The main difference between Vonage Business and 8×8 have been written about in this post. Our intention here is to help ease the transition when you are choosing a new business phone service provider!

8×8 and Vonage Business both have some great VoIP services with a range of different plans that are suited for medium and small businesses. They have some excellent software integration and benefits for mobiles that can help businesses keep things running smoothly all year round. However, whether you should choose Vonage or 8×8 is a matter of your businesses needs.

In this comparison, we are going to breakdown the main features and services that Vonage Business and 8×8 have to offer to ensure that you’re able to pick the one that suits your business the best. You’re going to learn more about how both of their services compare against one another to make a well-informed decision and be on your way to more efficient communications.

Vonage Business or 8×8: Which is Better?

Vonage Business Overview

Vonage Business offers a range of VoIP services that are available at competitive prices, while still being advanced. You’re able to have their services up and running quite quickly and they also have a number of add-on options available. These add-ons may be something that you want to keep a note of for future reference as you’re able to add them on to whatever plan you are currently on. Some of the main features available with the standard package include call waiting, forwarding, apps for your desktops and mobiles, a virtual receptionist, and the list goes on.

When a phone is ordered from Vonage, they’re able to offer you plenty of support to ensure you get the right help. They also have a premium plan available which they charge extra for per month. These additional features available with the premium plan tend to involve features that are suited for businesses that are planning to grow. This is because they’re able to take advantage of things like call recording/monitoring, call groups, virtual mailboxes, and more.

  • Phone system can be easily accessed via your computer by using the desktop app that keeps it all connected
  • The status of devices is being consistently monitored to ensure everything is always able to run smoothly
  • Their mobile apps can be used for both iOS and Android devices
  • Allows access to Amazon Chime that lets 100 users in on audio & video conference calls
  • Many data centers available all over the country to ensure your lines can remain up consistently

8×8 Virtual Office Overview

8×8 offer a service that lets you get up and running with no time wasted. They provide you with the option of hardware phones, which you can choose to accept or decline. Their mobile and desktop apps are highly functional and enable you to easily gain access to great features depending on the plan that you go with.


If you have a larger business that has particularly high traffic on the phones, 8×8’s VoIP services could be just what you need, while also being affordable. 8×8 allows you to tailor a plan that benefits your business specifically. So, you’re able to be flexible and choose the features that help, and leave out the ones that don’t – which is what makes it an affordable option.

  • Branch office feature is handy for businesses that have multiple locations
  • 99.9% up time which is pretty impressive for cloud phone service providers
  • App can be used with both Android and iOS which makes it more accessible to all employees in your business to be involved in calls and messages
  • Microsoft Outlook and other programs can be easily integrated with 8×8 to let you be in contact with the relevant people in your business without any hassle

8×8 vs Vonage Key Features Comparison Chart

Vonage Business8×8
Reliability 99.99% uptime

13 data centers available across the country

99.9% uptime

15 data centers across the world

Integration Android, iOS, Linux, and Amazon Chime.


Android, iOS, & Microsoft Outlook, Google calendar
Calling Features Video conferencing, virtual receptionist, call monitoring/recording, and virtual team connectionsCall forwarding, call waiting, caller ID blocks, voicemail, conference calls, and ring groups


Ease of Use Vonage has been designed for small businesses as allows the software to run smoothly on the internet connection that you currently have. Therefore, there’s no hassle involved with having to get new internet.

We also like how there is no additional requirements needed to have the system up and running and it can all be managed easily by using the online portal that’s available.

Small businesses are able to have complete access to their phone system, even if they are on the computer. This is a result of the desktop app that lets you simply put your headset in to begin making and receiving calls.

There is no physical installation needed with 8×8 as their system is installed with their cloud-based service.

All you need to do is ensure that the bandwidth and routers are able to handle the number of calls that your business is going to be expecting to make and receive.

Once it’s all set up, it’s pretty easy to use as all you need to do is plug the phones in and you’re ready to start making and taking calls.

Collaborative FeaturesVonage includes text messages, chats, logs, and conferences that can manage up to 100 participants. 

8×8 provides businesses with the chance to have meetings online with a feature that lets you know if employees are present or busy.

There’s also instant messaging available, which can be used across a range of different devices.

8×8 vs Vonage Business: Calling Plans & Pricing

Vonage 8×8


  • $17.99 per month for each user (21-99 employees)
  • Unlimited calls and texts
  • Able to access both mobile and desktop apps


  • $24 per month for each user (21-99 employees)
  • Comes with all the features of the mobile plan
  • Video and audio conferences available for 100 participants
  • CRM integrations


  • $34.99 per month for each user (21-99 employees)
  • Comes with all the features of the mobile plan and premium plan
  • Call groups, visual voicemail, and call recording available

No contracts are required and you’re provided with the freedom to pay for the services each month. You are also able to cancel at any time without any additional costs since there are no contracts.


  • $28 per month for each user
  • Unlimited calling zone across 14 countries
  • 1 GB of media storage


  • $38 per month for each user
  • Unlimited calling zone across 32 countries
  • 5 GB of media storage
  • Operator switchboard


  • $60 per month for each user
  • Unlimited calling zone across 47countries
  • 10 GB of media storage
  • Operator switchboard
  • IRV, web and queued web call back


  • $115 per month for each user
  • Unlimited calling zone across 47countries
  • 10 GB of media storage
  • Operator switchboard
  • 4,000 minutes of contact center calling available
  • Analytics on customer experience
  • Surveys after calls

A contract is required to be sign for a minimum of 12 months and you’re only able to pay for the services monthly.

Vonage vs 8×8: Customer Support

After learning a little more about the main feature of both services, as well as the different plans and prices they have to offer, you may be wondering about their customer support. This is a vital factor to consider before choosing a VoIP service provider because you want to be sure that your business is going to be able to have the help they need if anything was to go wrong or if you had any questions.

Take a quick look below to see what the customer support is like for both 8×8 and Vonage Business.


If you’re looking to have support everyday, all year round, you’ll be glad to hear that 8×8 offer customer support 24/7, 365 days a year. We were also impressed with how they include an hour of training from a person who is a specialist in installations. This is offered for free too!

We found that 8×8 have remarkably fast response times after being called. Once you’re on the phone with one of their representatives, you will find that they are incredibly helpful and are able to answer all of your questions in details to have you feeling at ease.

Having said that, not all of the representative for 8×8 are based in the US. Therefore, this can lead to some potential inconveniences if you were wanting to ask questions and get help at an odd hour.



Vonage Business also have a fantastic customer service team. They offer support 365 days a year, 24/7. Their team is all based in the US which means you can be sure to always rely on them to pick up and help you out, no matter what time of the day or night it is. This ensures that your business is always able to receive the level of support that you were promised with from the start.

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Verdict of Vonage Business vs 8×8

When it comes to picking the best possible VoIP service for your business, there are many factors that you’re going to want to take into consideration. Those factors have been outlined throughout this post to provide you with a clear understanding of what each service provider has to offer you.

Vonage has some fantastic free integrations that are best for smaller businesses that wouldn’t make use out of any more integrations since they aren’t big enough. As a small business using Vonage, you’re able to have complete access to your phone systems, even when you’re using the computer. The installation process is a breeze and you don’t even have to change your internet connection. There is also audio and video conference features available that allow for up to 100 participants. This is plenty for a small business

Vonage may be best if you’re looking to achieve more reliable uptimes and have data centers that are available in the US for guaranteed technical support. They may also be best for smaller businesses that don’t need too many additional features while still being able to have video/audio conferences, at a price that’s more affordable.

As far as 8×8 is concerned, you may find them to be the better suited option if you have a slightly larger business that has multiple locations. This would help you to make good use out of their branch office feature. Their integrations include Microsoft Outlook, Android, and iOS which makes the system easy to implement into your business.

Both providers offer excellent services that can be easily implemented into smaller and medium sized businesses. Be sure to carefully consider all of the information that has been laid out in this post. Both Vonage and 8×8 have gained amazing reputations for themselves as being among the best in the business when it comes to VoIP services.

Take a look through all of the their main features, as well as the price comparisons and plans that they offer. Maybe the simpler Vonage plans suit your smaller business better. On the other hand, you may find that the plans available with 8×8 are worth the extra price, particularly if you have a slightly larger business.

Vonage and 8×8 offer some high-standard plans and services that have quite a lot of flexibility. You can use the information in this 8×8 vs Vonage post to help you decide on the one that you think would benefit your business the most.

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