Some say it is the best VoIP service to tread the technical sphere, others point at PC Magazine reducing its product ratings. Some say it is the easiest gadget to install, others balk at the idea of going through live chat for minor troubleshooting. No matter how you look at it, the MagicJack tech support has had a checkered history of controversies, awards, frustrations, success and headlines … always headlines.

To begin a discussion of MagicJack customer service we must scale our expectations. It is a cardinal truth about most technical gadgetry that good customer service is a necessity. MagicJack, by contrast, has had just a MagicJack live chat since its inception. While the live chat personnel is knowledgeable and courteous, it does face heavy traffic being the singular option for customer support. Understandably, the live chat often buckled under the traffic. A palpable lack of MagicJack toll free number (800 number hotline) did peg back the ability of the company to address all requests in time, and their reviews took a hit. However, even past subscribers who were left a little lukewarm with the absence of a hotline had to admit the quality and benefits the first magicJack dongle and second generation magic Jack Plus offered as a VoIP device far outlived the minor hurdles.


But there is justification for this support model too. As a device, MagicJack has a very clear set of instructions and it is among the easiest devices to install, even for non-technical people. In fact, Frost & Sullivan’s Consumers’ Choice Award in 2013 provides ample evidence of the fact that consumers find the MagicJack set up process among the most comfortable.

There exists plenty of forums, online blogs and wikis to provide MagicJack help as well. Truth be told, the tutorial and troubleshooting videos on CNET are perhaps as good of a professional resource as one could hope for. If someone intends to use VoIP (which means they probably know how to use internet at a basic level), these are often sufficient help. In case of advanced technical queries a couple of options which serve as excellent resources are:

1) Tech support queries and solutions from Technical Musings (

2) Advanced technical tutorial ( for MagicJack support from an independent 3rd party site

3) A rapidly improving web library also exists at – a site which was originally designed to aid subscription renewal and login support, but has been extended to support frequently asked questions (FAQs) and walk you through basic steps to reset device in case it stops working.


Instead of losing patience with the high-traffic support chat-rooms, it is a good option to first check your router/modem configuration, confirm that your internet service provider allows multiple devices and that all the parts are plugged into their respective power sources. Hardware problems are often minor set-up issues which merely need going through the steps carefully one more time.

magicjack customer service

Online support continues to evolve, as they have now incorporated dedicated pages like and which addresses several common issues such as:

  • Voicemail access/ functionality
  • Recognizing MagicJack with computer
  • MagicJack not switching ON (Blue light isn’t ON)
  • Audio quality (noise/ echo/ PC speakers)
  • Forgot Log-in Id/ Password
  • Menu disabled for selecting telephone number
  • Unable to make international calls
  • Video resource for installation of MagicJack Plus device with or without the computer
  • Basic troubleshooting checks

magicJack live chatAll these questions generally cover the aegis of most things which could impede smooth functioning of the device, and provide a good account of MagicJack being sincere towards making their device support more user-friendly. Additional material regarding their 30-Day free trial and order status have also been added earlier this year driving the site towards further self-sufficiency.


But here’s the fun part. For those who truly can’t maneuver their way around internet, there is a little secret trapdoor as well (okay, so not much of a secret any longer). There IS a support phone number where you can reach an actual person. At 561-594-9925, you will still hear the automated recording and the average wait times could range between 10-15 minutes, but it is listed as the next best way to reach MagicJack besides their online chat support, which you can now only access by signing in to your magicJack account. True, this isn’t quite like a toll free number, but within USA this is still a fairly good option for anyone wishing to reach a real MagicJack employee between 10 am and 7 pm every day of the week, except Sundays. Keep in mind though, this is officially registered as a contact number only for billing inquiries, so it isn’t exactly the one-stop MagicJack customer service phone number you might be looking for.

Recent hiring of VP, consumer support indicates a step in the right direction for the wildly popular device. Not only does it provide an upper management vision for the future, it also addresses their erstwhile reputation for slightly sub-par support system by providing a direct feedback route for consumer experience. Company survey metrics for the last quarter have already shown an upturn in customer satisfaction levels. Plans are also on to employ dedicated offshore teams for product support and help, which is obviously aimed at continuing to keep operating costs and subscription fees down. It might be a ways way but as one of the best VoIP products around, stepping up the direct connectivity channels of customer help is already beginning to show.

On the whole, for a device so efficient and budget-friendly, MagicJack and its versions have done a fair job of keeping the need for customer service to a minimum. In a perfect world, they would have a dedicated MagicJack help hotline, but then again this would likely mean a rise in price, something people would certainly be upset about.


West Palm Beach, Fla. & Jerusalem — Jan 21, 2014 — More changes were seen today at magicJack Vocaltec Ltd. (NASDAQ: CALL) as they announced they have appointment Mary Kennon as Vice President of Customer Experience. Kennon is a telecom vet with over three decades of experience in the industry. She has been hired to lead the companies charge in improving both customer loyalty and satisfaction. Mary brings a long resume of experience in the telecom industry along with working directly with Vocaltec for quite some time. Her overall experience combined with here deep knowledge of the inner workings of the company make her a great person to fill this new position at magicJack as they position themselves to step into a near era. CEO Gerald Vento noted:

“We are delighted to appoint Mary as our new vice president of customer experience. Customer care is an important area for magicJack and one where we will be devoting greater resources, enabling us to provide the superior level of customer care that one should expect in a recurring revenue business such as magicJack,” said Gerald Vento, CEO, magicJack. “Mary has worked on the client end of the telecom industry for over 30 years, giving her an exceptional depth of experience at all customer touch points, and her experience with magicJack positions her to take our support organization to the next level.”

magicJack, known for its ultra cheap VoIP phone service has long been criticized for providing inadequate, chat only customer service and a questionable terms of service. With the hiring of Kennon it appears that this is going to change. Whether it will go away from chat only customer service is unknown at this time but one things for certain. The new magicJack Vocaltec management is serious about customer service and building its brand. In a business that thrives on repeat customers, reoccurring revenues, and consumer loyalty one wonders why this hasn’t been their focus from the start. This, among many other changes, reaffirms new managements plans to get away from their As-Seen-On-TV image and instead build the brand through their “Do The Math” campaign and customer satisfaction.

Before being appointment to her new post Kennon was magicJack’s director of operations and compliance since the company was started in 2008. While at that position she was responsible for a wide range of tasks including human resource functions, web content, and collections. Before coming to magicJack Kennon worked at AT&T in the client invoices department, managing a large group of employees. While in the client invoices department her job included the ever important task of lowering costs without lowering the customer experience.

Whether this new hired and emphasis on customer experience actually raises customer loyalty and satisfaction is yet to be seen, but one things for certain. New management at the company is taking a far different approach than was taken by former CEO Dan Borislow. With an already astoundingly large customer based the future at magicJack looks bright and the sky is the limit for this VoIP industry leader.

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