Dialpad and are both excellent VoIP services that nearly all types of businesses can use to improve their communications. To find out whether Dialpad or could be your company’s next VoIP services, check out our post below that compares what the two have to offer.

You’ll be left with a better idea about the pricing plans, features, and customer support options that both of these VoIP services have available so that you can make an informed choice on the one that suits your business best.

Our Comparison of vs Dialpad

Dialpad Overview

Dialpad allows businesses to make their communications easier to manage through their unified system. Being able to have all of your communications available and easy to access in one place, employees can communicate better with each other and your clients. Overview provides businesses with a cloud based VoIP system that enables employees to be more free when it comes to using different devices to access the same system. This cloud based system is centralized so that companies can keep track of all inbound and outbound communications to help employees work more productively together and communicate with customers better.

Dialpad Main Features

  • Three way calls available
  • Video calling
  • Messenger
  • Call monitoring
  • Visual voicemail
  • Company directory
  • Call recording
  • Voice recognition
  • Contact management

You can use Dialpad’s VoIP system with Windows and Mac desktops, as well as other Apple and Android devices. As a result, your employees can use their own devices to download Dialpad’s app and be able to access the same system more conveniently.

There are also some integrations available when using Dialpad with some of the most popular ones including Google GSuite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365. Businesses that use these apps may find that the available integrations are useful for helping employees understand how to use the new VoIP features as it includes apps that they know how to use already.

Advertisements Main Features 

  • Caller ID
  • Call forwarding
  • Call transfers
  • Conferences
  • Call screening
  • Auto receptionist
  • Global & local numbers available
  • Toll free numbers included
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Voicemail

This providers integrations include PieSync, JobDiva, AllProWebTools, and APIANT. Some companies may find these integrations a little more disappointing compared to the ones available with Dialpad because they aren’t as popular.

However, businesses have been liking how Windows, Android, and Apple devices can be used with the company. This allows employees to easy have access to the VoIP system from their devices to stay in touch with other employees and customers.

Calling Plans & Pricing


Dialpad’s VoIP services are available for the following prices:

  • Standard – $20 per user per month when billed annually or $15 per user per month when billed monthly
  • Pro – Billed Annually – $25 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Billed Annually – $35 per user per month

You can use the service for $9.99 per user per month and have access to all of their VoIP features, aside from unlimited extensions. To be able to have unlimited extensions, you’ll need to pay a higher monthly cost per month per user of $19.99.

Customer Support

Dialpad Overview

Dialpad offer their users support in the form of training, live chat, an email address, and a phone number. Therefore, you can always be sure to receive direct help from an expert from Dialpad during times when you may be experiencing bigger issues.

The training is a superb element that employees can make good use out of. This provides them with the chance to learn more about using the new VoIP features which companies find can make the initial integration process smoother.

Advertisements also provides their customers with lots of support that includes an email address, phone number, and live chat. They don’t offer training like Dialpad does which may be a big downside for some companies.

However, businesses are still able to speak directly with a representative from to have their questions answered and to receive help for any pressing issues.

What Companies Use Dialpad and’s VoIP Services?

Eventbrite, Motorola Solutions, and Post Mates are some of the companies that use Dialpad.’s biggest clients include Trello, Zoho, and Aflac.

Do You Need a Credit Card To Use Dialpad &

You can setup monthly recurring billing from a bank account so no neither Dialpad or require you to use a credit card for their services.

Are There Any Free Trials When Using & Dialpad?

Yes, Dialpad and can both be used with a free trial period. This can give businesses a period of time to try out the VoIP system to see if it’s a good match for their needs. If so, they can continue by paying for the services and if not, they can simply cancel the subscription and not be charged.

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Verdict of vs Dialpad

Dialpad is more common among small and medium businesses, whereas, is used by small companies and freelancers.

Now that you know more about the features, customer support, and pricing plans that and Dialpad have to offer, we hope that you’re able to make the best decision about which one of these VoIP services is best for your business.

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