If you’re a business in need of VoIP services, you may have been considering between Nextiva and Ooma Office.

Both of these companies offer fantastic VoIP solutions, however, it can be tricky trying to determine which one would be best for your business.

That’s why we’ve researched them both and compared them in this post. We’re going to take you through the main features that both services have to offer, as well as their pricing and plans to ensure that you have the necessary information to make the best decision for your business.

Ooma Office or Nextiva: Which is Better?

Nextiva Business Overview

Nextiva is a great VoIP provider that provides you with the opportunity to choose between the various plans that they have to offer. We found that their solutions are particularly great for smaller businesses as they’re able to keep their costs lower.

This is largely a result of the cloud-based software that Nextiva offer. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any hardware being installed and the additional costs that would fall on you.

Instead, you’re able to have all your message, emails, calls, among more, available on one easy-to-access system.

  • In order to ensure that you have a more automated experience, Nextiva have a virtual fax system and allow you to make unlimited calls.
  • To bring members of staff together for meetings, a conference feature is available that enables a maximum of 9 people to participate. This is excellent for bringing different people together seamlessly.
  • Since the system can be used on both desktops and mobiles, you’re able to transfer any calls you receive between the different devices.  
  • We liked how all the information that you need is available in one place. This makes it incredibly easy to access all of the calls that are coming in and going out from your business.

Ooma Office Overview

Ooma Office is one of the top VoIP service providers for small businesses. They have created cloud-based solutions that enable your small business to operate just like a larger one does, without having to pay the higher prices.

They don’t have any contracts as you’re able to pay for the service on a monthly basis. You’re able to have Ooma’s software setup and ready to use within no time – it takes a matter of minutes.

In addition to this, their system can be used with IP phones as well as analog ones, which makes it even easier to setup in your business. Not to mention, you can access everything from a portal that’s available online.

  • You’re able to make international calls without an added cost as it’s a feature that’s already included with the $19.95 plan. This also includes unlimited calls in the US and Canada.
  • The auto-attendant system takes customers to a voice assistant that’s automated and gives them options on the various departments so that they can contact the correct one. As a result, smaller businesses are able to save costs by not having to hire a receptionist.
  • With a high-quality call management system, small businesses are able to set up 3-way calls and use the Conference Room feature to help staff collaborate easily.  All that’s needed is a PIN and extension number from each person.
  • Ooma’s fax system lets you upload PDFs and send a fax via the portal that can be accessed on a desktop. When you receive a fax, Ooma Office modifies the file into a PDF that also gets sent to your email to make it easy to access and read.  

Nextiva Versus Ooma Key Features Comparison Chart

Nextiva Ooma
MobilityNextiva can be used with iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows.

Therefore, you and your employees are able to easily keep in contact with each other when you’re on the go.

Ooma offers an app that can be used on both Android and iOS devices. As a result, you’re always able to access everything you need to while you’re on the go.

Employees are able to easily keep in contact with each other too. This is because the app works with 3G, 4G, and LTE networks.

Ease of Use The app that’s available for mobile devices is very simple to use and having it set up and ready to use is super simple. 

The desktop portal has a lot of different features to access. Initially, this may take some time to get used to and find where everything is.

The Nextiva support team makes implementing their systems into your business more straightforward too.

We liked how the configuration process for setting up Ooma is super easy due to their 3-step system. This allows you to have the system implemented into your business and ready to use without taking up too much time.

As long as you have the login to your Ooma account, you’re able to have control over the system that covers every area of your business.  

IntegrationsNextiva doesn’t have a whole host of integrations available.

It’s limited to being used with various mobiles and Zendesk.

Ooma also don’t have a lot of integration options available, aside from Dropbox and mobile integrations.

Having said that, these integrations may be all that a small business needs, especially when you consider how it’s a cost-efficient option.

Standard Features
  • Call center management
  • Auto lead distribution
  • Call monitoring
  • Instant messaging
  • Voicemail
  • Voice recognition software
  • Call recording
  • Call parking
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice quality improvement
  • Contact management

Calling Plans and Pricing

Nextiva Ooma
Nextiva offer 3 plans that are available at the following prices:

Office Pro – $19.95 per month per user

Office Pro Plus – $20.95 per month per user

Office Enterprise – $27.95 per month per user

You may also be glad to hear that there are no contracts needed to sign. Instead, you’re able to pay for the services on a monthly basis.

Ooma’s pricing is very reasonable. They have one simple plan that’s available at $19.95.

However, there are other costs when it comes to connecting their services to your mobiles or desktops.

To use the software on your desktop, you’ll need to pay $99.99 for the hardware cost. This $99.99 price is on top of the monthly fee of $19.95.

Their price of $19.95 per month is for each user. You’re also able to add more users and pay $19.95 for them each at any time.

Similarly to Nextiva, there is no contract required. You can pay for their services on a monthly basis.

A money back guarantee is also available if you’re not satisfied with the services after 30 days.

Customer Support

After getting a better idea of the kind of features and calling plan prices that Nextiva and Ooma Office have to offer, you’re able to have a better idea of which one you think would be more suitable for your business.

However, one of the other main factors that you’ll want to consider is the customer support that these VoIP service providers have to offer. Their cloud-based services are something that could be a big change to your business.

Therefore, you’re going to want to have a good support team that’s available to help you with any questions and issues that you may have. The section below takes a look at what the support teams from Nextiva and Ooma Office have to offer.



Nextiva has a range of customer support options available that include an online ticketing system, live online chat, a knowledge center online, as well as video tutorials and phone support.

Their phone lines are up 7 days a week from 5AM-6PM during Monday-Friday. On the weekends, their phone lines run from 6AM-6PM.

They have a knowledgeable team of support workers that are well-trained on how to help you with your problems. If you have a problem that’s after-hours, you still have a number of options available online that could prove to be very helpful.

The customer support that Nextiva have to offer involves live chat online, an online knowledge center, and a ticketing system that’s available online. There are video tutorials available as well that can help you to resolve any of the common problems that you may be experiencing.

Ooma Office

Ooma Office has a phone line that operates during office hours 7 days of the week. This support team is reliable for ensuring that you’re able to receive help from people who know a lot about the cloud-based software.

However, if you’re not able to get through to their lines or you have an issue that has occurred after-hours, there are other options available.

There’s a live chat feature that can be accessed online, at any time of the day or night. This can be incredibly useful when you’re trying to troubleshoot a problem and get help from a customer support team member.

Ooma also has content available online that includes all kinds of information that could help you to fix issues on your own. There are plenty of detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

Verdict of Nextiva vs Ooma Office

Now that you’ve read our comparison guide and know more about the kinds of services that Nextiva and Ooma office have available, you can begin to think about the one that would be best for your business.

Ooma office would be the better choice for small businesses that need a more basic plan compared to Nextiva. The price is fixed at $19.95 per month for each user, and you’re able to add more users on at anytime. Although, there is a cap of 20 users, which is why it’s a more suitable choice for smaller businesses that don’t have as many staff members.

You can also save on the costs of hiring a receptionist as a result of the automated attendant system that takes customers to a voice assistant to ensure they can get through to the right department easily. It’s a cost effective way of boosting your customer service reputation.

They have an app that allows you to stay mobile by downloading it onto your smartphones. This is an incredibly easy way to ensure that your employees can keep in contact with each other while they’re on the move.

Their only other integration is Dropbox. Nextiva also only have mobile and Zendesk as integrations. However, many small businesses may not benefit from the wider range of integrations that other VoIP providers offer.

Nextiva offer more package options and features, such as call monitoring, voicemail, voice recognition systems, and more. Therefore, medium-sized businesses may find that having more options available is beneficial to make sure that the software has a positive impact on the way that they do business.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with the rundown of the various features, packages, and customer support that Nextiva and Ooma Office have to offer. Be sure to select the one that has more advantageous features that would improve your business.

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