How To Install magicJack Go? [Free 6-Step Guide To Activate]

1. magicJack Go Overview
2. Contents of magicJack GO Package
3. Installation Overview
4. Preferred Activation Method
5. Alternative Activation Option
6. Final Steps To Setup For Use
7. Note About The $10 magicDollars
8. Original magicJack Installation Guide
9. magicJack plus Installation Guide

magicJack GO Overview

MagicJack Go is the latest and greatest VoIP home phone device from VocalTec, LTD. magicJack GO comes fully redesigned and looks great. In addition to its great new physical design it comes with a faster processor which means clearer calls and also comes in at a price of just $59.95 for the device and a full year of unlimited local and long distance calling. Future years of service can be had for just $35 each or $99.75 for 5 years.


magicJack GO

Contents of the GO Package

  • magicJackGO
  • Power adapter
  • Ethernet cable
  • USB extension cable
  • Step-by-step instructions

Installation Overview

With the introduction of the new magicjack installation application you now have two ways to register and get your magicJack Go device running. You can avoid hooking your device to your computer and quickly use the website or you can hook the device into your USB drive on your computer and use the software application. We suggest the MJREG website process if you want to avoid installing the magicJack software on your computer. This also allows you to get the device all setup for use without a computer and simply visit the mjreg site to finish installation and registration. For use with a computer you will have to use the software application for installation.

The GO devices’ installation is quick, simple and easy. Anyone with basic computer understanding and a high speed Internet connection can get it going. In the past consumers have had many problems with older versions of magicJack but nearly all of these complications had been eliminated with the MJREG registration site and now magicJack has taken things a step further with this new process for those that can’t navigate the new registration site.


How to Activate Your magicjack Go

How to Activate Your magicjack Go

Preferred Activation Method Without A Computer

1) The first step is to plug the Ethernet cable into the “Internet” port on the magicJack Go. Make sure you hear it click.

magicjackGO use without a computer

magicJack GO A Steps Without A Computer

2) The second step is to plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your modem or router. Most routers have multiple Ethernet ports and you can choose whichever one you like. Make sure that you hear it click again.

3) The third step is to plug the RJ phone jack cable into the “Phone” port on the magicJack Go. Again plug it in until you hear the click. Also make sure the other end is connected to the home phone you want to use.

4) The next step is to plug the magicJack Go into the included power adapter directly or using the USB extension cable.

5) The fifth step is to plug the power adapter into any plug or outlet

6) The sixth and final step is to open up any browser on your computer (MAC or PC), tablet or smartphone and visit the MJ Register site at and follow the prompts. (During this process the computer, tablet or smartphone you use must be on the same internet network as your magicJack GO device.) Here you can transfer your old devices account or start a new account. The steps for the registration site are fairly simple and straightforward but I haven’t included them because I didn’t install my device this way. *Some people will have issues with getting the MJREG site to recognize their GO device. Those individuals will have to follow the alternative install guide below by using the USB drive on their computer.

Alternative Activation Method With A Computer

1) First plug your magicJack GO device into any USB drive on your computer.

2) You should see a driver installation dialog box in the lower right of your screen – we can safely ignore this as it’s an automatic install of software.

3) You will see an auto-play dialog box with a button “Start magicJack” – go ahead and click that button to get the installation process started.

4) The magicJack logo will show up on your screen – it may take a several minutes to load the application from here.

5) A software application icon will install on your desktop and will open automatically.

6) The magicjack software interface should appear with a dial pad and various changing text – once the dial pad appears we will begin the registration of your device.

7) Look in the lower pane of the magicJack software application window for both a blue and purple area. The blue area (on the left side) offers you 30 minutes or 48 hours (whichever comes first) of outgoing calls to test the device.

8) The purple area is to go ahead and register your device right away and get a phone number. Click the purple area that says “Or click here to register now and get a phone number”.

9) A page will load within the software application with an offer to start a new account or use your magicJack login to get access to and combine your existing account. If you have an existing account it is likely you will want to proceed with the magicJack login option but for today I’m going to stick with the process for new users that don’t have a magicJack login yet. To start your new magicJack VoIP account click the “create my account” button.

10) The window will load a new page. Once there fill out your name, address, email and select a password. Make sure that it shows in the right hand corner of this page “device detected” with a green check mark and a picture of the magicJack GO. If not then something is wrong and the program shouldn’t let you proceed. Once finished filling this page out click the “create my account” button again and you will be brought to the next page.

11) On the next page you will name your device. This is of very little importance and can be anything that you would like as only you will see it. Once you have typed in your selected name click “Send my code” and magicJack will send an activation code to your email address.

12) Check your email for the code (The email make take several minutes to come). Take the code and type or copy/paste it into the box on new screen that loaded in the magicJack interface. After that click the “Activate my device” button and magicJack terms of service will be uploaded on a new page within the software.

13) After reading the terms or Canadian terms (this is very important as magicjack has some funky terms and conditions that limit your calls to certain numbers) click the “I Agree” box and then click the “Continue” button and you will move on to the next screen.

14) At the next screen a popup will show up telling you that you have a $10 credit in “magicDollars” which can be used for a specific period of time for anything from international calling credit, porting your old number or selecting a custom phone number (if you want a specific area code check the magicJack area codes table I provide here). You can safely ignore and X out this popup for now as the credit can be used later. However if you want to port your number use the credit now by all means!

After X’ing the magicDollars options you have several other options on this screen for choosing your number – you can either select a FREE US Number or pay $10 for either a Canadian number, U.S. Vanity Number or to port your old number. There was also a free option for choosing a magicNumber but this was unclear to me and I am not exactly sure what it was for. Go ahead and choose the free magicJack number. After this choose your state, area code, and first four digits of your phone number. The key here is that you’re not restricted to the actual area where you live. If you live far away from most of your family and friends you can select a number back home and then your family can call you from across the country while avoiding long distance calling rates. You can select any phone number, with any area code and any first four digits that magicJack has available. The area code does have to match with the state that you pick of course. Once done with this click “Add To Cart To Continue” and you’ll move on to the next page.

15) The next page is simply where you enter your 911 address. You can select from the drop down menu and the address you entered when first registering should appear as the only option. Select it if that’s where you are going to be using the magicJack GO device or you can add a new address if you will be using it somewhere else. If you are outside the U.S. no 911 services are offered and you will need to select that option. Once done with that click “Confirm” and you’ll get a confirmation screen to confirm that your address is indeed correct. Select “Yes” if it’s correct and then click “Submit” to move on to the next screen.

16) On the next screen you have the option to chose your magicJack service plan, but this isn’t recommend now as the magicJack GO already comes with a full year of free service and you aren’t offered any special rates to tack on extra service. You can select to extend for 1 year for $35, 5 years for $120 or set it to auto-new yearly. I highly suggest clicking “Skip For Now” and moving on. You can always add service extensions in the future once you are happy with the device and know you want to keep it for the long term.

17) The next screen provides options for adding international minutes credit which again, can be done anytime. I also suggest skipping this and adding credit if you need to make international calls once you are happy with the device. magicjack does offer super cheap international rates to hundreds of countries so this could be very useful down the line if you have friends/family overseas. Add minutes or again click the “Skip For Now” button to move on.

18) The next screen provides you a chance to review your order and shows everything that you will be getting. The total should be $0 if you didn’t add any extras to your account; such as porting your number or international credits. The things that should show up in your account are MJ 911 Service Plan, $10.00 in magicDollars, magicJackGo Standard Dialing Plan and U.S Phone Number – Free. Once finished reviewing everything click “Place Order” to move on.

19) On this final screen you are shown your phone number and several options to proceed. Make sure to jot down your new number so that you don’t forget it. Then you can click “Close Window And Start Making Calls Immediately With Your PC” or if you are like most people and are planning to use your magicJackGO VoIP service without your computer you need to click the button “Click To Exit Application And Use Without Your PC”.

20) The application will return to the original dialpad screen that you saw when first starting but will show your address in the window pane below the dialpad. There will also be an option for voicemail now to the right of this address. The address area is important because there a tiny 911 symbol that will be yellow when you first register. Yellow means that the address hasn’t been verified and this can take several days to a week for magicJack to verify you address. If the symbol is black it means the address in not within the U.S. and therefore no 911 services are available. If it is red that means that magicJack has been unable to verify your device. In this case you should contact their chat support customer service. Finally, if it is green then your 911 address has been fully verified and magicJack 911 services are working.

21) At this point you need to remove the magicJack GO from your computers USB port and wait a few minutes for the software application to recognize that you have removed the device. Once it catches up to speed a white box will popup that says you need to insert your magicJack device to make calls. We will X this box and move on to setup magicJack GO to be used without a computer.

Final Steps For Setup And Use

Now that we are done with registration of the magicJack GO device using the installation software we need to get it running without the need for our computer. This is pretty simple and requires only a handful of steps.

1) Firstly, connect your magicJack Go to the power adapter using its USB port and USB cable.

2) Secondly, connect your internet modem or router to the magicJack Go device using the provided Ethernet cable, by plugging in each end of the cable to the Ethernet ports on both the devices.

3) Plug in the desired telephone to the magicJack GO device via the RJ11 phone jack port.

4) Plug in the power adapter to a power source

5) Make sure that the blue light is solid and the white light is blinking.

6) Your hardware is ready to receive and make calls over internet.

You are now done and ready with a fully functioning magicJack GO. This may seem like a lot of steps but this is an over detailed guide to activate and register your device. The process is really super quick! I did it in under 10 minutes and you should be able to too as I’m no expert.

Your Free $10 In magicDollars

One last note about the $10 in magicDollars, from what I’ve read and seen online from videos it appears that the credit doesn’t show as a credit in your account when you login to your magicJack account but it is indeed there. Chris from “Laughter On Water” did a wonderful magicJack GO install video and at the end goes into detail about the $10 magicDollars after chatting with a support agent. The agent told him that once you go in to your account and add a service that costs money the $10 will be deducted during checkout. Thanks for the tip Chris!


  1. Polly April 28, at 15:18

    My magic jack set up did not show on my computer screen as it is supposed to according to the information on the page here. I emailed yesterday requesting that someone call me to help me. First, I would like to have a phone number in the 937 area code. Second, I get three months free service but need to know when and how much to pay for the service to continue after that. If I don't get any help from you, I will assume that this entire thing is a scam and report it to the utilities commission. The number that shows up on the phone connected to the magic jack when it calls my cell is: 239-673-4712 Please call me at 937-231-9977 as I need help! I am NOT a techy and too old to figure out these things on my own. Thank you Pauline Dreitzler ([email protected])

  2. Patrick May 06, at 05:14

    When I put the 5 letter code in, it says "Doesn't match" I can't get it to work, can't find a help button

  3. Alfredo October 30, at 09:22

    As a customer of Magic Jack for several years, I want to reply to the user "Polly" who left a comment saying that this is a scam. It is not. You just have to be patient with the installation process, because sometimes there might be an issue with the operating systems, etc. If you have any difficulties, you can contact Magic Jack. They don't have a phone number for help (which is very strange being a phone service company) but they do provide help through chat rooms, and that help is good and efficient.

  4. Sowmyan November 01, at 11:42

    I have the magic jack go device installed through a windows 10 computer. About 2 months ago, Microsoft did an anniversary update and ever since it is not working. From whatever is mentioned here, it appears I should be able to get it working by passing the computer and directly connecting it to the modem. Since I was using it before the update, the registration process etc is over and I should not have to redo any thing. Is my understanding right? Will it work, if I continue to draw power from the computer's USB port instead of from the mains? In other words in the configuration meant for using with the computer, I can possibly directly connect the magicjack go dongle to the modem through ethernet? Would it amount to making dual connection? My desire is to remove the dependence on windows 10 and its upgrades.

  5. Chuck November 20, at 11:22

    How can i stop dial pad from popping up ? I am on PC and it drops what i am doing and pad pops up

  6. Fran November 24, at 18:12

    I am having problems also. I have a MJ plus and got the MJ go. I tried to register my MJ go and it keeps saying that my password is not right I tried three times and had to change my password 3 times that they gave me three times and got fed up. So I have to get someone who is good with computers to help me. It's not as easy as they claim it to be. You have to have good skills to figure out how to get the phone working properly. My old MJ is 6 1/2 years old and does not work in my USB port anymore so now I am stuck with it. Hopefully my friend can help me figure out what the problem is. And another thing do I have to transfer my phone number from the old MJ to the new one? if so how do I do that.?


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