Are you interested in using Line2 or Mitel as your next VoIP service? If so, you may want to check out our comparison post. You can find details about the pricing plans, features, and customer support options that both of these VoIP companies have to offer.

Once you find a VoIP service that integrates well with the infrastructure of your business, your employees can utilize the features to their full abilities to improve communications. As a result, companies can boost productivity by encouraging better collaboration between teams, while also providing your customers with an improved experience. 

After reading through this post, you’ll be left with a better idea about whether Mitel or Line2 is the best VoIP service for your business

Our Comparison of Mitel vs Line2

Line2 Overview

Line2’s VoIP service helps businesses improve communications between employees due to how all of the features are available on a unified system. This makes it super easy for employees to contact each other and work on projects that include multiple people. The VoIP features from Line2 also enable them to manage customers professionally and give them a great experience when contacting your company.

Mitel Overview

Mitel includes a great range of VoIP features that vary from basic to advanced. As a result, your employees have plenty of features to use for different reasons to improve communications between team members, as well as with your customers. Their system is unified and users have been liking how the system can be scaled easily which is ideal for businesses that are looking to expand.

Line2 Main Features

  • Voicemail
  • Conferences
  • Messenger
  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Caller ID
  • Fax management 
  • Call routing 

Line2’s integrations are a downside for companies that were hoping for several options to choose from as Blissfully is the main application that Line2 integrates with. Companies that don’t require a lot of integrations may find that this isn’t a big deal. However, if you were looking for a VoIP service with integration options, you’ll be disappointed by Line2’s choices. 


However, their VoIP software can be used on desktops, as well as Android and Apple devices. This is great for ensuring that your employees can have an easy time staying in touch with each other, regardless of what device they’re using and whether or not they’re in the office. It’s also great for allowing them to provide customers with a more reliable experience as communications and customer information can all be accessed on the same system across their devices.

Mitel Main Features 

  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • CRM integration
  • Messenger
  • IVR & voice recognition
  • Contact history 
  • Queue manager 
  • Real-time data 
  • Communication management 

Mitel’s integrations include InGenius, AuguTech, Tigerpaw, and WebRezPro. So, there aren’t tons of integrations available, however, there are more options compared to Line2. Businesses that use these applications may find that their employees feel more confident with utilizing the new VoIP features with programs that they know how to use. As a result, the integration process can be quicker and smoother. 

In addition to this, Apple mobile devices and desktops are compatible with Mitel. This is great for allowing Apple users and employees who are using desktops to communicate with each other and customers. However, Android users may have a more difficult time using Mitel’s software on their devices.

Calling Plans & Pricing


Line2 offers three plans that are available for the following prices:

  • Standard – $9.95 per user per month when billed monthly or $8.30 per user per month when billed annually. 
  • Pro – $14.95 per user per month when billed monthly or $12.45 per user per month when billed annually. 
  • Elite – $19.95 per user per month when billed monthly or $16.63 per user per month when billed annually. 



You can contact Mitel to receive quotes for using their VoIP services. They’ll need to know some details about the number of users and kinds of VoIP features that you would like to be included with your plan before providing you with a price.

Customer Support 


You can use Line2’s phone line or online live chat to speak directly with someone from the company. These are reliable forms of support that can help you receive direct help from an expert. This is something that many businesses appreciate as they can feel assured knowing that Line2 is there to provide assistance during any major problems or to answer any questions that you may have. 


Mitel also offers a phone line and an online live chat feature. As a result, you can speak with a representative from the company to have questions answered or to receive help. Businesses that are looking to make the switch from traditional phone systems to VoIP software may feel more at ease knowing that they can speak directly with an expert to receive help.

How Can You Pay For Line2 & Mitel?

Line2 and Mitel can be paid for through a subscription service.

Are There Any Free Trials Available?

Both Line2 and Mitel don’t currently offer a free trial period.

What Types of Companies Use Mitel & Line2?

Line2 is predominantly used by small businesses and Mitel’s clients include companies of all sizes.

Verdict of Line2 vs Mitel

After reading through our comparison post of Line2 vs Mitel, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision about which one of the two is best for your company. Line2’s features are best suited for small businesses. However, if you were looking to expand, the scalability and integrations available from Mitel may be a better option to consider. 

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