Are you having a tough time trying to decide between Vonage Business and Jive’s VoIP services? Well, we’ve put together a detailed post that compares the main features, pricing plans, and customer support that these VoIP companies have to offer. 

Being able to use a high-grade VoIP system is critical towards helping your business thrive in today’s competition. By the end of this post, you’ll have a better idea about which VoIP service you think would benefit your business the most.

Our Comparison of Jive vs Vonage Business

Vonage Business Overview 

Vonage Business has a great selection of more than 40 VoIP calling features that can be used with desktops and a range of devices. This makes it easier for businesses to implement the new VoIP software into their business. 

Their communications solutions work via cloud-based systems which is what lets your employees stay in touch with each other and customers seamlessly. Furthermore, you can have the features scaled to properly match the size of your business which is beneficial for growing companies. 

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Jive Overview

Jive offers businesses cloud-based communications solutions that include a variety of useful features to make the communication aspect of your company run smoother. You’re able to have an easy time when it comes to making changes to your VoIP features and plans as a result of the centralized systems.


This is excellent for preventing you from incurring additional charges every time you want to make changes to your system. The interface is also simple to use and enables you to add or remove users, control administrators, and implement ring groups. 

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Vonage Business Main Features 

  • Call routing
  • Call recording 
  • Call monitoring
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Conferencing
  • Monitoring
  • Tagging
  • voicemail

You can use Vonage Business’ VoIP features with desktops, iPhones, and Android devices. Therefore, your employees are provided with plenty of flexibility to use the VoIP software on a range of devices to stay in contact with each other and customers. 

They also offer a total of 11 integrations with some of the main ones including Salesforce Sales Cloud, Bullhorn, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Outlook, QuickBooks, Tenfold, and more. These are popular apps that many businesses use daily which can make the integration process of Vonage into your company a lot smoother.  

Jive Main Features 

  • Call center management
  • Call routing
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Active Directory integration
  • Fax management system 
  • Voice recognition 
  • Contact management 
  • Can schedule events easily 
  • Multiple locations available
  • Queue manager 

You can use Jive’s VoIP software on iPhones, Android devices, and desktops. As a result, your employees are provided with several options that they can use to easily keep in contact with customers and each other. 

Jive has 7 integrations that include Salesforce Sales Cloud, G Suite, Zoho Desk, Microsoft Azure, Zoho CRM, ITBoost, and Legwork. 


So, they offer fewer integrations compared to Vonage Business but some companies may find that the apps available are of more use. Other companies may prefer the wider range of apps that are included with Vonage Business. 

Vonage Business Plans & Price

Vonage Business provides companies with 3 different pricing plans that include Mobile, Premier, and Essentials. 

Mobile – $19.99 per month per user

Premier – $29.99 per month per user

Essentials – $39.99 per month per user

Jive Plans & Price

Jive’s pricing system works differently to Vonage Business as there are 5 tiers available. The more users you have means that the monthly price per person is reduced which can prevent costs skyrocketing. Jive’s pricing plans include:

Tier 1: Costs $29.95 per device with 1-4 users

Tier 2: Costs $25.95 per device with 5-9 users

Tier 3: Costs $23.95 per device with 10-24 users

Tier 4: Costs $21.95 per device with 25-49 users

Tier 5: Costs $19.95 per device with 50-100 users

Customer Support

The level of customer support that’s available with a VoIP company is an element that you’ll want to carefully consider. This is especially the case for businesses that are making the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP software. 

You want to be able to have a customer support team that you can turn to for help if there are any problems or you’re struggling to get to grips with the different features. Let’s take a quick look at what customer support Vonage Business and Jive have to offer. 

Vonage Business 

We were impressed with the amount of support that Vonage Business can offer. You can contact them through a phone number, email, tickets, or use the live online support feature. 

Therefore, you have numerous options that you can turn to when you’re having trouble with something or want to have a question answered. 


Jive also provides you with a range of support options that include a ticketing system, phone number, and email address. Vonage Business takes the win when it comes to customer support due to how they offer live support, which is something that Jive doesn’t offer. 

Is There Any Training Available With Jive Communications Or Vonage Business?

You may be glad to hear that both Jive and Vonage Business have training available. This can give businesses peace of mind in knowing that they can receive a more hands-on approach from the VoIP companies to ensure that your employees feel more confident with using the new software. 

Do Jive Or Vonage Business Offer A Free Trial?

Vonage Business does not currently offer a free trial period. However, Jive does have a free trial period available which can help businesses feel more comfortable about whether or not the VoIP system is right for them or not. 

What Different Languages Do Jive & Vonage Business Support?

Vonage Business only supports the English language whereas Jive supports English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. 

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Both Vonage Business and Jive have VoIP services that can be great for small, medium, and larger companies. They have numerous integrations and compatibility with different devices as well as fantastic customer support teams. 

However, the pricing plans available with Jive are more flexible and can make it easier for growing businesses to add more users while saving money at the same time. 

Hopefully, you can use the details found throughout this comparison guide to help you make the best decision on whether Vonage Business or Jive is the right VoIP service for your company. 

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