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2. Device Upgrades
3. Quick Install Guide
4. Install Steps With A Computer
5. Image Of Setup With Computer
6. Install Steps Without A Computer
7. Image Of Setup Without Computer
8. Tips To Remember During Setup
9. Advanced Installation Help
10. magicJack GO Installation Guide
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MagicJack Plus 2014 is the latest in the series of market leading internet calling (VoIP) devices available with a favorable price tag. Retaining the best features of its award-winning predecessor, magicJack Plus, released in 2011-12, it steps up the game with better installation options and a wider array of features.

See my full step-by-step guide to installing the magicJack devices below with pictures from the site. This guide is more complete than any other site on the web or even the official site.

Device Upgrades

The device itself, adds slightly to its weight and size, thanks to two USB ports and an additional SDIO interface to the side. These add to the existing Ethernet ports for phone and internet. Power adapter, Ethernet cable and USB extension cord round off the package. Functionality of the extra USB port and SDIO slot are still a mystery and the company has yet to announce plans for these extra features. One can only guess that the company plans a firmware upgrade to make these functional once they work out all of the details.

magicjack Plus 2014

Image 1: The new MagicJack Plus 2014 has additional USB ports and SDIO port

Install Summary

The installation procedure for MagicJack Plus 2014 delivers on its pre-release buzz of making the computer redundant. Happily for the existing users, it still retains the necessary features for traditional three-step installation using a computer.

In the past installation, registration and activation was quite complex and caused people many issues. Included with the new device is an all-new web based install method. Simply use their MJREG site and follow all the prompts (as shown below) and you will have your device up and running in no time. This includes installation and activation of the device and setup of your new magicJack account.


Installation Steps & Use With A Computer

  1. Connect your MagicJack Plus 2014 to the computer using USB port and the Phone to other end of the MagicJack device using the Ethernet cable.
  2. For a windows device (PC, windows tablet), the MagicJack Plus software loads automatically. For MAC or iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), you will need to double click the MagicJack Plus icon which will begin the installation.

magicJack Plus 2014 computer installation

Image 2: The new MagicJack Plus 2014 setup with a computer

  • If you’re a new user, click the blue button marked “Click Here Now” (under the text “To complete Registration”) in the left window of the installation screen and follow along the steps to register with your personal information (Image 3). You will get options to select a number of your choice during this process.

magicApp registration

Image 3: The new MagicJack Plus 2014 app registration

  1. As a handy alternative, you can also download the MagicJack Plus 2014 app (called magicApp) from Apple app-store or play-store and install on your mobile/tablet device. Once you select the relevant option (refer: Image 4) and finish installation, you’re ready to make calls using your device.

magicApp installation

Image 4: The new MagicJack Plus 2014 app installation

  1. The problem with this method is that you have to keep your laptop or computer ON as the primary device for the connection as long you are wanting to make or receive any calls. Tablets or Smartphones may also be used as internet devices.

Typically, for calls of longer duration, this could hinder the experience, as the computer may drift off to ‘power-saving’ or ‘hibernate’ mode, causing potential interruptions in service. Additionally, it also means there’d be higher power consumption as both internet modem and computer would need to be powered on for the duration of the call. While the benefits of making unlimited calls all over the Internet usually outweighs these problems, the option of being able to use the new MagicJack Plus 2014 without the computer certainly means one less operational layer and better continuity in calls.

Do remember that even if you plan to use the device without a computer, you will need to connect to the computer once to register (if you’re a first time user) or transfer service (if you’re an existing user). The instructions to do so, including the information regarding registration, are available at the back of the device.

Installation Steps & Use Without A Computer

  1. Connect your MagicJack Plus 2014 to the power adapter using USB port.
  2. Connect the internet modem or router to the MagicJack Plus 2014 device using the Ethernet cable, plugging in each end of the cable to the Ethernet ports on the devices.
  3. Plug in the desired telephone to the MagicJack Plus 2014 device.
  4. Plug in the power adapter to a power source and your hardware is ready to receive and make calls over internet.
  5. Open up your web browser and visit the mj register site at on your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone. You can transfer service from an old device, or upgrade an existing account to add the MagicJack Plus 2014, besides creating a brand new mj registration.
  6. The activation code is sent to you via an email when going through the steps at the MJ reg site. Do remember that the area code for location may not be available for your magicJack number.

magicJack Plus 2014 installation without computer

Image 5: The new MagicJack Plus 2014 set up without a computer

Tips To Remember During Setup

  • During the registration process, the computer, tablet or smartphone used for registration must be on the same network as the MagicJack Plus 2014 device.
  • One of the frequent customer complaints involves Error 3002, which pertains to multiple device connectivity permissions for the modem. Before you invest in MagicJack, call your internet service provider (ISP) and ensure that your modem allows more than one device to access internet through it. Another option is to connect your MagicJack device directly to one of the Ethernet ports of the router.
  • If you own multiple MagicJack devices and plan to ‘upgrade’ or transfer service, be advised that the process usually de-activates the older device and robs you of any left-over subscription time you might have accrued on the old device. Thus it may be prudent to create a new account instead.
  • Support for the Windows 8 operating system is flaky. Unfortunately, the online support isn’t great either. Drivers developed by independent developers, downloadable at websites like this, come to rescue.

On the whole, the new MagicJack Plus 2014 shows a marked improvement in flexibility of installation and device activation options with the ability to use the MJReg site. While for an existing user, it might be worth waiting until the WiFi options are fully active; for the new users, it provides an attractive combination of features, better device connectivity options and a friendly price-tag.

Advanced Installation Help

Outside of my advanced guide above, the MagicJack Plus 2014 box comes with an installation manual as well as video guidelines on YouTube ( Each of these are well documented with clear, precise instructions regarding the steps to follow.

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  1. Huguette Klicek says

    Hello, I just renewed my majick last week cause it’s expire but still i’ts not working. They said that i need to renew my phone number but my problem is what site i am suppose to gog to so that i can renew my phone number. I really need help. Please and thanks. God bless everyone

  2. Wayne Sportun says

    hello l’m trying to get in touch with a operator by phone so l can get a Canadian number and l noticed a balance of .10 cents how do l get help and personal support

  3. Admin says


    I suggest you contact MagicJack’s FREE chat support for any help you may need. I cannot provide technical support even if I had the time I wouldn’t know the intricacies to truly solve your issue… Even magicJack support specialist have trouble figuring that out…

    If you need help with how to contact them just let me know and I will direct you to the proper place for their chat support.

    TheVoIPHub Admin

  4. Peggy Wilson-Dobbs says

    I have been trying to get my new upgraded MJPlus to work for three (3) hours and it will not. there is NO dial tone and it giving me error 2003. A friend who has 3 or 4 MJ’s tried and we cannot get it work. It tells the device is recognized and then it is not. Please help. It also tells me my account is about expire. I paid for an upgrade and had one sent to my son in Texas. It also tell me I have 6 months free service and then I have to renew again. This is a mess. Please help. If not this is going back for a refund. I may have a bad device. Help!

  5. Admin says


    I recommend you contact magicJack chat support at the official magicJack website. They will be able to help a lot more than I can here as I just write about their products and don’t know what error 2003 means.

    Feel free to post here again if you need further information on how to get in touch with magicJack chat support.

  6. Cecile Schroeter says

    I just received magic jack go last week l need to register my unit to start using it and when page comes up to make free phone calls it keeps asking for a password that I don’t have. It says to go to my email for password but there’s nothing there.

  7. Cyril Hammond says

    I have installed magic plus with wifi now for some time but never bothered to set up the wifi but I
    would like to have it set-up now how do I go about registering it now ??

  8. Mac says

    Cannot dial out. Keep getting dial tones.
    Cannot register. Says MJ server may be down.

    Can receive calls

    Tried uninstall and re-install

    Still same

  9. amira says

    There’s a lot of problems here about installing their new magic jack.
    I wonder if they weren’t able to read the instructions in magic jack website…

    I didn’t have much issue in installing my magic jack on comp & iphone.
    I love to read… not unless the unit is defective, then it wont work.

  10. YOUXIN GAO says


    I just bought the magicJackGO from a BESTBUY store, I have finished installation by myself. I can call out using it, but I cannot finish my registration, could you help me?


  11. Leslie McKnight says

    I just recently purchased Magic Jack Plus; but I was unable to complete the set-up process successfully. Could it be because, I currently use a wireless router with my high speed internet service? Therefore will I be able to use Magic Jack Plus?

  12. Peter Reichmann says

    I hooked up my magic jack plus. I plugged the ethernet into my router; then I plugged the complete unit into a wall socket. At this time I don’t get a dial tone. I think I need to register and to get another phone number. Please help. Thank you.

  13. Nina Sillah says

    No comment at the Moment; I am now in the process of a new Installation of the product; and i am having a hard time. Can i talk to a live Customer service person on the phone to guidde me through this new Set up?

  14. Sam Rawlins says

    I I have recently installed my new Magic Jack. My phone number is 954 353 0220.
    However, I have a problem. Having been congratulated and told that I am now registered on several occasions, when I try to make a call, the voice comes on to say that I am not registered and need to register again. I’ve repeated the process on several occasions – up to today – and am not having any joy.
    Please advise me what I can do to resolve this problem.

    Sam Rawlins

  15. Paul Hogue says

    I have installed my magicjackplus I can call out but I can’t receive a call what am I doing wrong please help . My phone #is 902 -857-3688 thank you Paul.

  16. Don Lamb says

    I have installed MagicJackGO to a phone that has an answering machine. The phone does not ring when calling the number. I can call out on the phone. The mute button is not on so that is not the problem. Thank you for your help…….Please also call if it is possible ….. My cell is 781-249-9485 Don

  17. Rosalva wren says

    I do have problems with my magic jack.
    most of the time when a want to make a call,
    I get a message that says: error….

  18. linda says

    I too had difficulty registering my mj and over an hour with live chat did not help. I would only get so far in the process and then an invoice looking screen would show up but there were no action/register buttons on that screen to complete the process. I finally attached the mj to my laptop, did the registration process again (for the 4th time) and it worked! then I reconnected the mj to my router and all is well. its working fine now. I think maybe the problem was that I was using Windows xp on my desktop. Windows 7 on my laptop worked fine. who knows?

  19. Karen Smith says

    When I first received my magic jack plus it worked fine. Now it’s not working. What do I need to do to get it back working?

  20. Zeric Gordon says

    My Magicjack Plus is telling me that there is a system error, I must try again later. But every time I try again it is telling me the samething.

  21. RC says

    I attempted to register the MJ+2014 , but MJ+ only loaded the software. The pop-up windows did not showed up for registration. I shut down both the Windows 7 firewall and the avast antivirus and plugged in the MJ+ again, but no luck at all. I re-activated the Windows 7 firewall and avast antivirus again, then I removed the MJ+ software. This time I deactivated Windows 7 firewall and the antivirs first. I plugged in MJ+ to reload the software. The pop-up windows for MJ+ registration was enabled.

  22. hopeful says

    MagicJack needs to list an e-mail address and a phone number where they can be reached. I didn’t want to use a credit card. I want to be billed at my snail mail address. Also, I don’t want to pay for 911 calls but there’s no way to arrange to do either on the registration page that I can see. It just blips you from one page to another without giving a choice.
    Aggravating to say the least.

  23. sharon Robinson says

    I received my new majic jack plus has not been able to get it to work please call me at 904-505-3080 to help me get it up and running the cords are to large for my router what else can i dO

  24. VanguardLH says

    That author never does reveal what difference or advantage by registering. That the dongle even permits registration must mean something is different between a non-registered and registered dongle. “Begin making calls” could mean you can make outbound calls but cannot receive inbound calls because registration is what assigns a phone number to your dongle. That’s just a guess because the author was absent to mention just what features are available in a non-registered dongle.

    Although the hype for “The New 2014 magicJack Plus+” product is that it supports wifi, it does not as yet. The product has been out for awhile but wifi support has not yet been enabled. When contacted, the company won’t release information about when they plan to enable the wifi feature. So all customers that bought the Plus+ (wifi) version are finding wifi is not usable. Hopefully the new chip, more memory, and other hardware features will provide better quality and get rid of the too often occurring echoing and cutouts so customers are getting something more when paying for the new still-wifi-crippled wifi-version of the Plus dongle.

  25. says

    Is this a defective device? I received it from Magic jack on line advertisement in oct 2013 for $41.99 My calls to magicjack business office were not helpful. How can I get this resolved?

  26. glen bynum says

    this MJ 2014 modle does not install correctly with my window 8 cpmputor nor due I get a registration screen. All upgrade dnloads were useless as TS by local techs did not get it to work, MJ online service was worthless along with cable support (they had no info) So much for the ease of installation! What crap!! I was able to install in power recept and router to get it up working, but guess what? The registration page no workee!! Now how do I apply my old MJ acct phone number from an older 2011 MJPlus which is expiring tomorrow?

  27. william bailey says

    I tried to keep my previous number but I had cancelled it with previous provider before I hooked up with magic jack. How can I get a new number as right now I can only phone out.

  28. ED says

    I plug my new mJ+ into a USB port on my Windows 8 machine and the software does not install automatically. Is this a defective device or is there a known problem with Windows 8?

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