FemtoJack Cancelled By VocalTec But New Device On The Way

Update: It is now clear why magicJack cancelled there femtoJack plans. Technology obviously zoomed right past the idea of the device with the explosion of smartphone calling and text messaging apps. We are in luck though because magicJack has actually come out with their own very useful magicJack app called magicApp which provides anyone who downloads the app with free calling, no need to buy the device or pay anything. Wow, even better than the femtoJack!!

I am very sad to write today that magicJack VocalTec LTD. announced that they will not be coming out with the femtoJack as originally planned. I knew something was up because they were suppose to come out with the femtoJack last year but never did imagine that they would totally cancel their plans for it. It’s too bad because I had big plans to make this the top femtoJack information guide on the web, outside of the official site of course.

I can’t seem to figure out why in the world VocalTec would cancel this product because to me it seems like it could be even bigger than the magic Jack. Who wouldn’t want unlimited minutes while at home on their cell phone? My only inclination

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Can VocalTec Negotiate Seamless Handoff Deals For Its FemtoJack?

One of the major concerns with the femtoJack is in regards to seamless handoff. More simply put the concern is in regards to what happens when someone is talking on their cell phone by way of the femtoJack and then they jump in their car and pull away while continuing their phone conversation. When doing this there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome will be that their phone call is dropped as they leave their femtoJacks range. In this case they will have to call the person back and be connected through their cell carriers signal in order to continue the conversation.

The second possible outcome will be that as they leave their femtoJacks range they will be able to continue their phone call without noticing any changes. In this case their cell phone will work with the femto Jack and their cell carrier to switch networks through a process called seamless handoff.

Seamless handoff is a common occurrence among cell phones that happens millions of times each and every day. During normal day-to-day use of cell phones seamless handoff happens as people move from one cell towers signal to another or from Wi-Fi calling

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