Before VoIP came along home and business phone lines were quite expensive. Even for just a basic plan people were paying upwards of $50 per month. Fortunately for those that still had a need for a landline, magicJack and other VoIP providers came along and drastically reduced the cost. With rates of $20 per year the magicJack price was RIGHT and their product became a hit quickly. These days, magicJack provides even better service at the same price.

In this article, we are going to cover the specific costs for everything magicJack offers, including both initial costs and the cost to renew magicJack, so you will have a better idea of what you will pay get in case you’re interested in trying magicJack.

Our Guide to magicJack Renewals and Initial Costs


Cost to Renew magicJack in 2021

Updated 2021 magicjack renewal are available in the following 3 plans:

1 year plan: $39

3 year plan: $99 (average of $33.33 per year)

5 year plan: $130 (average of $30 per year)

magicJack Go Price

The GO device is an upgraded version of a previous device, the magicJack Plus 2014. The magicJack Go is priced at $59.95. With it, you get the unit and a year’s worth of service. The new unit also comes with a $10 credit, which you can use to pay for other magicJack services such as service upgrades, international prepaid minutes or number porting.


Take note that magicJack regularly runs a pricing specials on their site reducing the cost to as low as $35 for the unit, 1 year of free calling and full magicApp functionality at no added cost.

Number porting is also available for just $20.

magicJack Express Price

magicJack Express is the latest unit from the magicJack product line. magicJack Express is priced at $39.95. Although the cost of magicJack Express might seem cheaper, it isn’t because it only comes with three months of services as opposed to magicJack Go’s 1 year of free calling.

Just like the magicJack Go, you get a $10 credit which you can use for any of magicJack’s extra services such as number porting ($20) or the purchase of affordable prepaid international minutes.

Similar to the magicJack Go, the cost of the magicJack Express is often discounted with special promotions. We regularly see the price of the magicJack Express unit at only $29.95.

How Much Does magicJack App Cost?

Originally, the magicJack iOS and Android app was named the “TalkFree App” and was 100% free. It has since been rebranded and updated as the “MagicAPP”. The app is still free to download, and anyone with an active magicJack service account can use it for free. Those that don’t have magicJack can still make outgoing calls and send texts for free but they won’t be able to receive incoming communications without a paid account. Paid accounts cost just $1.99 per month or $14.99 per year and give you premium perks like unlimited incoming and outgoing calls calls and texts to U.S., U.S. Virgin Island, Puerto Rico and Canada.

magicJack Plus 2014 Pricing

As the name suggests, the magicJack Plus 2014 was released in the same year. When released the unit cost just $39.95, however but it only included 6 months of free calls. The previous generations of the magicJack all came with one year of free service. International calls for the Plus 2014 can be purchased on a prepaid basis at very competitive per minute rates.

*Note the magicJack Plus 2014 is no longer for sale via the company or normal distribution channels.

magicJack Plus Price

magicJack Plus was first released in 2011 and it sold for $69.95. Like it’s predecessor these fees included 1 year of free local and long distance calling to the United State and Canada along with the ability to make cheap international calls on a prepaid per minute basis.

New with the PLUS device was an option to port your old number, which allowed the user to port almost any previous number to a new device. The number porting feature cost was a one-time fee of just $20.

*Keep in mind that magicJack Plus and magicJack Plus 2014 are now phased out from the official channels. However, if you are lucky you may be able get a cheap unit from unofficial channels, and you can still get the same service just by activating it or if already used, renewing it.

Original magicJack Phone Pricing

When it was still for sale in the USA, the first generation device cost just $39.95 and included 1 full year of free calling to the U.S. and Canada. International calls could be purchased on a per minute basis and varied depending on the location you’re calling. These rates were very affordable and much cheaper than the cost to make international calls with traditional landline providers.

*Note the original magicJack is no longer for sale via the company or normal distribution channels.

Cost To Renew magicJack

Currently, there are two renewal plans offered by magicJack.

The most popular is the one year plan, which is priced at $35. However, if you want to get the best value, then the 5-year plan is the best option for you as it’s priced at just $99.75 ($19.95 per year).

Features Included For The Price

* Unlimited Mobile Calling with the Free MagicApp
* Unlimited Calls to U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Canada and United States.
* Free Jack-To-Jack Calling Worldwide
* Free Conference Calling
* 911 Service
* Free 411, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Voicemail, and Caller ID

Does Low Pricing Translate to Poor Call Quality?

In the early days of magicJack, this might be true. But to be honest, during those times, there wasn’t a single VoIP company that could truly offer perfect call quality due to technological limitations.

In recent years magicJack has spent a significant amount of money investing in new product lines that have drastically improved their call quality and we are happy to report that we consider their call qulaity be excellent, and think it may even surpass other more expensive providers.


One of the reasons why magicJack can still offer such a low price is because it does not employee a full-fledged call center. The customer service may be sub-par, especially when you consider the fact that they only offer chat support. However, for $29.95 a year, can you really complain when most other VoIP providers pricing starts at around $100 per year.

30-day Free Trial Offer

Another great thing about magicJack is that they offer a 30-day free trial. If you don’t like the service, you can simply return the unit and get a full refund. This is great for those of you who are skeptical about the product.

Final Thoughts About Initial magicJack Renewal & Initial Pricing

magicJack is one of the cheapest VoIP service providers out there. You’d be lucky to find another VoIP service that will match up to its price and call quality. Truth be told, all VoIP services are cheaper than traditional landline service. Some companies are just offering it at higher prices because you are paying for their brand name and/or the extra services that 98% of users will never need. However, if you are not interested in any extra bells and whistles (though still a TON of features) and you just want a VoIP service that works, then this service is right for you.

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