It’s no groundbreaking news that the use of smartphones has become more prevalent in recent years. Over 80% of people in the US check their phones before going to bed and nearly 90% of Americans look at their phones first thing in the morning. 

With the use of smartphones being more prevalent than ever, why is it that phone calls being made are on the descent? 

Texting, messaging apps, and social media are largely responsible for removing the necessity to make phone calls. There’s simply not as much need to ring someone when you can get the message across to them instantly, no matter where they are. 

These substitutes for calling are also expected to increase as providers continue to integrated Cpaas.

Social Media & Messaging Apps on the Rise 

It looks like companies are trying to control the effects of how quickly their technology has advanced. Instagram and Facebook have time management features that are supposed to help people cutdown on the number of hours they spend on the apps. 

All the way back since 2015, most people have been more concerned with having access to the internet on their phones rather than having voice call options. 


Smartphones have taken over the functions that were previously only available on computers. So, the need for making phone calls has declined. The ease of social media and instant messaging apps has elevated non-verbal communications.

Video Conferences

Years ago, the only way to participate in video conferences was via computers and laptops. Nowadays, you’re able to easily be part of a video conference by using your smartphone. 

This lessens the need for making voice calls which is another huge reason as to why the statistics for verbal communication over phones has lowered. 

There are conference room systems that you can use on all smartphones. The systems can have access to your phone camera and microphone and takes care of the various people participating in a group call for smooth meetings. 

Many companies have utilized systems that let their employees easily share content directly from their smartphone. It’s a feature that used to be a luxury, but it’s now a necessity for many companies. 

If you were interested in making video conference calls more simple and effective, you may want to consider using one of the many conferencing apps that are available. These apps can be used on all devices, whether they’re Apple, Android, or other.


Why Voice Calls Aren’t As Important Anymore 

Making phone calls is something that’s unlikely to go extinct. Having said that, as a business, it may be a better idea to focus on implementing modern communication systems that don’t revolve around traditional phone calls. 

One of the most notable reasons for this is because you’re able to keep all of your employees up to date with new information in an instant. 

You can send out the same message to everyone to waste less time making individual phone calls. 

If you need to host an emergency meeting, you can save time on employees rushing back to the office. Instead, video conferences can be set up straight away, no matter where everyone is. 

Small businesses looking to make expansion moves could save on travel expenses. Instead of the necessity of meeting with others across the country or in different countries, you can have a face-to-face with them on your smartphone. 

Being able to collaborate like this can be a highly efficient way of running your business. Employees are able to share information with each other and work on projects in real time from any location. 

While it may be more ideal for teams to be at a laptop to share documents and data, they can still achieve the same at times where being at a computer isn’t possible.


Smartphones are much more capable of communications that don’t require voice calls. The technology has advanced so much and so quickly that it has left many companies in the dust. 

Employees can communicate through instant messaging and video conference apps without ever having to make a voice call. Therefore, incorporating this kind of communication technology could help your company adjust and flourish in today’s world. 

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