8×8 and Mitel are both excellent VoIP services that are used by many businesses to improve the way they communicate with customers. These VoIP services also help employees be more productive when it comes to collaborating with each other.

To get a better understanding about what 8×8 and Mitel have to offer, check out our comparison post below. You can discover more about the customer support options, main features, and pricing plans that these VoIP services can provide you with.

Our Comparison of Mitel vs 8×8

Mitel Overview

Mitel enables businesses to improve their communications through a VoIP system. This system makes it easier for you to host meetings so that employees can collaborate with each other from different locations. Employees can also stay in contact with customers to provide your business with more reliable customer service.

8×8 Overview

The range of VoIP features available from 8×8 can make your communications more effective. Employees can remain in contact with each other and customers from no matter where they are. This can improve your customer service and help team members work together more productively from wherever they’re located.

Mitel Main Features

  • Messenger
  • CRM integration
  • Call recording
  • Call list management
  • Contact history
  • Call scripts available
  • Communication management

There are four apps that are compatible with Mitel and they include AuguTech, WebRezPro, InGenius, and Tigerpaw. Some businesses may find that these integrations aren’t useful if they don’t regularly use the apps. However, companies that already use these apps would be able to integrate Mitel into their communications more easily.

In addition to this, Mitel can be used with iPhones and iPads, as well as devices that have internet access. Therefore, users who have Android mobiles may not be able to use Mitel’s VoIP features as easily. However, employees who have Apple devices can use Mitel’s VoIP features to be more productive with other employees and stay in better contact with customers.


8×8 Main Features 

  • Auto attendant
  • Call forwarding
  • Extension dialing
  • Caller waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Caller ID
  • Conferences
  • Messenger

There are more integrations available with 8 by 8 compared to Mitel as they have 16 compatible apps. Some of the most common compatible apps include Microsoft Outlook, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Salesforce Sales Cloud, and NetSuite. Companies that use these apps regularly may find that using 8×8 is much easier for employees to get used to using in the beginning.

8×8 is also compatible with devices that have internet access, along with Apple and Android devices. Since Android and Apple devices are the most common devices that people use, it’s likely that your employees will have an easy time using eight by eight’s with their devices to stay in contact with team members and customers from different locations.

Calling Plans & Pricing 


To receive Mitel’s pricing plans, you can get in contact with them directly and they’ll provide you with a quote for their VoIP services. You can let them know the number of users that you want to have on the system, as well as the kinds of VoIP features that you want to use and they’ll give you a customized quote.


You can choose between three pricing plans:

  • Virtual Office X2 – $25 per user per month
  • Virtual Office X5 – $35 per user per month
  • Virtual Office X8 – $55 per user per month

Customer Support


Mitel’s customer support options include a phone line and online chat system. As a result, you’re able to easily get directly in contact with them to receive help from an expert. This is ideal for businesses that have made the move from traditional phone lines to a new VoIP system as they may not feel as confident about using the features to begin with.


Video tutorials, a knowledge, phone number, and online chat system are available with 8×8. We liked how there’s a knowledge center and video tutorials as customers can use these resources to remind themselves of how to use certain VoIP features. These resources are also handy for making the training process of quicker.


You can use the online chat system and phone number to directly speak with a representative of 8×8. These customer support options are best for times when you need more urgent assistance.

What Languages Do 8×8 and Mitel Support? 

8×8 supports English, Japanese, and French. Mitel supports a total of 22 languages that include English, Chinese, French, Hungarian, Turkish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, and more.

What Size Businesses Use 8×8 and Mitel?

Both of these providers are used by small and medium businesses, as well as large organizations.

Does 8×8 or Mitel Offer Free Trials?

8×8 offers a free trial period, however, Mitel currently does not

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Verdict of 8×8 vs Mitel 

If you wanted to use a VoIP service that has a wider range of integrations, 8×8 would be a better option as they have more common compatible apps. Overall, both companies offer great VoIP services that small, medium, and large businesses have been using to improve their communications.

Hopefully, the details found throughout our comparison post have helped to make you feel more assured about the VoIP features that 8×8 and Mitel have to offer. You can now have an easier time comparing the two services and picking the one that’s best for your business.

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