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MagicJack Secret Customer Service Phone Number

Recently there has been a lot of bad talk about the companies customer service and people being upset that they can only be reached via online chat. I can certainly understand this concern and that’s why I’ve taken the time to do some deep digging to find out whether they really have a customer service telephone number or not.

After an exhaustive search I discovered a secret customer service telephone number that nobody else seems to know about. When I called the number I got a recording that said “press 1 for sales”, “press 2 for technical support”, “press 3 for order inquires or billing”. So it does appear that you can now get a live person for technical support, though I didn’t verify this (the whole thing could be an automated system). If you can reach a live person through this number the company has certainly kept this ‘secret’ number under wraps.  I’m not sure whether you can actually get technical support from it or not but hey, at least its a working number that allows you to speak with a real person.

Please don’t abuse this telephone number or magic Jack is likely to shut it down and then it will be ruined for everybody.

Magic Jack Information Line – (561) 594-2140 – This line is a recording that give you 3 options to choose from sales, technical support, or order inquires/billing.


  1. David Lake says

    I have been a magic jack customer for years and I am paid up in full but having problems I can not call out because I did not pay on time and don’t know how to reconnect to magic jack.
    David Lake

  2. Man in the Middle says

    “How do I bypass the magic jack voice mail so that my home answer machine will pick up.”
    I asked that of Magic Jack a couple of years ago, and their answer is that you don’t.

    On the bright side, that means I don’t need an aswering machine. Messages taken by Magic Jack show up as Emails with attached WAV files. That’s fine for my intended use of the Magic Jack – a number to give people I don’t want to have my cell#.

  3. Manuela says

    Have not have problem with the MJ until i had to renew on line
    at first i received an order number…after that when i try to connect my MJ it runs but after on top of the screen of the phone comes a pop up window asking for me to login to my existing MJ account wich i doby entering my email and the password when i log in comes 3 options …one year renewal(which i already did) 2 option 5 year and last option a subscription renewal code
    which i do not have
    I tried the order number but do not work
    Until now can not use my MJ again

  4. Norman says

    I was thinking a bout getting magic Jack service. But have changed my mind. So many negative reports and the fact that magic Jack operates secretly. I do not think I want to do business with this company.

  5. Nolita says

    I had renewed my magic jack through online..using my visa card. At first attempt I received a notification transaction has been failed so I tried to enter my visa card again..and that happened for 4 times…and same notification was received….It is good thing that the Visa Card representative called me to inform me that the amount for renewing my magic jack has been deducted already and that they failed to post the 3 attempts that I did just to renew it. And i TOLD THEM THAT…it should be deducted once only and since I received a failure notification so I tried it for 4rth times…my god…kindly check the payment …because it’s been paid through my visa card already..and until now I can not use the magic jack.

  6. Julie says

    The service itself is Ok–have not had problems except to be charged a charge that was not part of my original agreement–I have kept all copies of the transaction as well as product insert, etc. 9-1-1 call issues are fully disclosed within my original agreement. Who knows what other costs they will add on as they decide despite a 5 year agreement.

  7. Bob says

    While visiting My brother He brought it to My attention that We can’t call 911 from the Magic Jack phone, when I got home I tried calling 911 with no results, I even tried with the area code dialed first, This is not good!

  8. David says

    I called the MJ Information number and they have a Technical Support number listed. It is (561) 594-9787. I have not called it yet so I don’t know whether it works or not. I will be calling it later today when I get time to work with them on my problem.

  9. Richard Allred says

    Have old magic jack and bought the new. Also have moved and would like a new number. My question is what will happen to old number. Will an operator come on and tell people the number has changed, or will it automatically be rerouted to my new number.

  10. Bob says

    Ther appears to be no live agent available for magic Jack. You click on the live agent and it says internet explorer cnnot open the webpage. Tried this on 3 computers, smae problem. I think MagicJack is going down the tubes!!!!!

  11. Debi says

    I have been getting this number coming thru at all hours of the night and morning .. is there any way I can block it ? This area code is no where to be found … I make a complaint about a neighbor who is a Probation Officer … and since my # made it to the complaint this is when it started ? HELP LOL Maybe it can be traced to the Real #??? (737) 874-2833
    Thank You … Key Largo Florida (Cubida)

  12. Mary says

    I’ve had their service for just over a year and have had NO issues with it. I have had to figure things out for myself as their tech support (online chat only) was EXTREMELY lacking and frustrating. Their service fees should actually be less, closer to free service per year, as you get NO support whatsoever. I am curious about the next upgrade though. VOIP technology hasn’t really caught on here ( MN ) but it will soon. They actually are on the cutting edge as far as internet-only based services.

  13. Bill says

    I talked my 90 year old grandmother into purchasing M/J+. She had a somewhat tech guy install it for her. It has worked fine but more and more now, the phone rings and nobody is on the other end. This happens several times before she finally unplugs the m/J+, waits a few minutes and then plugs it back in. This works for a while but is there something she can do to alleviate this problem completely?

  14. Tami says

    I know there is a monthley fee for magic jack, could you tell me if you pay taxes with the monthley fee?

  15. Karol Hanson says

    I recently upgraded from my Magic Jack to a Magic Jack Plus and everything went well for the first few weeks of use, but recently I have noticed that the MJP module and the adapter that plugs into the wall outlet gets quite hot and recently the phone connection has been tripping in and out very frequently. Can you say what might be the problem here??

  16. ROBERT WILSON says

    how can i use the magic jack plus in hotel without computer via wi-fi? modems and routers are not available in hotel rooms.

  17. Matt says

    It should work on the extra two ports that you have. It says it just needs to connect via the modem. Should be a sweet setup when available.

  18. Roger Holman says

    I am intrigued by the new “Plus” version of the MagicJack. My internet service is provided by AT&T/U-Verse via a “fiber optic” cable system. It seems to be closely related to a DSL sort of system. The device that most everything is connected to is a “2-Wire” device and I have no idea if this would allow me or provide me with an Ethernet connection. I just looked at the back of the mystery unit and see four “local ethernet” connections of which two are already in use. Is is possible that one of the two remaining empty ethernet connections might be usable for the MagicJack Plus cable? I have never attempted to get into that sort of thing before and therefore have no hands on experience to base my judgements.

  19. Marianne says

    I’m using it with IE9 and I am not having any issues. So far both people I have contacted say the reception is great.

  20. Phyllis Mathias says

    Have you tried installing Mozilla Firefox and trying it with that? I never use IE as I was always having some issue with it. Hope this helps.

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