VoIP systems are becoming a necessity among companies in 2020 and finding the service that best for your organization can boost productivity among your employees. In our comparison post of Dialpad vs RingCentral below, you can learn more about the features that RingCentral and Dialpad have to offer. By the end, you’ll be able to make a better decision about which one of these Business VoIP service providers is best for you.

Our Comparison of Dialpad vs RingCentral

RingCentral Overview offers one of the more popular options when it comes to businesses using VoIP service providers. They’ve managed to help companies improve their communication among employees and customers. They are also keeping up to date with the newest technology by integrating aspects such as Zoom to streamline communication even further.

Their cloud based system allows for messaging, caller ID, video conferences, and much more. They also have a range of pricing plans so that you can select the one that suits your business best.

Dialpad Overview offers a VoIP provider that medium and small sized businesses have been using due to their structured pricing plans. They include number porting which makes it super easy for you to transfer existing numbers to the new VoIP service with minimal hassle. This is a VoIP service provider that are still growing with more businesses using their service as time goes on.

RingCentral Main Features

  • Call forwarding
  • Cloud PBX
  • Voicemail
  • Greetings
  • Online meetings
  • Auto receptionist
  • Local & toll free numbers
  • Music on hold
  • Call monitoring
  • Extensions

Some of the main integrations available with RingCentral include Google Drive, Jira, Box, and more. These are the types of applications that businesses use daily to schedule meetings and keep on track with projects when juggling different teams simultaneously.

In addition to this, RingCentral can be used with Mac, Android, Windows, iPads, and iPhones. Therefore, your employees are provided with a wide variety of devices that they can use to benefit from RingCentral’s VoIP features.


Dialpad Main Features

  • Data integration
  • IVR recognition
  • Voice recognition
  • Call monitoring
  • Group messaging
  • 3 way calls
  • HD video conferences

We liked how Dialpad can be used with Salesforce, Google G-Suite, and Microsoft Office 365. These can be handy integrations that you may already be using regularly. Furthermore, Dialpad supports Mac and Windows devices, as well as Android phones, iPhones, and iPads.

As a result, your employees can have an easy time using Dialpad as there’s a wide range of devices that are compatible with the service.

RingCentral Plans & Pricing

There’s a 4 tier pricing system available that allows you to either pay for the service monthly or annually. The following plans are for 2 to 19 users:

  • Essentials – $24.99/ month for every user or $19.99 when paid for annually.
  • Standard – $34.99/ month for every user or $24.99 when paid for annually.
  • Premium – $44.99/ month for every user or $34.99 when paid for annually.
  • Ultimate – $59.99/ month for every user or $49.99 when paid for annually.

Dialpad Plans & Pricing

Dialpad has 3 main pricing plans that small and medium sized businesses can benefit from by saving money. You have the option to pay for the services monthly or annually.

  • Standard – $15 per month for every user of $20 when paid for annually.
  • Pro – $25 per month for every user of $30 when paid for annually.
  • Enterprise – You can get in contact with a member of the sales team at Dialpad to receive quotes on the Enterprise package.

Customer Support of RingCentral vs Dialpad

Before making a decision on which VoIP provider is right for you, it’s best to consider the type of customer support that’s available. You’ll want to have a VoIP provider that can help you out if their service goes down or you run into technical errors. So, let’s take a quick look at the level of customer support that’s available with RingCentral and Dialpad.


RingCentral has 24/7 support available which is fantastic for allowing you to receive support at any time of the day or night. We also liked how RingCentral has a range of ways that you can get in contact with them that include the following:

  • Live chat – The live chat feature lets you talk for a bot so that they can provide you with the right kind of support that you’re after.
  • Phone Support – You can speak directly with a member of RingCentral’s customer support team to get help or have questions answered.
  • Knowledge Center – the knowledge center includes tutorials and information about the RingCentral VoIP service that you can use to find solutions to any problems you’re experiencing.
  • Community Support – There’s a community available with other RingCentral customers that you can turn to and see if there are already resolutions to your problem. You can also use this platform to post questions too.


They only have 24/7 customer service when you’re using their top two tiered pricing plans. The phone support is available 24 hours for five days a week which means you can call them and have a customer support member help you at any time of the day or night between Monday and Friday. Currently, phone support isn’t available on the weekend.

A live chat function is available that you can access by going to the Dialpad website. When you click on the live chat towards the bottom right, you can speak to a customer service agent and tell them what the problem is directly. You can also use the help center that includes a range of guides and resources where you may be able to find answers to your queries.

What Size Businesses Typically Use RingCentral & Dialpad?

Small, medium, and large businesses use RingCentral. Most of Dialpads clients include small to medium sized businesses.

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Conclusion to Choosing Between Dialpad & RingCentral

Overall, RingCentral is more ideal for larger companies due to the wider range of features that they have to offer. Their plans and pricing model is also more ideal for large businesses that are experiencing fast growth and need to be able to rely on a system that can deal with higher call volumes.

For small or medium sized businesses, Dialpad may be the better choice due to how the features are more simplified. It’s also cheaper per user which helps small businesses save money.

Hopefully, you can use the details found throughout this post to feel more confident about which VoIP provider is best for your business when comparing RingCentral vs Dialpad!

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