What Is A Femtocell?

A femtocell looks just like a wireless router and acts as a wireless access point that routes mobile phone calls over the Internet via VoIP.  Femtocells are used not only to lower cell network usage but also to help enhance cell phone reception in areas where signals are weak.  A femtocell in affect creates a mini cell network that offers the same benefits as a cell signal booster plus a whole new list of advantages.

At first glance most people think a femtocell is a wireless router of some sort. Femtocells have a striking resemblance to wireless routers but they do very different things. When someone has a femtocell and they are in range of it the femtocell will grab their cell call and route it over their broadband Internet connection through a VoIP network and on to the person they are calling. What this does is eliminate the need for an actual cell signal where the femtocell is and also helps to remove cell traffic from a resource strained network.

The idea behind femtocells is for cell carriers to sell them along with regular usage plans and then offer an unlimited femtocell minutes options for something like $10 extra a month. The end result would be no need for any type of land line or the expensive unlimited voice plan that most carriers are now offering for a ridiculous price.

Although femtocells are expected to be huge over the next several years most people have not yet heard about them. They are expected to be widely available in the near future and the number of users is also expected to skyrocket over the next several years. One of the most highly anticipated femtocells out there is the femtoJack. The femtoJack is expected to be one of the cheapest femtocells in regards to both the device itself and the usage fee. Since the femto Jack will be made by Ymax Corporation, who is not a cell carrier, it is believed that it will be a lot cheaper since their motive will be to gain customers rather than supplement their revenue. If the femtoJack price is anywhere near what people currently pay for the magic Jack then it will be a great deal.


  1. travis January 12, at 00:09

    so with the femtocell, does still use your original cell phone number? or when going through the femtocell, do you end up with a different phone number provided by magicjack?

    • FemtoJack Mack January 12, at 09:35

      You will most likely have a different number when using the femtoJack but I'm not sure yet. More than likely there where be a way to have calls forwarded from your cell number to your magicjack/femtojack number when you are linked up to your femtocell.

  2. Richard January 12, at 15:48

    No, you should be able to make and receive calls just like you normally would. They wiil just be routed through the femtoJack device. Yes you will use your current cell phone number to make a receive cell calls. The femtoJack device will have its own phone number just like a regular MagicJack. A landline call would indeed be accessing a "Magic Jack" number. But with a cell phone the signal will simply be routed through the femtoJack. You can still use the femtoJack connection to a hard wired device to make phone calls on your regular phone using the MagicJack number.

  3. Jalydan January 28, at 10:07

    So if I'm making a phonecall through my cell phone wouldn't my minutes still be running from my cell phone provider? ...then it would defeat the whole purpose of femtojack having unlimited calling right?

    • FemtoJack Mack February 03, at 10:32

      No, if you have the femtoJack your minutes would not be running through you cell phone provider but rather through the femtoJack. That's the whole point of the femtoJack.

  4. Jean Andre Vallery February 23, at 08:51

    I have the Touch screen HTC Mogul 6800 motorola cellphone. Browser MSIE 6.0 ,Model Number TITA100 First thing is that I no longer have service with sprint. Second I can use active sync to connect to the internet from the usb. What software do I need to try and install on the microsoft mobile 6.0 professional on the cellphone to allow me to pickup my wireless router for surfing? Then what should i install to capture magicjack on the cell phone to connect to my mj phone number? This will be for us around the house only. Instead of using the wireless handset landline? End result is if I travel somewhere and there is a wireless router using wep2a and the cellphone can connect, will magicjack work from that cellphone?

  5. donisue March 14, at 18:34

    when can we buy this to use for the cell phones? hurry up, let get the device agoing.!!!!! love the magic, now the femto.!!!


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