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Using Magic Jack Phone Service For International Calls


With magicJack being advertised as a free long distance phone service, many magicJack users don’t seem to know that there is a cost involved when making international long-distance calls.

Of course there are additional fees when it comes to making international calls, because the international companies charge magicJack for connecting to their services. So magicJack has to pass those costs on to you.

Now it’s all a matter of opinion as to whether these costs are low, high, or middle-of-the-road. You can review the current rate schedules and fees by clicking the link below:

magicJack international call rates per minute

How do you buy international phone service? In the magicJack software, in the lower right-hand corner is a button you can click to buy time for international minutes. I’m not sure what size blocks they sell these in, if it’s per minute, or if it’s sold in dollar amount chunks.

One thing I would like to see from magicJack, is a flat rate international plan similar to what Skype has. I realize they’re trying to stay away from anything similar to monthly fee structures. But a lot of people would still pay 10 or 12 bucks a month for international calls to their favorite country or countries.

Of course, this is just my two cents.


  1. Maria says

    I’m new with MJplus and i loved it.My friend in Asia got one so i decided to get one for my family so i can talk to them for free. But the question is i registered it here in US, is there will be a problem with that if i will send it to them?

  2. Loella says



  3. larry says

    i cannot maake international calls, eeven though i bought 5000 minutes.. totally, want to call brazil but cant. otherewise it works great. also there is no phone number to get help. it’s onloy 19.95 a year, you should get one. have a great day.

  4. Ron Capper says

    My wife has family in Colombia S.A. I understand sending a local MJ to them to talk for free (minus the yrly charge and purchase price). Question….your blogs say to use an analog phone on the other end. I have not had a land line for years so I need to know if a “push button” phone is digital or analog. Obviously a “dial/rotary” phone is analog. Maybe both push button and rotary are analog…….please advise and I will be a “Happy MJ Camper”…The infomercials I see have the pretty lady talking on normal house phone that is pushbutton.

  5. itsmechuck says

    I have several extension phones under the same number.
    Does each extension phone need its own MJ, UBS connection?

  6. Yiyi says

    I LOVE LOVE my new MJ. I bought one for me, one for my sister and one for my dad. They live in South America. YES, we can talk for free! They can call me to my MJ or cell or office or anywhere for free. I realized that I shouldn’t have bought one for me, of course, because I’m calling them to a US number… any way now I have phone at home at the cheapest price.
    I’m telling everybody about my MJ, some have suggested if I sell them… but no, I’m just super happy with an almost free option to talk to my family!

  7. Admin says

    BTW, dude sent me a flaming pissed email today. But because he didn’t post a comment directly, I won’t publish it. Let’s just say that he was bent like a fork at an ESP conference. :)

    Anyway, I am not out to antagonize anybody. Let’s just leave it at that.

    Thanks Marco, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. It’s what makes world go around. See ya in the funny papers.

    I return you to your MJ blog experience!

  8. Admin says

    First of all Marco, let me say this. You’re wrong. I am not a MJ hater, nor am I slandering their product. If you were a regular reader you would know that. But instead, you assume you know everything and can call it from where you sit.

    But its what guys like you always do. Call it the way you want, and then try to slam the other guy.

    We are PRO MJ here Marco, not anti. I love my magicjack and use it here in Mexico, quite a lot actually.

    Also, as far as the content here goes, not everyone knows what you know Marco. So that’s why we include topics for the less educated. Plus, we obviously want people to come back and read our blog.

    Oh, and yes we do have to pay the bills. I’m not sure what planet you live on, but on this one things like website hosting, site maintenance, domains, etc, they all cost money. So yeah, we have the site monetized in order to keep it going. Sorry if you feel it’s a crime, but that’s the way it is. Hey, if it makes you feel better, go into work tomorrow and tell your boss you’re going to donate the day’s pay because you have a need for philanthropy.

    Another thing, your scenario does in fact work, sending a magicjack to your friend across the globe, but your statement is incorrect. The powers that be over at MJ are very aware of your IP address and the corresponding country, so yes, they know what country you are connecting in at any given time. If it’s not something they are tracking they certainly could be if they wanted to. So your statement isn’t exactly correct there, Mr. KnowItAll.

    Lastly, you will come back, even though you said you won’t. I know your type, and your ego won’t let you not have the last word. So if you are following the responses to the comment you placed, I haven’t heard the last of you. You want us all to think you’re high and mighty, but you’ll be back, making my point.

    Look forward to reading your next comments, and at the very least, seeing your IP in the statistics….. :)

    Thanks for your participation Marco. It’s what keeps this blog great!

  9. Marco says

    It’s pretty obvious this blog is just here to post some ads on something and make affiliate money by degrading and slandering the reputation of MagicJack as a subject matter. I find that technique very repulsive. You and some of your posters show a complete ignorance of MagicJack and telecommunications in general so this isn’t an informative site at all. It is just an unnecessary affiliate money-maker site trying to make money off of negativity.

    The fact is, MagicJack has one main function – convert an analog phone to digital by using a USB jack and software instead of doing it all externally. You can’t compare it’s ability to make calls to another box based on it’s location, altitude, humidity, whether it is sitting sideways or horizontal, or anything else because there is only one variable factor – the speed of your Internet connection. If MJ’s ability sucks on a bad connection, every other box will suck too. If you try to use MJ on a dial-up, you’re simply insane – none of the VoIP boxes are meant to do that and criticizing the MJ unit for your personal incompetence is slander of a good product for no reason. It’s only meant for high speed connections and that’s it. Mine works flawlessly and so do all the units my friends have.

    If you got one that doesn’t work, send it back and get a new one. Every product on the market, whether it’s a microwave oven, or a laptop, or an MJ has a certain defect rate right out of the factory. That’s typically less than 2% in products that have been around for a while. If you are the recipient of one of the units within that 2% then you are unfortunate but you should not slam and slander the other 98% that work perfectly.

    Some of you act like the reverse of CPU overclockers trying to get a 2GHz desktop to run at 4GHz while the CPU is glowing red hot. Instead you’re trying to get a high speed device to run at low speed. Anybody knows the modem for a dial-up can’t handle that much traffic and will become overwhelmed and start burping and cutting out. Modems will even do that while downloading a large file, so a continuous flow of large data packets just can’t get through a dial-up modem without problems. Just use the MJ for what it is meant for, in the way it was meant to use it, on a high speed Internet connection like it’s meant for, and don’t maliciously call MJ a scam because it isn’t.

    Instead of charging you $24.99 a month like other VoIP companies, MJ charges $19.99 a YEAR to do exactly the same thing. So the idea of comparison testing is absurd. By the way, I don’t work for MJ or sell them, I’m just disgusted by “scam” based sites that unfairly criticize anything or anybody.

    As for international calling, it’s easy to see that it’s best to use MagicJack with one specific recipient of your calls. That’s how you get free international calling – if you’d just read between the lines. You buy TWO MagicJacks, register both of them here in the U.S. with the same area code, send one of the units overseas to your call recipient for them to plug it into their PC with an analog phone connected to it, then you can then call each other over the Internet with no charges of any kind. The Internet has no way of knowing where the MJ’s are registered or where they’re located – it’s just a data highway. As far as the Internet is concerned, you are just talking to your next door neighbor in the same area code.

    That’s my 2 cents worth. You won’t see me on here again building your affiliate ad profits and I would hope any other reader with common sense will leave as well.

  10. Admin says

    muck rake, I dig it!

    Actually Eric, if you were a regular reader here you would probably already know that I love my MJ and use it pretty often. I’m not a hater, nor a muckraker, as you so eloquently put it.

    I do try to keep the content on this blog fresh though, and I do try to keep articles for every different user level. So not everyone may know what you know my man.

    thanks for coming by, and by all means, please keep the comments coming!

  11. ERIC M says

    Duh! magicJack never stated that calls outside of the US and Canada were free. Why the need to muckrake with your trivial summations?!?

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