Grasshopper and Dialpad are both excellent VoIP service providers, which is why it can be difficult for businesses to decide on the one that’s best for their needs. This post takes you through the main features, pricing plans, and level of customer support that Dialpad and Grasshopper have to offer.

By the end, you’ll be feeling more assured about which VoIP service provider would benefit your business the most.

Our Comparison of Dialpad vs Grasshopper Phone

Grasshopper Overview

Grasshopper’s VoIP service allows businesses to communicate with customers and employees more easily. You can integrate the system to your existing communications systems as it can be used with your current phone line. There’s no complex wiring needed which is one of the elements that makes VoIP systems like Grasshopper easy to integrate.

You can use Grasshopper’s VoIP software on your desktops and mobile phones which is great for enabling your employees to conveniently stay in touch at all times. Businesses can also boost their productivity by filtering certain calls and putting priorities on the more important calls. Customers can also be given a better impression of your business as this VoIP system comes with a 1-800 number that’s toll-free.

Dialpad Overview

Dialpad provides businesses with communication solutions that can be used via the internet. This enables companies to ditch traditional phone lines and be able to communicate within the business and with customers in more convenient ways. In comparison to some of the other VoIP service providers, Dialpad is fairly new. However, large organizations, such as Motorola, have been implementing Dialpad’s VoIP services to improve their communications.

There are also many integrations available that enable businesses to have an easy time integrating this services into their company. You’re also able to use Dialpad across desktops and mobiles which allows people to continue using the VoIP service no matter where they are.


Grasshopper Main Features

  • Conference calls
  • Fax support
  • International calls available
  • Softphone
  • Toll-free number
  • Mobile app
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Voicemail to email
  • Call blocking
  • Call forwarding

Grasshopper also offers some handy integrations that many businesses are already use, such as Google Voice, Skype, Bitium, and Zapier. If your business uses these integrations, you’ll have a super easy time integrating Grasshopper to help improve the productivity of your daily tasks.

You can also use Grasshopper’s VoIP system with several devices that include Windows and Mac devices, as well as Android and Apple devices. This is awesome for ensuring that employees can use this VoIP system across their different devices to improve your company’s communications.

Dialpad Main Features

  • Contact management
  • Voice recognition
  • Inbound reports available
  • Data implementation
  • IVR recognition
  • Group messaging
  • Call monitoring
  • HD video calls
  • Call recording
  • Fax

Dialpad includes great integrations that include Google G-Suite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365. These are the types of software that many businesses use daily which can make the integration process of Dialpad smoother. Android, Windows, and Apple devices, are compatible with Dialpad which allows your employees to use the VoIP software on a range of devices to always stay in contact with each other and customers.

Calling Plans & Pricing


Grasshopper offers three pricing plans that allow businesses to choose the one that’s best for their needs. The plans include Solo, Partner, and Small Business.

  • Solo – $24 per month
  • Partner – $49 per month
  • Small business – $89 per month

Each of the plans come with different features with the Solo plan being the more minimalist plan and the Small Business plan offering the most at a higher cost.


If you’re not 100% sure about using Dialpad’s VoIP service, you can sign up with a 14 day free trial. This enables businesses to use the service and see if the features included are right for their company. If you feel like you’re satisfied with the service, you can choose one of their pricing plans after the 14 day free trial period. In the case that it doesn’t suit your company’s needs well, you can simply cancel the service.


There are three pricing plans available with Dialpad that include the following:

  • Standard – $20 per month per user when billed monthly or $15 per month per user when billed annually
  • Pro – $30 per month per user when billed monthly or $25 per month per user when billed annually
  • Enterprise – You must contact Dialpad to find out about prices when it comes to their Enterprise plans. They’ll provide you with a quote once you give them more information as the prices can be different according to how many people in the business are going to be using the VoIP service.

Customer Support


Grasshopper offers support in the form of tickets, live chat, email, and a phone number. As a result, you’re provided with several ways to get in contact with the VoIP service if you need assistance.


Dialpad also offers tickets, live chat, a phone number, and email, as well as training when it comes to their customer support.

This enables customers to contact them easily by using their preferred method. The training element is an added benefit that can help companies get used to using the Dialpad VoIP features.

What Companies Are Already Using Grasshopper & Dialpad?

Post Mates, Motorola, and Eventbrite are some of the biggest companies that use Dialpad’s VoIP services. When it comes to Grasshopper, Globalme, Collabo, iMobileRescue, and Health Kismet are some of their biggest clients.

What Languages Do Dialpad & Grasshopper Offer? 

Currently, Dialpad and Grasshopper only offer their VoIP services in English.

Can Dialpad & Grasshopper Replace Your Current Service Provider?

Grasshopper replaces your current service provider. It works as a virtual system that lets you make calls, along with all the added VoIP benefits that are available.

Dialpad allows you to keep the current number and service provider. You can have your company’s existing number ported to be used with Dialpad’s VoIP software without any hassle.

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Verdict of Grasshopper vs Dialpad 

The pricing plans offered by Dialpad may be more ideal for allowing businesses to implement the different features at different times depending on your rate of growth.

Grasshopper is a popular option that medium businesses and large enterprises have been benefitting from. This is largely due to how a specialized quote can be provided for the Enterprise plan that lets you receive a better price for using the service when you have a lot of employees.

Hopefully, our post has provided you with more insights into what Dialpad and Grasshopper have to offer. You can now have an easier time deciding on the one that you think would be best for your company’s communications requirements.

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