Grasshopper and ShoreTel both offer excellent VoIP services that different kinds of businesses can use to improve their communications. Using a high quality VoIP service can have an substantial impact on productivity between employees, while also helping employees communicate better with customers.

To learn more about the main features, pricing plans, and customer support options that ShoreTel and Grasshopper have to offer, check out our post below.

Our Comparison of Shoretel vs Grasshopper Phone

ShoreTel Overview

ShoreTel provides businesses with a VoIP service that works through a cloud based system. This business phone system enables you to keep all of your communications unified in one place which makes it easier to manage incoming and outbound communications. As a result, employees are able to conveniently partake in meetings and collaborate easily with each other, while also having better communication with customers.

Grasshopper Overview

Grasshopper is a business VoIP service provider that improves the way that companies handle communications with customers and other employees. This can help employees to be more productive when it comes to communicating with each other, while also being able to stay in better contact with customers. Their unified system also means that businesses can handle communications more easily.

ShoreTel Main Features

  • Call scripts available
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • Call center management
  • Active directory integration
  • Call reporting
  • Call routing
  • Call recording
  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Voice recognition
  • CRM integration
  • Real time data
  • Messenger

You can use ShoreTel with devices that can connect to the internet and Apple devices. Therefore, Android users may find that ShoreTel’s VoIP features aren’t as easy to use. However, employees who have Apple devices will be able to easily use ShoreTel’s VoIP software to communicate better with team members and customers, no matter where they’re located.

ShoreTel offers a range of integrations as well with some of the main ones including AuguTech, WebRezPro, InGenius, Logicbox, Tigerpaw, JobDiva, and SpitFire. If these are familiar apps that you regularly use, you’d find that it’s easier to integrate ShoreTel as employees know how to use these programs already.


Grasshopper Main Features 

  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail transcripts
  • Call blocking
  • Call control
  • Call recording
  • Call reporting
  • Call hold
  • Messenger
  • Phone extensions
  • Business phone number available
  • Customized greetings

Android and Apple devices, and devices with internet access, are compatible with Grasshopper. Therefore, you can be sure that most of your employees will be able to easily use Grasshopper’s VoIP system to stay in contact with other employees and customers to remain productive, regardless of where they’re situated.

In addition to this, there are integrations available with Grasshopper that include Zapier, Kunversion+. IrisVR, Bitium, Firepoint, and LiveChat. Businesses that already use these programs notice that it’s easier to integrate Grasshopper as there’s a level of familiarity that can make it easier for employees to learn to use the new VoIP system.

Calling Plans & Pricing


You can choose between three pricing plans when using Grasshopper and they’re available for the following prices:

  • Solo – $24 per user per month
  • Partner – $49 per user per month
  • Small Business – $89 per user per month


ShoreTel’s pricing options can be found out by contacting them directly. This is because they provide companies with quotes which may be a more ideal option for some. You can contact ShoreTel and let them know the number of users you want to have using their system, as well as the types of VoIP features that you want to include and they can provide you with a customized quote.

Customer Support


Grasshopper has several options to choose from when it comes to contacting them for assistance. They have a ticketing system, an online live chat feature, an email address, and a phone line. Therefore, you can feel assured in being able to contact Grasshopper directly to receive help from an expert with any issues that you may be experiencing.


ShoreTel offers a phone number, online chat system, knowledge center, and video tutorials which means that businesses have a lot of support to rely on. When it comes to more urgent issues, the phone number and online chat system are the best options as they allow you to speak directly with a representative from ShoreTel to get expert help.


We liked how they include video tutorials and a knowledge center as it can make the integration process quicker due to how employees can train themselves or search up queries that they may have.

Does Grasshopper or ShoreTel Provide a Free Trial Period?

Grasshopper allows businesses to try their VoIP features for free for a period of time before paying for their services. Currently, ShoreTel doesn’t offer a free trial period.

What Size Companies Use Grasshopper & ShoreTel?

Grasshopper is used by freelancers, as well as small and medium sized businesses. ShoreTel is more common among medium businesses and large organizations.

What Languages Are Supported by Grasshopper & ShoreTel?

Both Grasshopper and ShoreTel only support English.

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Verdict of Grasshopper vs Shoretel

If you have a freelance business, or a small or medium company, Grasshopper’s VoIP features and pricing plans may be the better choice. Medium companies and large organizations tend to use ShoreTel over Grasshopper because of the customized quotes and VoIP features that are on offer. Be sure to consider all of the features, pricing plans, and customer support options that both of these VoIP services offer so that you can pick the one that’s best for your business.

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