FemtoJack Cancelled By VocalTec But New Device On The Way

Update: It is now clear why magicJack cancelled there femtoJack plans. Technology obviously zoomed right past the idea of the device with the explosion of smartphone calling and text messaging apps. We are in luck though because magicJack has actually come out with their own very useful magicJack app called magicApp which provides anyone who downloads the app with free calling, no need to buy the device or pay anything. Wow, even better than the femtoJack!!

I am very sad to write today that magicJack VocalTec LTD. announced that they will not be coming out with the femtoJack

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Can VocalTec Negotiate Seamless Handoff Deals For Its FemtoJack?

One of the major concerns with the femtoJack is in regards to seamless handoff. More simply put the concern is in regards to what happens when someone is talking on their cell phone by way of the femtoJack and then they jump in their car and pull away while continuing their phone conversation. When doing this there are two possible outcomes. The first outcome will be that their phone call is dropped as they leave their femtoJacks range. In this case they will have to call the person back and be connected through their cell carriers signal in order to continue the conversation.

The second possible

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What Is The FemtoJack? – A Quick Look At VocalTec’s Femtocell

magicJack VocalTec LTD, the corporation, the company behind the magic Jack, will soon be unveiling a new product tagged the femtoJack. Although there has been no official announcement from the company our sources say that  it will be announced during the first quarter of 2010. Our sources even mention magic Jack CEO Dan Barislow speaking about the product on several occasions without giving it a name while a representative from its sister company has actually referred to it as the femtoJack.

So what is the femtoJack you might ask?

Well, the femtoJack is a small USB device that is used to make

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MagicJack CEO Announces Plans For FemtoJack Femtocell

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas VocalTec CEO Dan Barislow and the guys at VocalTec, the parent company for magic Jack announced plans to offer a femtocell product by the first quarter of 2010. The announcement has not been made official by either magicJack VocalTec LTD., but it was recently confirmed by CEO Dan Borislow. Without an official announcement from the company any estimated release date is just that, an estimate.

magic Jack was recently tabbed the fastest growing telecommunications company in

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What Is A Femtocell?

A femtocell looks just like a wireless router and acts as a wireless access point that routes mobile phone calls over the Internet via VoIP technology.  Femtocells are used not only to lower cell network usage but also to help enhance cell phone reception in areas where signals are weak.  A femtocell in affect creates a mini cell network that offers the same benefits as a cell signal booster plus a whole new list of advantages.

At first glance most people think a femtocell is a wireless router of some sort. Femtocells have a striking resemblance to wireless routers but they do very different

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