Are you looking for a reliable and high-quality VoIP service provider for your business? If so, you may have already been considering Grasshopper and Jive. They are both great companies, which can make it more difficult to choose between them when you’re looking on the surface.

However, we have delved deeper in to the features that these VoIP providers have to offer. You can take a look through our comparisons guide below to see how they stack up against one another.

Grasshopper is mainly for smaller businesses that want to make their business more professional while keeping their costs down. Jive, on the other hand, has made their services for larger businesses with more employees.

To get a better idea of the similarities and differences between the two companies, have a read below. You’ll have a better idea of the one that would be best suited for your business by the end.

Jive Communications or Grasshopper: Which is Better?

Jive Overview

Jive offers excellent VoIP services to businesses of varying sizes. They have made their system incredibly easy to have installed in your business as there is no physical hardware that needs to be installed.

While you don’t have to have any physical installations, you are given the option to use their handsets at a price that’s discounted.


If you have a business that employs more than 100 people, you will need to contact Jive in order to receive a quote as the prices may vary.

With more than 80 different features to make use of, businesses have been benefiting from their services for years.

  • They have a portal that can be accessed online that allows you to make any changes to the system at any time, regardless of the device that you’re using.
  • There is unlimited voicemail to boxes, calls over a long distance, and auto attendants available to help your business run smoother.
  • You’re able to have calls that are coming in rerouted to multiple devices. This makes it easier for you to never miss a call, whether you’re at your desktop on on the go and using your mobile.
  • You’re able to host conference calls that can included up to 10 participant. This is an awesome way to ensure that the various teams in your business are able to easily collaborate with each other.
  • In order to boost your customer service, there’s on-hold music available. Furthermore, you can record customized messages and greetings for customers when they ring your business.

Grasshopper Overview

Grasshopper also offers a fantastic VoIP service that can replace your standard phone lines. This VoIP service provider tends to cater towards smaller businesses. Therefore, their prices are available at a more affordable price.

As a result, smaller businesses are able to give themselves an advantage by operating and dealing with their customers in a similar way that enterprises too. This can give your business a senses of professionalism.

  • A voicemail-to-email feature is available that lets you transfer your messages into MP3 files that can be turned into a transcript. This makes it easier for you to read voicemails in emails.
  • The account management system can be accessed online which lets you alter any settings that you need to, at any time.
  • With call forwarding available, you have the ability to receive calls from one phone number. You can have this number put out across various devices so that they all receive important business calls to ensure you never miss them.
  • Their conference calling feature can be a fantastic tool that lets you host calls with people. This makes collaborative projects run more smoothly.  

Jive Versus Grasshopper Key Features Comparison Chart

Mobility The Grasshopper app can be downloaded on your mobile device.

This app enables you to keep track of faxes, voicemails, and call logs. All these features are easy to access and the app is intuitive.  

The digital dialer system enables you to make calls easily by using the app and accessing your important contacts.

We also liked how you can change your outbound number to your business line. This allows you to make calls from your mobile device and have it come up on the receiving end as your business number.

Jive enables all employees to make mobile calls using their system at any time.

You can talk on the phone, text, use the chat feature, and even take advantage of the video conference function.

We were impressed how this can be done all from your mobile phone and by using their app – provided that you are connected to the internet.

You can also set up a Find Me function that lets callers be rerouted to a specific location that you have chosen.

So, if you aren’t able to answer the phone at your primary business location, people will automatically be redirected to another number that you choose (likely your mobile number).

Installing the mobile app is free and comes with the following benefits:

  • Split calls
  • Extension dialing
  • Callback on history
  • Hold and unhold
Ease of Use Grasshopper has a system that’s incredibly easy to implement as there is no hardware required.

Since their system works with mobiles, you’re able to keep your customers happy, even when you’re on the move.

Jive is proud to offer a system that can be set up in your business without any hassle.

However, this is mostly the case if you decide to use the handsets that they provided you with.

They have already been configured – all you have to do is connect them to the internet and they’re good to use.

They have a portal that can be accessed online. This makes it incredibly easy to make any changes to your settings at any time.

Integrations As far as the integrations go, Grasshopper don’t have all that much to offer.

Aside from the mobile app that can be downloaded on iOS and Android devices.

Having said that, if you have a smaller businesses, it’s likely that you wouldn’t benefit from having a wider variety of integrations.

Considering how it’s an affordable option, you’ll need to consider if having more integrations would be worth the extra price.

Jive has more integration options on offer compared to Grasshopper. Their main integrations include the following:

  • Salesforce
  • Redtail
  • Zoho
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Apple and Android

In addition to this, they’re also looking to have integrations available for Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, and DealerSocket.

Calling Plans & Pricing

Grasshopper offer a total of 4 calling plans that are available at varying prices.

Each plan includes the same features as the previous ones, but with additional features.

Grasshopper Pay As You Go:

  • As their most basic plan, it comes at $12 per month.
  • You’re charged $0.6 per minute as no minutes are included.

Grasshopper Ramp:

  • This plan costs $24 each month.
  • It has 500 minutes included.

Grasshopper Grow:

  • This plan costs $49 per month.
  • You’re provided with 2,000 minutes each month.
  • You get toll free and 2 local numbers.
  • A number port is available too.  

Grasshopper Max:

  • This is their most premium package and it costs $199 per month.
  • You get to use a voice studio to record personalized messages for customers – it can be used an unlimited number of time.
  • There are 10,000 minutes available per month.
  • Toll free and 3 local numbers are included with this plan.
The prices of the plans that Jive has to offer will vary depending on the number of employees that you have.

This is because their plans are paid per month for each user. If you have more users, you’re able to pay less per employee.

There are 5 pricing plans available and they include the following:

  • $29.95 per month for each user (1-4 users)
  • $25.95 per month for each user (5-9 users)
  • $23.95 per month for each user (10-24 users)
  • $21.95 per month for each user (25-49 users)
  • $19.95 per month for each user (50-99 users)

If you have more than 100 employees, you’ll have to ring Jive and discuss the prices that they can offer you.

For all of the prices mentioned above, you receive the same features. However, you can only use their Go-To-Meeting online feature when you sign a 13 month contract.


You don’t have to sign a contract with them, but you may be eligible for improved prices if you do.

Customer Support

Now that you have a better idea of the main features, plans, and pricing options that Grasshopper and Jive have to offer, you can start to get a feeling of the one that may be best for your business.

However, customer support is the last topic that we’re going to cover. The level of customer support that you’re able to receive from a VoIP service provider is one of the most important considerations.

This is especially the case if you’re using them to replace your traditional phone lines. You want to have a customer support team that knows how to help you if any issues arise to ensure that their services can be used advantageously, rather than causing you more problems.

We have taken a look at the customer service offered by both Grasshopper and Jive. Take a quick look below to learn more about the kind of support that you can expect to receive from these companies.


Businesses that have used Grasshopper have been glad to find that their customer support team is reliable. They have some kind of support available 24/7.

There’s a knowledge center, FAQ section, and toll free system that can all be accessed online. This provides you with the opportunity to look up any issues you’re having to troubleshoot them yourself.

Their ticketing system is better if you are looking for a more specific or complex problem.


Jive has a fantastic team of staff that are incredible knowledgeable when it comes to their VoIP services. Their team is in the US and they are very reliable because they have a phone line that operates 24/7.

In addition to this, there’s a live chat feature available online, as well as the option to email them your issues. This means that you can always be sure to get in direct contact with an employee who can help you, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Similarly to Grasshopper, Jive also have a knowledge center online that includes tons of articles and information that could be useful.

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Verdict of Grasshopper vs Jive

That concludes our review of the comparisons between Grasshopper and Jive. Hopefully, you have gained a better idea of the kinds of features that they have to offer, as well as their plans, and customer support  

They are both excellent VoIP providers that are simply best for different businesses.

If you have a smaller business and want to minimize your costs, while also making your company more professional, Grasshopper may be the better choice. They don’t have anywhere near as any integrations as Jive, but a small business may not even benefit from them.

We recommend that larger businesses consider using Jive, instead of small ones. This is because they have a whole host of integrations that would be beneficial. Not to mention, they offer awesome discounted prices with the more employees that you have.

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