It’s a loaded question, but one that needs to be covered.

magicJack with Cable Internet

First, let’s cover cable connections. Obviously, a cable Internet connection should, I repeat, should allow you to use the magicJack with your computer. Now there are other factors involved, including some pertaining to your individual computer. But overall, your computer and a cable Internet connection should allow you to use the magicJack well.

magicJack with DSL Internet

Next, DSL connections. One of the main reasons most people buy the device is to get rid of their regular phone line and to save money. Now if this is the case for you, you cannot use the magicJack with your connection. This should be a no-brainer and apparent to anyone with half a brain. But, you may not have stopped to think about it. Your DSL connection works via your phone line. So if your plan is to get rid of your phone line, you may inadvertently be throwing away your Internet connection as well.

DSL only connections do in fact exist. So if you have a DSL only connection, magicJack might in fact be a solution for you. If you are in doubt, call your DSL provider and ask the question directly.

magicJack with Dial Up

As for dial-up Internet connections, your plain old out of luck. The magicJack (and all other VoIP lines) requires more bandwidth than what a regular dial-up Internet connection provides. In layman’s terms, it cannot send the information packets fast enough to keep up with a regular conversation. MagicJack will not work with a dial-up Internet connection as we’ve already seen with several of my tests of magicjack in Mexico with dial-up and low bandwidth connections.

Multiple magicJacks?

What about multiple connections, and multiple magicJack’s? The answer is I don’t know. I haven’t personally tried multiple magicJack soliciting DSL or cable Internet connection. So I can’t honestly give you any type of review in this regard. If any of our readers have any experience in this area, please help us out by posting your comments below or better, in our real user reviews section. There we have now have over 50 reviews from real customers who have visited our site and left their opinion. Some negatives but the positive reviews far outweigh the negative ones.


By the way, one of my readers on another post commented that he thinks I work for Skype or one of the other VoIP companies. Understand, I built this blog to post honest reviews for the magicJack and other VoIP solutions. I am an Internet marketer and website developer. I do try to make money with every website I build. And as you can see, this website is no exception. It’s monetized with banner ads and Google Adsense

But I don’t like being called a troll, because I worked so hard to make this site nonpartisan and middle-of-the-road. So may I say it again here just to make it clear.

I am not a magicJack employee nor do I work for their company or any of their subsidiaries. MagicJack is not paying me to maintain this website or for any of my opinions. The same can be said for Skype, Vonage, 8×8, nettalk, basic talk or any other VoIP company.


Now, I feel better. 🙂

It's shit on Dial Up

It’s bad on Dial Up

Update: magicJack With A Dial Up Or Low Bandwidth Connection To Call

Yeah, I pushed the 1st generation device a little too hard today. I gave it another test to see how using magicjack in Mexico went. The test happened here when I was traveling near Mexico City and it was different than any test I’ve run before, in fact one that I almost surely knew was doomed to fail.

Hell, my Toshiba laptop almost ate it at the same time. I really was pushing the envelope today out at Hidalgo….

So what was I up to? Not much, except testing the MJ on dialup, wireless and super low bandwidth connections. All things they tell you not to do. At one point I started getting weird load errors and the majicjack software wouldn’t even load.

But I’m back home now, on the good old Cablevision cable internet connection again, and the MJ is working again like a champ, just like normal.

So the moral of the story is to not do what they tell you not to do in the first place. If you have a dialup internet connection, magicjack (or any VoIP phone for that matter) is not for you. Especially in the mountains of Mexico.

Now that I’ve thoroughly tested the magicJack in Mexico I’m very tempted to take it on my trip soon to Latin American and next year for my parade around South American where I plan to hit Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Peru and Chile. Yes, I’m trying to escaped any cold weather as best I can. Speaking of vacations that is one of the huge advantages of having a magicJack (which you can read more about on our FAQs page about the device). You can take your landline anywhere in the world with you and never miss a call. I suggest if you hit even half the places I go to then you should get the magicJack. Happy travels and enjoy the freedom while not missing anybody who needs to contact you.


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