If you’re looking to switch business phone services we suggest you consider ShoreTel and Line2 as your company’s new VoIP service provider. You can check out our comparison post below. We’ve included information about the main features, customer support, and pricing plans that both of these VoIP services have to offer. 

This can leave you feeling more assured about which one of these two VoIP providers would be best for your company’s communication needs. Choosing the right VoIP provider can greatly improve the way your employees communicate with each other, as well as with customers.

Our Comparison of Line2 Vs ShoreTel

ShoreTel Overview

Businesses use ShoreTel busines phone service to improve the way that they communicate internally and with customers. ShoreTel’s unified system makes it easy for companies to manage large volumes of incoming and outgoing communications. Customer service departments can provide customers with a better experience and employees can collaborate better on projects by using the available VoIP features.

Line2 Overview 

Line2’s VoIP service is excellent for helping employees communicate better with each other for improved collaborations. These VoIP features are also helpful for allowing customer service team members to give customers a helpful and reliable experience when getting in touch with your company.

ShoreTel Main Features

  • Messenger
  • Voice recognition
  • Call recording
  • Call transfer
  • Call reporting
  • Call monitoring 
  • Active Directory integration
  • Automatic lead distribution
  • CRM integration
  • Call scripts 
  • Call center management

Some of ShoreTel’s integrations include WebRezPro, Logicbox, Tigerpaw, JobDiva, InGenius, and AuguTech. Some companies find that these integrations aren’t as useful since they don’t use these programs. However, if your company does use these types of applications, you may have an easier integration process.

You can use ShoreTel’s software on desktops and Apple devices. This is great for users with those devices as it lets them stay connected through a unified system which can improve collaborations on projects. Having said that, Android users aren’t able to experience the benefits on the same level as Apple users.


Line2 Main Features

  • Voicemail
  • Messenger
  • Call routing
  • Call monitoring
  • Call transfer
  • Call recording
  • Caller ID
  •  Conferences
  • Fax management 

Line2’s integrations are disappointing for many companies as Blissfully is the only compatible application. Businesses that use this app may find that Line2 works well to be implemented in their existing infrastructure. However, ShoreTel has a wider range of integrations that more company’s find to be useful.

You can use Line2 with Android and Apple devices, as well as Windows and Mac desktops. This is a great advantage over ShoreTel due to how Android and Apple users can stay in touch on their mobile devices through Line2’s software. This can help employees to work more productively on projects, regardless of whether they’re located in the office or not.

Calling & Pricing Plans


ShoreTel can provide you with a quote to use their system. You can get in contact with the company and provide them with details about the types of VoIP features and the number of users you would like to have on the system and they’ll get back to you with a tailored quote. 


Line2 offers three plans that are available for the following prices:

  • Standard – $9.95 per user per month (billed monthly) or $8.30 per user per month (billed annually).
  • Pro – $14.95 per user per month (billed monthly) or $12.45 per user per month (billed annually).
  • Elite – $19.95 per user per month (billed monthly) or $16.63 per user per month (billed annually).

Customer Support


We liked how ShoreTel has a great range of customer support options available. You can contact them directly through their phone line and online live chat. These options are helpful for times when you want to speak with an expert from the company to receive support for urgent issues.

Employees can use the video tutorials and knowledge center to teach themselves how to use the new VoIP features. This can be an effective way for them to learn the new features quicker and to become more confident with using the software.


In comparison to ShoreTel, Line2’s customer support options are a little weak. You can contact the company directly through their phone line or online live chat feature. However, they don’t offer any additional resources as ShoreTel does. You’re still able to speak directly with representatives from Line2 to receive help during any major issues that you may experience.

What Type of Companies Use ShoreTel & Line2?

ShoreTel is commonly used by medium businesses and large enterprises. Line2 is also used by medium and large companies, as well as small businesses. 

What Countries Are ShoreTel & Line2 Popular In?

ShoreTel has clients across the US, Canada, and Sweden. Line2 is commonly used in the US, British Virgin Islands, and India.

Are There Any Free Trial Periods Available? 

Both ShoreTel and Line2 don’t currently offer businesses a free trial period.

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Verdict of ShoreTel Vs Line2 

So, that wraps up our post about what ShoreTel and Line2 have to offer businesses. The integrations available with ShoreTel are more useful for many businesses which is a big factor to consider. A VoIP system that integrates well with the existing applications that you have can allow employees to become more assured when using the new VoIP features.

The additional resources available in ShoreTel’s customer service department are also a factor to consider when stacked up against the more basic support options available from Line2. Although, Line2 is compatible with Android devices which could be a big advantage for some businesses.

Hopefully, the information throughout our post has provided you with some valuable insight into what these two VoIP companies have to offer so that you can pick the one that’s best for your company’s communications. 

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