Are you having a hard time choosing between 8×8 and Ooma Office? They are both excellent VoIP providers that have gained a fantastic reputation for themselves over the years.

When it comes to choosing a VoIP service provider, it’s imperative that you select one that fits your business down to a tee. That’s why we have researched the various features, prices, packages, and customer service that these 2 companies have to offer.

You can have a read through this post to easily distinguish the differences between these VoIP services to help you pick the one that’s the best solution for your business.

Ooma Office or 8×8: Which is Better?

8×8 Overview

8×8 offers VoIP services to businesses that comes with a variety of features that can help you benefit by making the move to cloud-based solutions. Their system allows you to run your business more smoothly.

Their services are excellent for small and medium sized businesses. Businesses have found that the VoIP features on offer are very reliable and cost efficient.

You can benefit from call recording, unlimited domestic and international calls, online fax, and other features that can be incorporated into the way that you do business.

  • You’re able to provide your customers with fantastic service as a result of the on-hold music that’s on offer. In addition to this, you can use the recording studio software to make personalized messages for customers.
  • With 12 data centers available, you can be sure to receive reliable coverage across more than 100 countries.
  • If you’re looking to scale your business, you’ll be glad to hear that you can easily add new users on for an added cost each month. This means that their program is super flexible and easy to use.
  • You can host conference calls that include up to 20 people. This is awesome for businesses that want to bring different teams together to collaborate in an easy way.

Ooma Office Overview

Ooma Office is also a very reliable VoIP service provider. The features that they have on offer tend to cater more towards small businesses.

They have a good selection of features on offer that also come at an affordable price. This provides small businesses with an upper hand when dealing with their customers because they’re able to have the same kind of system that larger enterprises have. As a result, your customers are able to experience  a higher degree of professionalism.

There are no contracts either. So, you don’t have to commit to anything in the long-term – instead, you can pay for the services on a monthly basis.

Ooma’s system can also be implemented into your business swiftly to avoid any delays. Their VoIP services can be used with both analog and IP phones to make the installation process even easier.

  • An auto-attendant feature is available that lets customers ring up and be sent to the correct department for a quicker and smoother experience. This is achieved due to the voice assistant that asks them questions to redirect them to the right place. So, small businesses can save costs on hiring an assistant.
  • They included a feature in the standard plan that allows you to make unlimited calls in the US and Canada.
  • The virtual fax system that’s available enables you to have PDF files uploaded and sent off through the online portal. Furthermore, when a fax gets sent to you, Ooma’s system can automatically alter the file to turn it into a PDF to make it readable on your desktop. You can then easily send the fax to other via email.
  • 3-way calls can be effortlessly setup by using the call management system. A conference room feature is also included that lets your employees have team meetings without any hassle.

8×8 Versus Ooma Key Features Comparison Chart

8×8 Ooma
Mobility8×8 have an app that enables you to make video and normal calls by taking advantage of the business call feature.

This app can be downloaded onto a range of mobile devices to make it easily accessible for your staff.

Your employees can also have access to the business line by using the app, regardless of their location.

A live chat feature is available which is great for ensuring your staff can keep in contact with each other and get messages across fast.

Furthermore, a voicemail function is available that makes collaborating in teams a breeze.

Similarly to 8×8, Ooma Office also have an app available. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android smartphones.

This app allows your employees to have access to important contacts while they are on the move.

Your staff can rely on this app because it works well with LTE, 3G, and 4G networks. This means you can keep in contact with your employees in most locations.

Ease of Use We liked how the system on offer by 8×8 is incredibly easy to install in your business.

To keep things as convenient as possible, you’re able to import any contacts that you already had onto the 8×8 system. 

Some businesses also like how 8×8 offer phones that are specifically compatible with their system.

This can make things a lot easier if you aren’t sure if the current devices you have are compatible.

However, you can also choose to stick with the phones that you already have, provided that they work with 8×8’s services.

People have also been liking how they can easily make changes to user profiles by accessing the portal.

Ooma Office also has a pretty smooth setup process. It can be installed and ready to use in 3 easy steps.

As a result, you can be sure to have the system up and running without taking up too much time.

We also liked how you can have complete control over your entire system. (As long as you have the correct login information).

Integrations8×8 offer an extensive range of integrations – more than 30 to be specific.

As a result, you have a lot of choices that could benefit your business.

Some of the most important integrations include:

  • Salesforce
  • Hubspot
  • NetSuite
  • Outlook
  • eAgent
  • SmartOffice

Any contacts that you have on Outlook, Gmail, Office 365, and Skype can be easily imported over to 8×8’s system.

In comparison to 8×8, Ooma office is lacking when it comes to the integrations that they have to offer.

Apart from their mobile app and ability to work well with Dropbox, there isn’t a lot on offer.

However, not all businesses require the wide range of integrations that 8×8 has to offer.

Ooma also don’t have a lot of integration options available, aside from Dropbox and mobile integrations.

The price is also lower. Therefore, you should consider if paying the higher price for more integrations would be worthwhile.

Standard Features
  • Call forwarding
  • Voice compression
  • Call parking
  • High-quality voice
  • Contact management
  • Voice recognition
  • Voice quality enhancement
  • Call recording
  • Call parking

Calling Plans and Pricing

8×8 Ooma
8×8 offer 3 different plans that come with various features and are available in tiered prices. They include the following:

X2 – $25 per month for each user

  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited fax
  • Unlimited calls to 14 countries
  • 1GB of media storage
  • A voice main to auto-attendant feature

X5  – $35 per month for each user

  • Call recording
  • Unlimited calls to 32 countries
  • 5GB of media storage

X8  – $55 per month for each user

  • Unlimited calls to 47 countries
  • Analytics available to improve business call quality
  • 10GB of media storage
Ooma Office has taken a different approach to their pricing and plans. They have one package on offer at the price of $19.95.

The price of $19.95 is per month and for each user. You have the freedom to add more people onto the system for $19.95 each per month.

This standard price is cheaper than 8×8’s most affordable package. Having said that, Ooma also has a range of other costs when it comes to having your desktops and mobiles setup with their system.

In order to use Ooma’s system on your desktop, it costs $99.99 for the hardware.

There’s no contract needed to start using Ooma Office. You can simply pay month-to-month.

They also have a money back guarantee that you can use if you’re not happy with the services that have been provided.

Customer Support

Now that you know more about the main features, packages, and prices that 8×8 and Ooma Office have to offer, you will be starting to get a better idea about the one that would suit your business.


However, it’s also very important for you to consider a VoIP service provider’s customer support.

Since you’re implementing a new software into your business (that may also be completely different to your traditional phone system) you want to be sure that you have all the support that you need.

Below we have compared these business providers in regards to level of support that they offer.


8×8 has a knowledge base that you can find online. This includes a ton of great information to some of the most common problems. Therefore, you can use this system to fix any issues by yourself.

The online forum can also be handy for more specific problems. It allows you to search for problems to see if other people have had the same issues to get an idea of how they fixed it. You can also post your own problem and get responses from people in the community.

The most common way that businesses like to resolve problems is by getting in direct contact with them. So, you’ll be pleased to discover that 8×8 also offer a live chat feature and phone line.

The people who work for 8×8 are highly knowledgeable and can help you out in no time. If you’re unable to get through to a member of staff by ringing them, or you have a problem after-hours, their online live chat is up and running 24/7.

So, you can always be sure to be in direct contact with someone who can walk you through the various steps to getting your issue solved, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

Ooma Office

Ooma Office also has a phone line that’s up 7 days a week and you can get through to someone during office hours. Their support team is pretty great because the members of staff know all there is to know about the company’s VoIP system.

Similarly to 8×8, Ooma also have a live chat that’s available online. It’s up 24/7 which means that you can always contact someone for help at any time – even if it’s after-hours.

There is also a ton of content available on the Ooma Office website that provides you with plenty of information to be able to troubleshoot common issues on your own.

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Final Verdict of 8×8 Vs Ooma Office

If you’re a primarily small business, Ooma Office may be the way to go. Their plan is available at a more affordable price, and your business is able to benefit from handling themselves like the larger enterprises do.

The lower price does mean that you don’t get anywhere near as many integrations compared to 8×8. However, a small business may not even benefit from these features.

If you have a small or medium company that’s in the process of growing, then you may benefit more from 8×8.

Their prices are higher, but they have more feature to offer that could have a seriously positive impact on how you conduct business on a day-to-day basis.

So, that wraps up our review of what 8×8 and Ooma Office have to offer. Be sure to consider all of their main features, prices, packages, customer support, as well as the kinds of benefits that you want your business to experience.

We recommend that you think hard about what you really want from a VoIP service. Hopefully, all the information you need to make the best decision can be found in this post.

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