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In today’s business environment, the ability to communicate seamlessly with customers and team members is essential to the success of such business. A reliable communication system within a business is necessary to coordinate work and sustain collaborative efforts. It is also important for a business that seek to deliver the best quality service to keep an excellent communication channel with its customers. Nextiva offers the ideal solution.

Cloud-based VoIP (voice-over-internet protocol) is the answer for most businesses and there are several companies providing the service. The company boasts of a powerful unified business communication suite that will let businesses communicate and collaborate without ever needing to integrate.

What’s more, according to the company, there are currently over 150,000 businesses using its services, making it a big industry player. In fact, from the Nextiva reviews, a lot of customers can testify to the excellent services offered by the company.

Nextiva PricingWhat is Nextiva?

Nextiva is a VoIP company that is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Founded in 2006, the company boast as a serious player in the industry today. Over the years, the company has grown remarkably.

In 2014, its growth rate was estimated to be 1548% by Deloitte. Also, it produces a system software called NextOS that offers true unified communications. As a result, the company has been named a notable vendor by Gartner in its UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) Magic Quadrant. This was also included in their Midmarket Contextualization Report as well as Nextiva Inc reviews.

Furthermore, Nextiva caters for different kinds of businesses, irrespective of the size. Using their services, a small business can get as much value as a larger firm. While there are a wide range of services and features offered by the company, it is actually specialized in three main broad areas. These include business VoIP, call centers, and PBX SIP trunks.


In addition, there are some really important digital management tools offered by the company to fine-tune the coordination of phone systems. Their services can be accessed via desktop or mobile platforms. This makes it smooth and straightforward for employees of a business to communicate and collaborate, even on the go. The flexibility of the Nextiva platform also makes it easier for administrators to update service and monitor worker’s productivity.

Why Consider Nextiva Phones Service?

Similar to it’s counterpart Ringcentral, Nextiva offers VoIP phone service that can suit every organization. The quality of the service offered by the company is top-notch and there are several reasons you should consider using them among the top business providers such as 8×8 or Ringcentral

The Ultimate Unified Business Communication Suite

One of the biggest advantages offered by Nextiva is the true unification experience. This is exceedingly important in a business organization with different departments that need to collaborate to get things done. Business communication can get quite complicated since different members of the management team and the employees may prefer different communication channels. Between phone calls, emails and messaging, there is need to unify the different communication channels. This is where Nextiva excels. Thus, it is a powerful unified communication suite that suits different types of businesses. Your business will benefit immensely when everyone can communicate and collaborate on one platform without ever needing to integrate.

It Offers True Mobility and Flexibility

Flexibility is another desirable quality of a communication system. The company’s team know exactly what businesses need. Hence, the platform offers several features that make the process of communication easier, more fun, and very efficient. Nextiva VoIP service has all the features you need to communicate seamlessly with your team no matter where you are. It is like literally taking your office with you anywhere you go. Thus, this will help you to serve your customers better thanks to its unmatched mobility and flexibility.

Every member of your team can benefit immensely from the industry-leading communication services. From the frontline agent to the CEO, everyone will have all the tools needed to make day-to-day business operations a lot easier. The NextOS offers Voice, Chat, Surveys, Analytics, and Service CRM software in a single platform. The company is also flexible when it comes to scaling communications. It allows for addition and removal of lines on demand. Hence, to make things even easier for businesses with multiple location, Nextiva provides call forwarding, extension dialing, and call routine.

Affordable Services

Furthermore, Nextiva offers affordable VoIP services. While big enterprises can benefit from the services offered by Nextiva, the company actually caters for the needs of those small and medium enterprises that find it difficult to cope with the horrendously expensive packages offered by global telecom companies. Its services are not just more affordable, they are top quality and more convenient. With proper use of the Nextiva services, the profitability of any serious organization can be improved. One of the goals is to offer level playing ground for businesses irrespective of their sizes.


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Key Features

In a comparison with other business providers, Nextiva is clearly a VoIP company that understands its market and offers solid services. The world-class unified communication platform can help any business to improve in remarkable ways. There are key features that make Nextiva an outstanding VoIP company including the following:

  • Advanced Call Management
  • Cloud PBX
  • Free Local and Toll-Free Numbers Voicemail to Email
  • Free Number Porting
  • HD Music on Hold
  • Unlimited Calling
  • Unlimited Virtual Faxing
  • Voicemail to Text.

There are equally some core features that let you manage your Nextiva VoIP phone services better. These are the key features that will help you improve business communication and your overall business processes:

Call Center Dashboard

Furthermore, Nextiva has a fine call center dashboard. This feature is basically meant to help you manage the communication needs of your business and make things easier. The dashboard is easy to use and makes it possible for you to manage different elements of business communications. Everything you need; from customers profiles to provided services, are accessible through the dashboard. This feature can meaningfully simplify your business processes in a manner that will make you fall in love with it in a moment. Also, it is an easy-to-use feature.

Customer Analytics

This is one feature that clearly show that Nextiva is really interested in improving your business and not just offering communication solutions. Customer analytics is an amazing feature that lets you gain an insight into your customers’ behavior and how they relate with your business. With Nextiva customer analytics feature, you will not only get basic information about your customers.

In addition, Nextiva tracks every stage of a customer’s involvement with your business. From getting quotes to mentioning in social networking sites, your team can easily follow the journey of customers and understand how they feel about your business and the quality of your services. By using the customer analytics feature offered by Nextiva, you will not only be able to understand your customers better but will also build thriving relationship with them. Establishing and nurturing a healthy relationship with your clients and customers will help you to grow your business and expand.

Nextiva Mobile App

As mentioned earlier, Nextiva offers true mobility. The mobile app is one lovely feature that makes it an ideal mobile solution to business communication. Restricting your business phone and communication system to behind-the-desk is not an option and Nextiva have you covered in that regard. Nextiva let you communicate with your entire team from anywhere using the mobile app. With this feature, every member of your team can access the business line from smartphones and other appropriate mobile devices. Also, this will enable your teams to hold group chats and conferences. By letting team members in your organization stay more in touch than before, the Nextiva mobile app can improve the overall productivity of your business.

Nextiva Cost

Service Plans and Nextiva Pricing

One thing that sets Nextiva apart from other providers is their pricing. Nextiva pricing is quite affordable. Nextiva offers a wide range of service plans that will make business communication smooth and very efficient all in the same platform. It also offers affordable pricing that your business can take full advantage of.

From the Nextiva phone system reviews, there are basically three types of office plans: Office Pro, Office Pro Plus, and Office Enterprise. Pricing for these Nextiva business plans differs from one service to another. As you can tell, the Office Pro is the basic plan while the Office Enterprise is the most advanced plan. To give you a better understanding of the plans and how they apply to the pricing of the services offered by the company, we will consider the different services and their pricing as listed on their official website.

Nextiva Voice

This offers a VoIP phone system that suits you no matter how you work. It doesn’t matter where your team is located, it is a phone service for every organization:

  • Nextiva office cloud phone system boasts of enterprise class hosted VoIP infrastructure and starts at $19.95/month.
  • Hosted contact center that can improve your customer experience starts at $50.00/month
  • SIP Trunking that will let you keep your PBX system and decrease service costs starts at $14.95/month

Nextiva CRM

This offers multi-channel support that will let you manage all your customers in one place:

  • Service CRM Basic ensures seamless channel interaction. The cost is $10/month, billed annually
  • The Service CRM Pro is the most popular. The cost is $20/month, billed annually
  • Service CRM Enterprise offers advanced analytics. The cost is $35/month, billed annually

Nextiva Chat

This will let you connect with your customers in real time. Thus, boosting your overall efficiency.

  • Chat Basic offers scheduling, proactive chat and automatic case creation. It is priced at $10/month, billed annually
  • Chat Pro offers shortcuts and chat transfer. It is priced $20/month, billed annually
  • Chat Enterprise additionally offers queues and chat customization. It is priced $35, billed annually

Nextiva Surveys

This will let you create surveys easily and collect all the answers you need to understand your audience better. With this, you can make more-informed business decisions.

  • Surveys basic offers 10 questions/survey, 50 responses/survey, and 100 surveys/month. The cost is $10/month, billed annually
  • Surveys Pro offers 50 questions/100 responses/200 surveys with Skip Logic. The cost is $30/month, billed annually.
  • Surveys Enterprise additionally offers unlimited question/responses/surveys as well as Redirect Upon Submit. The cost is $55/month, billed annually.

Nextiva App

The Nextiva App is an additional feature businesses enjoy once they join the Nextiva platform. It is an essential resource that will help them manage their unified communication solution better. Basically, the Nextiva App is a program that combines voice, video, and instant messaging into a single application on your device. A truly versatile program, the App helps business owners and every user in their organization to access all these basic Nextiva VoIP services at the same time from your desk phone, computer, or mobile devices. It is a feature-rich softphone application with chat functionality, on-net video calling, presence sharing technology and so much more. The fact that it is compatible with Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices makes it a truly resourceful App.

As a key feature of the Nextiva VoIP service, the Nextiva App improves businesses in a number of ways. It facilitates a new level of flexibility and productivity by bringing the essential communication features under a single platform that can be accessed from different compatible devices. It offers the users some level of freedom to communicate more effectively. All that is required to enjoy all the privileges offered by the App is an Office Pro Plus or Office Enterprise license. Once any of these licenses is assigned to a user, he/she will access to all the incredible features. Next step is Nextiva download and the user can login to the platform.

Furthermore, the Nextiva App works across different devices. It is compatible with Windows for PCs; it is compatible with MacOS for Mac devices; it is compatible with iOS for Apple mobile devices; and it is compatible with Android for different smartphones and tablets running on the Android platform. The Mobile App, specifically, enhances mobility and can be considered separately as a key feature of the Nextiva service.

Nextiva CRM

With Nextiva hosted VoIP, businesses will be able to manage their customer interaction better. Nextiva CRM is the perfect service for this. The multi-channel support Customer Relationships Management system will help businesses gain insight to ways to turn customers into fans. This way, they are able to keep their existing customers and attract new ones too.

To transform your business relationship with your customers, Nextiva CRM employs some really wonderful features. It comes complete with a set of productivity tools that will ensures that those in charge of customer relationship have customers’ history with the company at their fingertips. Relevant Wiki articles display automatically and Macros automate work on repetitive requests.

The Case management feature offers automated smart routing and prioritization, smart topics to apply rules by issue and Rules Engine let you automate workflow. The CRM also has Multi-Channel Support as another impressive feature. Emails, voice, chat, social and SMS are all in the same platform and you can use the same screen for all of these. This ensures seamless interaction and happy customers.

What’s more, Nextiva CRM is quite flexible. It offers simple platform for small businesses, enterprise database for complete flexibility, and you also have Form Builder to collect just the data you need. Interested in using Artificial Intelligence, keyword analysis tool is already available. Nextiva is also working to include Customer Sentiment Identification and Proactive Next Issue Resolution as features too. Nextiva CRM is also easy to set up with zero integration needed. It is also a user-friendly and intuitive system.

Nextiva Wi-Fi Calling Options

As part of the VoIP system, Nextiva is changing the face of calling. For businesses using the service, Wi-Fi calling is now a possibility for the users. Generally, strong internet connections is needed for calls. Since Wi-Fi connections are mostly stronger than mobile 4G mobile network, it is a good option for Nextiva calling. Wi-Fi calling with Nextiva doesn’t involve the use of data. Once users have access to Wi-Fi, they can make voice and video calls over Wi-Fi. The Nextiva App makes Wi-Fi calling available to smartphone users on the Android platform as well as for iPhone users. With the app, licensed users enjoy Wi-Fi calling options without using data. This helps businesses and their employees save some more money.

Nextiva International Calling Options

If you are a business with international customer base, one of the challenges you will have to deal with is connecting with your international customers through the phone. Nextiva international calling options offers your business a way out of this challenge. You also have options when it comes to managing how international calls are made on your account. What’s more, the administrators can fully control how international calls will be made. By logging into the NextOS with their admin credentials, administrators can manage how international calls are made from the account. This can be customized for an entire call center location and also for specific users.

Enable or Disable International Calling

To enable international calling for an entire group:

  • Access NextOS through nextiva.com
  • Log in with your admin credentials
  • From the dashboard, hover over Advance Routing and select Call Center Locations
  • Go to the call center you wish to enable and select the Log In button to the right
  • At the Configuration Portal in a new tab or window, select Calling Plan on the left-hand menu, and then Outgoing Calling Plan under management.
  • Hover to the Originating tab and select the check box under International
  • Select OK or Apply to save changes. International calls is enabled for the entire group.

To enable/disable international calling for a specific user:

  • Access NextOS through nextiva.com
  • Log in with your admin credentials
  • From the dashboard, hover over Advance Routing and select Call Center Locations
  • Go to the call center you wish to enable and select the Log In button to the right
  • Select Users and search for the particular user you wish to edit
  • Choose edit to the right of the user
  • Select Calling Plan on the left-hand menu, then select Outgoing Calling Plan under Outgoing Plan
  • Choose the Custom Setting checkbox at the top
  • Select the International check box to enable international calling for the user or uncheck it to disable international calling for such user.

As you can see, it is quite easy to customize your international calling option. You can limit the number of users that can make international calls depending on the size of your international clients/customers and other important factors. You can get Nextiva’s full list of international calling rates at the Official Nextiva site.

How Is Nextiva Customer Service Rated?

Nextiva takes customer service very seriously and this adds to the growing list of the reasons to use their services. The company calls it amazing service and you will certainly find it amazing in so many ways. For a start, Nextiva uses a 100% in-house team for customer support so you are sure of talking to the right people that will help resolve any issue if there is need for that. The support staff is a group of well-trained individuals that are solution-oriented and always ready to help. From the on-the-phone customer support team to the live chat representatives, you will find helpful individuals that will make your experiences awesome. They can be used through the support page, email, call, and live chat.

Although, the only issue about Nextiva Customer service is that it is not available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From Monday to Friday, they are available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., which is 13 hours a day. On Saturday, they are available from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., which is barely 4 hours. Honestly, it would be nice if customer service were available 24/7 but having nearly 70 hours of top-quality customer service per week is far better than having 24 hours of poor customer service. Many businesses using the company find the customer service incredibly helpful, giving it a very favorable rating.

How to Contact Nextiva Support

The Amazing support team that is highly rated by Nextiva users is always ready to help during the call hours. They can be reached at 800-285-7995.

As has been stated earlier, the lines are open from 5:00am – 6:00pm AZ time on weekdays, as well as from 6:00am – 6:00pm AZ time on weekends.

You can also contact Nextiva support by submitting a ticket to a Service Team member.

Alternatively, you can email Nextiva support at support@nextiva.com

Nextiva Setup Process

The setup process is another area you can find the Nextiva as a friendly service provider. This all-in-one communication system automatically add every device you purchase from the company to the NextOS. It also allows you to add other devices that are not purchased from the company to the single communication platform. From Nextiva windows setup to Nextiva phones and app setup for smartphones, the processes are simple and intuitive.

Another good thing about the setup process is that their customer support is right by your side all the time. When you encounter any problem, you can easily contact customer service through any available option that suits you and let them guide you through. Making other custom settings is also not a big deal and will not pose any serious problem to the administrator. Difficulties and issues can also be resolved by contacting the amazing service team.

Nextiva Fax: How to Send & Receive Faxes with this Service

Faxing online is a good way to take your business into the future. It is efficient and Nextiva helps you make it easier. The company offers a range of different online faxing solutions through their intuitive and user-friendly vFax service. They have an easy-to-use online fax portals to improve your experience. You can also fax with Nextiva through emails or your fax machine; it is all about how best you like it. The support team can also help you when you want to learn more about the vFax service.

Nextiva Dashboard Login (How to Access and Log into Your Account)

As an active user of the Nextiva service, accessing your account is never an issue. All you need is your login credentials. When you are ready to access your account:

  • Visit nextiv.com and click the login link or go to https://authenticate.nextiva.com/AccountValidation/login.action
  • Once there, you will see the boxes to enter your Username and Password, enter them
  • Click log in and you will be taken directly to your account/dashboard.

Your username and password are very essential but if you forgot them, you can click on the links below the log in dialog box designated for it. You may have to reset your password.

The process of accessing the supervisor dashboard is a little different. This is only reserved for the system administrators.

To login to the NextOS as an administrator:

  • Visit nextiva.com and click Login found at the top of the page or go to https://authenticate.nextiva.com/AccountValidation/login.action
  • Enter your login credentials and click login
  • From the main dashboard, select the drop-down menu next to Launch Web Application and select Supervisor Dashboard in the upper right-hand corner

Once the dashboard opens, you will be presented with three columns: Console, Contacts, and Queued Calls. This is where you can manage your account and other users.

What We Like About This Service

Certainly, there are so many things to like about Nextiva and some are so outstanding that we need to be pointed out.

Unlimited Minutes – There are very few vendors that offer unlimited minutes but Nextiva does that. With the Nextiva Connect Unlimited, you will get all the features of a virtualpbx, as well as unlimited minutes at very affordable monthly price.

No Need for Contract – Also, we like the fact that the company does not attempt to tie you down to any contract. If you do not want any contract, you can pay month to month and cancel at any time you want to opt out: it is as easy as that.

Dedicated Porting Department – In addition, the company dedicates a separate department to porting existing number. This is how far the company can go to make things easier for you. It is a lot more convenient to port your existing local and toll-free numbers from your current service providers to Nextiva.

Flexible and Friendly Plans and Pricing – Furthermore, the company is serious about being the ideal VoIP phone service provider for all kinds of business. Their pricing structure reflects this. It is flexible and friendly. Businesses of different classes/sizes can find the suitable price at an affordable rate to improve their business processes.

Customer Service – We have discussed the customer support service and how wonderful it is but failure to mention it again will be an injustice. The support is simply amazing and ready in a moments notice.

What We Don’t Like About This Service

Nextiva complaints are rare but it is still important that we point out some of the things people generally didn’t like about the service:

Only One Incoming Line – There are some businesses that prefer to have an 800 number and a local number; this is not possible with Nextiva as it is among the several service providers that provide only one incoming line.

No Vanity Numbers – It is a little surprising that Nextiva doesn’t offer vanity number at the moment. They will consider it in the future. However, it looks like an obvious shortcoming now.

Internet Fax as Separate Service – Nextiva offers internet faxing as a separate service. You will need to order their vFax service if you want to enjoy internet faxing.

Nextiva FAQs

Q: Do businesses need to enter into a contract before using Nextiva?

A: No, Nextiva does not lock businesses to any contract. They can pay month to month and cancel whenever they want.

Q: Can I get a free trial before making commitment?

A: Nextiva does not offer free trial like some other service providers.

Q: How do I access my Nextiva account?

A: This is very simple: go to their website and click on login, then enter your credentials and you are in. You can also perform the Nextiva download on their website.

Q: Are there any hidden fees when using Nextiva phone services?

A: Nextiva is one reliable VoIP phone service you can enjoy without any fear of hidden charges. You will pay for only the services you use.

Q: Can I fax with Nextiva?

A: The normal VoIP service you purchase from Nextiva does not let you fax. You can fax online with Nextiva, but you will have to buy their vFax service separately.

Final Thoughts on Nextiva Inc.

Reading the Nextiva Inc reviews offered by businesses that are already using the services of this company, you can tell that it is clear the company is doing a great job and any Nextiva problems are not really pronounced. Although, there are some individuals that have had their grievances about the services of the company, it’s virtually impossible to have a client base where 100% of the customers are happy. Another good thing, the support teams are reliable. They usually solve any Nextiva complaints promptly and efficiently.

Nextiva is a top-class VoIP provider for several reasons. It is a reliable platform that can help any business save money, improve its communication system and become more profitable. There are no contracts required or hidden fees. You can jump right in and enjoy the amazing services.

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