When it comes to finding a VoIP service provider, you may have been looking at 8×8 and Grasshopper. They are both reliable companies, but that doesn’t make picking between the 2 of them any easier.

It can quickly become confusing trying to pick between VoIP services because of all the various plans and features that they have available. In this post, we’ve compared some of their main features, pricing packages and plans, as well as the kind of customer support that they have to offer.

By the end, you’ll be left with a clearer idea of which option would be the best for your business.

Grasshopper or 8×8: Which is Better?

8×8 Overview

8×8 is a VoIP services that many businesses have been relying on. It comes with a wide range of features that function with a cloud-based system that makes running your business easier and more efficient.

With unlimited calls within the US and foreign countries, a call center software, online fax, call recording, and much more, 8×8 is a great choice for businesses that are looking for something that’s easy to implement.

  • You can set up conference calls with a maximum of 20 participants as part of the standard package feature. As a result, you can ensure different teams in your business are able to collaborate with each other without any hassle.
  • 8×8 provide you with reliable coverage by having 12 data centers. This enables you to have coverage with over 100 different countries.
  • In order to maintain a high level of customer support, 8×8 has on-hold music available. Furthermore, you can create a customized message for customers by using the recording studio system.
  • You’re able to scale when using 8×8 because the monthly price is for each user. This means that you can add more users whenever necessary due to the flexibility of the cloud-based software.

Grasshopper Overview

Grasshopper has an excellent phone system provider that offers you with a great alternative to the traditional phone lines. There is a wide variety of features on offer that come at a pretty affordable price.


As a result, businesses that are smaller are able to benefit from the kinds of VoIP services that larger businesses typically use. This allows you to portray your businesses in a way to customers that feels more professional.

  • You’re able to use the account management system that’s available online to make any changes to the account whenever you like.  
  • With the voicemail-to-email system, you can have your voicemails transferred into MP3 files to be transcripted and read in an email form.  
  • The call forwarding feature means that you can take calls from a single phone number. This provides you with the freedom to receive important calls on various devices.  
  • Grasshopper offer a conference calling feature that’s available as a standard feature with all of their plans. As a result, you’re able to host calls with multiple people to collaborate easily.  

8×8 Versus Grasshopper Key Features Comparison Chart

  • Grasshopper has an app that enables you to check everything from your voicemails, call logs, and VoIP faxes.
  • We liked how all of this can be accessed via a mobile device. The app is also very intuitive, while being simple to use.
  • You can also alter the outbound number that lets you make calls from any device that will show up as your company’s number.
  • To make things even easier, you’re able to make calls by using the app directly as a result of the digital dialer program.
  • Similarly to Grasshopper, 8×8 have an app that you can download and use on various mobile devices.
  • This app allows you to make regular calls and video calls due to the business call function.
  • We liked how you can access your business line from anywhere in the world by using the app.
  • Their mobile app allows your employees to use live chat and access voicemail to make sure that everyone is able to easily keep in contact with each other.
Ease of Use
  • Due to Grasshoppers services being virtual, there is no physical hardware that needs to be installed.
  • Therefore, having their services set up in your business is a seamless process.
  • Their program works with your mobile phones which can all have an automated-attendant feature.
  • This makes it easy to direct your customers to the correct department.
  • 8×8 system is incredibly intuitive and easy to implement.
  • You can have numbers that are pre-existing loaded onto their system without any hassle.
  • 8×8 provide you with the opportunity to use their phones. Alternatively, you can choose to have their system uploaded to the mobiles and phone lines that you currently have.
  • Their system lets you alter user profiles with ease. You can also create personalized greetings easily too.
Integrations Unfortunately, Grasshopper doesn’t have as many integrations to offer as many other VoIP service providers do.

Their mobile app can be used on both Android and iOS devices. However, their integrations aren’t as useful as many businesses may have been hoping for.

8×8 have a lot of integrations available. With over 30 integrations to offer, this VoIP service provider enables you to have more choices in comparison to Grasshopper.

Their main integrations include the following:

  • NetSuite
  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • SmartOffice
  • eAgent
  • Outlook

Furthermore, you’re able to import your pre-existing contacts from Skype, Office 365, Gmail, and Outlook, onto the 8×8 system.

This lets you have everything you need in one place that’s easy to access.

Calling Plans & Pricing

Grasshopper offer 4 different calling plans and they include the following:

Grasshopper Pay As You Go:

This is their basic plan and it comes at a price of $12 per month. There is a charge of $0.6 per minute as there are no minutes available with this plan.

Grasshopper Ramp:

This plan costs $24 per month and comes with the same features as the Pay As You Go Plan. However, it includes 500 minutes.

Grasshopper Grow:

This plan adds on to the features that come with the previous 2 plans by providing you with 2,000 minutes per month.

In addition to this, there is a number port available for free, as well as 2 local or toll free numbers.

These features are available as $49 per month.


Grasshopper Max:

Grasshopper Max is their premium option and it comes with all the features mentioned in the other 3 plans.

It also comes with a voice studio that lets you record greetings in a professional manner. You can use this feature an unlimited amount of times.

Furthermore, you get 3 local and toll free numbers as well as 10,000 minutes each month.

All of this is available for a monthly cost of $199 per month.

8×8 have 3 different plans on offer and they include:

X2 – $25 per month for each user

  • Voice main to auto-attendant
  • Unlimited calls with up to 14 countries
  • 1 GB of media storage
  • Unlimited fax available
  • A mobile app

X5  – $35 per month for each user

  • 5 GB of media storage
  • Unlimited calls with up to 32 different countries
  • Call recording available

X8  – $55 per month for each user

  • 10 GB of media storage available
  • Analytics to keep an eye on the quality of your business’s calls
  • Unlimited calls with up to 47 different countries

Customer Support

The level of customer support is something that you should pay close attention to with VoIP service providers. This is because they are providing you with a service that is cloud-based and replaces any older traditional systems that you may have had.

Therefore, you want to have the peace of mind in knowing that the company will be there to support you if you have any questions or if anything goes wrong.

We looked at the kind of customer service that 8×8 and Grasshopper have to offer and outlined the level of support that they provide businesses with.


Grasshopper has gained a pretty good reputation for being a reliable provider of VoIP services. Many businesses that are considering using them are glad to find that they have support available 24/7.


They have a toll free system, as well as knowledge center and FAQ section that’s available on their website. This provides you with plenty of information that you can use to troubleshoot any issues.

In addition to this, they have a ticketing system that lets you make a request for the problems that are more complex.


8×8 have more to offer when it comes to the amount of support that they provide, compared to Grasshopper. Similarly to Grasshopper, they have a knowledge center that’s available online that you can use to find common problems and fix them on your own.

A forum is available that lets you search for a specific problem and get a number of results from people who have been dealing with the same thing. This can be a great place for you to solve problems with the help of the community.

If you’re unable to find something you’re searching for, you can post your own issue and see if people are able to help you out.

However, where 8×8’s customer support really shines is with its phone and live chat. The people on the other side of the line know all the ins and outs of their VoIP service to ensure that they’re able to help you to the best of their abilities.

We also liked how their live chat service is available 24/7. This means that you’re able to get in direct contact with someone at any time of the day or night.

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Verdict of 8×8 vs Grasshopper

So, that brings us to the end of our comparisons between 8×8 and Grasshopper. You now have a better understanding of the different kinds of features that they have to offer, as well as the prices and plans and the level of customer support that you can expect to receive.

Overall, 8×8 has a lot more integration options available. The integration aspect offered by Grasshopper is pretty lackluster in comparison. Therefore, businesses that need to have a wider range of integrations available would be better off with 8×8.

The customer support offered by 8×8 is also more extensive. While Grasshopper does have a great knowledge center, a ticketing system, and FAQ section, 8×8 has a customer support line and a live chat feature that’s available 24/7.

The basic package that Grasshopper has available is more affordable compared to 8×8, although, you are charged for the minutes as they’re not included. However, the premium plan offered by 8×8 has more to offer and comes at a more affordable price.

Hopefully, we’ve provided you with all the information that you need to make the best decision possible between these two VoIP providers. 

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