your other hotels, you can be sure to keep in touch with them all easily. VoIP solutions make these communications a lot easier as there are no cables and wiring needed for each location. 

Therefore, you’re able to save on the installation and maintenance costs on each of the new locations that you have. 

In addition to the lower costs across all of your hotels, you’re also able to have your communications centralized. This makes it easier to have control over the costs for your staff.


You no longer need to have managers for keeping control of the communications. Instead, all of the communications are centralized in one place for you or someone else to keep tabs on. 

Hotel businesses can also benefit from being able to make calls to their other sites without being charged any additional fees, regardless of how far or close they are to each other.

Call Centers

Hotels use call centers to handle important things, such as reservation and bookings. Many hotels find that these costs can get pretty high but they feel like they have no other option as it’s such an integral part of running the business. 

However, when you use hotel phone systems, you’re able to have call centers set up that are virtual. Alternatively, you could even have your call center systems outsourced for less infrastructure costs.

If you choose to set up a virtual call center, you can hire less staff members. This is because you can have people working in the virtual call center from anywhere to manage traffic and they can all have access to the centralized communication system. This means less people to hire and bigger savings.


You’ll want to consider the times that your hotel is the most busy. This is because you can anticipate the times when you’ll need to increase the capacity of your VoIP services and when to bring it back down to normal.

For example, if you know that you’re going to be especially busy during a holiday period, but things will be normal leading up to it, you can increase the VoIP capacity over the holidays instead of keeping it high all the time. 

You’re able to have this option because there are no cables that need to be installed to increase the capacity. You can simply make changes to your VoIP service plan.

Front Desk & Customer Satisfaction 

The productivity of the staff on the front desk can be increased with the costs lowered. People working on the front desk can have access to information on guests instantly. Therefore, customers are able to ring and know details about their stay a lot faster. 

Automated calls can be made to guests who want to have a call to be woken up in the mornings too.

VoIP services can provide your customers with a better experience dealing with your staff and making their stay easy and enjoyable. 

When customers have a great experience at your hotel, they’re more likely to recommend it to others and stay there more often themselves. So, VoIP providers can help with getting repeat business and spreading the good word of mouth.


You can use the information in this post to have a clearer understanding on how VoIP services can improve the productivity of your hotel business, while reducing costs and boosting customer satisfaction.

You’re able to save on maintenance costs and have more flexibility with the type of plans that you pay for. Hotel owners with multiple sites can also benefit greatly from using VoIP services over traditional phone lines. 

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