Are you having a tough time trying to decide which VoIP service is best for your business? If so, you may be interested to learn more details surrounding the VoIP features on offer from Google Voice and Line2. Both of these VoIP services are popular and used by different kinds of businesses for various reasons.

After taking a look through this post, you’ll be left with a better idea about the main features, pricing plans, and type of customer support that Google Voice and Line 2 have to offer.

Our Comparison of Google Voice for Business vs Line2

Google Voice Overview 

GSuite Google Voice is an affordable VoIP system that allows businesses to have an easier time managing their phone calls to boost productivity and improve communications with clients. It can be used across a range of devices which makes it simple for you to integrate it into the devices that your employees may already be using. The GV interface is also easy to use and allows you to have your communications centralized.

Line2 Overview

Line2 offers businesses a way to keep their communications unified through the cloud which can make it easier to handle incoming calls from customers, as well as calls and communications between employees. Businesses can use a VoIP system like this to improve their customer response time due to how the software can be set up across various phone lines for different team members. In addition to this, businesses have been able to improve collaboration between team members through the VoIP features on offer from Line2.

Google Business Phone Service Main Features 

  • Conference calls
  • Call blocking
  • Do not disturb notifications
  • Log calls
  • Number porting
  • Calls can be made from email addresses
  • SMS to email
  • Customized greetings
  • Voicemail transcription

Some of the main integrations that Google’s phone service offer include Gmail, Google Meet, Copper, TickTick, Salesboom CRM, Grasshopper, and VictorOps. If your business is already using these apps, you may find the integration process of GV to be less of a hassle.

Furthermore, this phone service is compatible with Apple and Android devices. As a result, your employees can be sure to easily stay in contact with each other, as well as customers, no matter what location they’re in. This can help businesses be more free during the workday as employees can go to various meetings and travel while being able to stay in communication easily.


Line2 Main Features 

  • Call recording
  • Call center management
  • Call monitoring
  • Caller ID
  • Call transfer
  • Conferences
  • Contact management
  • Instant messaging
  • Fax management
  • Call routing
  • Voicemail

The integrations available with Line2 are a little disappointing compared to Google’s as their software is only compatible with Blissfully. However, the VoIP features can be used with Android and Apple devices. These are some of the more common devices that your employees may already be using. Therefore, it can be easier to implement Line2 with mobiles and tablets so that team members can begin communicating with each other through a centralized system in no time.

Calling Plans & Pricing 

Google Voice Business

For the most basic option Google’s phone service is free. The free version is technically for residential phone services but in a pinch a freelancer or solopreneur can use since it would be synced to their mobile phone.

Pricing on using GV’s more advancted VoIP features with G-Suite starts at $10 per user but you’ll need to directly get in contact if you have custom needs.

Their standard plans include the following:

  • Starter: $10 per month per user., 10 lines max
  • Standard: $20 per month per user, unlimited lines
  • Premier: $30 per month per user, unlimited lines, free international calling


Line2 offers three pricing plans that include the following:

  • Standard – $8.30 per month per user when billed annually or $9.95 per month per user when billed monthly
  • Pro – $12.45 per month per user when billed annually or $14.95 per month per user when billed monthly
  • Elite – $16.63 per month per user when billed annually or $19.95 per month per user when billed monthly

Customer Support


GV only offers support with an online forum. This may be a big downside for some as it means that you can’t easily get in direct contact with someone from the company to get specialized help. However, their online forum allows you to search for a wide range of queries that other people may have already experienced and solved.


In addition to this, there are tutorial videos available that are fantastic for helping businesses to train employees on how to use the VoIP system. This can fast track the integration process as employees are able to feel more confident about how to use the new software to communicate with customers and each other.


Line2 offers customers support in the form of a phone number and online support. You can use both of these options to directly get in contact with Line2 to get help with any issues that you’re having. This can provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you’re able to speak to a representative who’s more of an expert on how to deal with any problems you may be having.

What Sized Businesses Are Best Suited for Line2 and GV?

Line2 is mostly used by medium and large businesses and GV is often used by very small businesses and sometimes medium sizes companies.

Does Google Voice or Line2 Offer a Free Trial?

Google’s VoIP service doesn’t currently offer a free trial, whereas, Line2 does. Having the option to use a free trial can provide businesses with a limited period of time to test out the VoIP features on offer to see if it’s the right fit for their communication needs before they go ahead and start paying for the service.

Are G-Suite Google Voice and Line2 Subscription Based Services?

Google’s phone service doesn’t offer their VoIP services as part of a subscription plan. However, users pay for their Line2 VoIP features as part of a subscription service.

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Verdict of Google Voice for Small Business vs Line2

Both of these VoIP services offer great VoIP features that businesses can use to improve their communications and increase productivity among employees. There are more integrations available with Google’s phone service that can make the installation process much easier. However, Line2 provide businesses with more support which could be a big factor to consider if anything goes wrong or you’re feeling unsure on how to use the new software.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read through our post about Google VoIP phone service and Line2, we hope that you’ll be feeling more assured about the one that you think is best for your company’s needs.

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