Law firms have been running their businesses in a very similar way for years. However, the introduction of new technology has started to change the way that law firms carry out their business. 

The needs of clients are changing and there’s more technology available that can be helpful. Implementing new technology is something that law firms are having to do in order to keep up with the competition and offer their clients the best service.

Below, you can learn more about how technology can boost collaboration in your law firm and improve how the company is run on a daily basis.

Benefits of Technology to Lawyers & Their Firms

Ways Technology Increases Collaboration In Law Firms

Sharing Documents

Running a law firm involves lots of documents that range from legal briefs, letters, forms, and more. Being able to easily access and make changes to these documents is imperative to ensuring that your firm can manage its clients successfully. 

There are apps that you can implement that let your employees create, share, and edit briefs in a place that’s easy to access. This is excellent for making collaboration between your employees super easy. 

Being able to have all of your important documents ready to access at any moment can make the process of depositions quicker to avoid court dates being pushed back. Having all of the documents readily available for your employees ensures that they can remain productive.


Practicing Law & Managing the Firm

Typically, there are two sides to law firms. There are the employees who take care of the legal work, and the employees who focus on management tasks. Usually, these different teams of people aren’t able to collaborate as well as they could. 

Installing programs on the cloud that let you clearly see all of the tasks for each employee can make it a lot easier for firms to see the areas where they can help each other out by working together. 

This can be a great way to make sure that all of your employees are clear on what the goals for the firm are and how they can all be working towards it. 

Being able to see which employees are doing different tasks and checking them off also lets you stay on top of your invoices and billing easier.

Client Collaboration

Implementing communications technology into your law firm can help you to keep in contact with your clients easier, no matter when they need you or where they are.

Improving collaboration with your clients boosts their satisfaction and likelihood to recommend you to people who could use your services.



BYOD stands for Bring-Your-Own-Device. This enables employees to bring their own devices into work, which could include phones, tablets, or laptops. When it comes to using their mobile phones, employees are able to keep in contact with each other, as well as with their clients, no matter where they are.

Teams of people can send instant messages through business VoIP services to get quick replies and keep the firm running efficiently.

Team Meetings

Using programs such as Skype, allows the people in your firm to collaborate with each other effortlessly. It allows hundreds of people to be involved in video or voice calls which is plenty. 

This can help you to save on time with trying to get everyone in the office at the same time. Instead, employees can be involved in meetings from anywhere they are.

Other Benefits of Technology In Law Firms

A big benefit of including technology in your law firm is that it can save you a whole lot of time. Implementing technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence) can take care of the more automated tasks that certain programs can handle.

Therefore, you’re able to free up your employees time to focus on collaborating with their team members and giving more attention to the clients. 

Using technology to save your documents and make them easily accessible to your employees. It also enables you to keep all of the important legal documents more secure. 

Having centralized communications with services, such as VoIP, can help you to reduce your costs. There are no maintenance costs to incur. Instead, you’re able to pay for these kinds of technologies on a monthly basis and improve the productivity of your firm.


Now that you know more about some of the top ways technology can improve the way you collaborate, you can start thinking about how to implement technologies. They help your employees keep in contact with clients, no matter where they are. 

Your employees can also keep in contact with each other to collaborate on different documents. You’re able to save time and money, while increasing the productivity and customer satisfaction of your law firm.

Hopefully, the details found throughout this post have been useful in helping you to decide to make the switch to including more up to date technology in your firm. 

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