Does magicJack Support Use With Blackberry Phones?

What About A Hack?
For months upon months magicJack kept saying they were going to release an official version of their magicApp for Blackberries devices but due to the plummeting demand for these devices it appears they have put their plans on hold, deeming it ‘not worth the investment’, so the simple answer is NO, but of course it never stops with a simple answer.

Too bad for BB users, I guess magicJack doesn’t care about you?

Though they don’t officially support use of the App with BB devices there is a way to make it work on newer Blackberry devices, just as we found a way to send free faxes with the service. Read on for more as it is a bit tricky to get the App up running on your Blackberry but once you do it works perfectly…

For starters, it won’t work on all devices just newer ones that run Blackberry OS 10.3 and later, which is available on the following phone models: Passport, Classic, Leap, P’9983, P’9982, z3, z30, Z10, Q10 and Q5.

It however will not work on Blackberry Bold devices, as some have asked.

The secret hack for using magicJack on your BB is actually very simple (and it even works for the new magicJack Connect App), some may not even call it hack. The trick lies in the fact that the Blackberry OS 10.3 and beyond (only 10.2.1 required for the magicApp) is compatible with nearly all Android Apps. Now that may sound super simple but you can’t just go to the Google Play Store and download the Android App straight to your Blackberry, it is a little trickier than that and this is where the hack comes in.

2-Steps To Add The magicApp, magicJack Connect App Or Other Android Apps

1) From your Blackberry Browser it’s free to download the Android version of any App from an Android Application Packet Files (APKs) repository. (These are Android App files packaged in ZIP format that can be downloaded from various locations on the web).

2) Once downloaded visit the the location where you downloaded the file on your device and install it.


3) You now have magicJack App or magicJack Connect App on your Blackberry device and can make free calls just as if you had an Android or iDevice!

In case you think I’m crazy or don’t believe me, here is a Youtube video showing someone making a call on a BB device with the App.

Disclaimer: Please remember while your BB device does download and install Android Apps it wasn’t created with this functionality in mind and you are doing it at your own risk and the App could (though unlikely) cause functionality/compatibility issues with your phone.


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