MagicJack vs Vonage: Which Of These Industry Leaders Is Better?

For residential VoIP services as alternatives to conventional local phones, cell-phone services and landlines – Vonage and MagicJack have both had their moments. While the technical premise of using ATA (analog telephone adapter) is similar for both, there are differences in terms of price, accessibility, advanced features and of course – after-sales service.

If you’ve been keeping up with their innovative adverts and marketing, you already know Vonage has a variety of different calling plans. They are especially attractive for the first six months of service, though they require upgrading to full-feature plans in the long term. Their name, a play on “Voice-Over-Net-Age” outlines their early start in this field (2001)

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MagicJack Impact – How One Tiny USB Device Changed The VoIP Industry FOREVER

Few products have changed market dynamics in tech market as MagicJack has in the Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) domain. While the internet market was still exploring long-distance calls at an affordable price using software based services like Skype and GTalk – they came with a price-tag, not entirely justifying retiring your resident landline or cellphone. Ditto for NetTalk, another VoIP service which didn’t quite measure up with the audio quality. Cellphone plans too, were free for certain carriers within their customers, but mostly had customers waiting for those ‘nights and weekends’.

Figure 1: The Original magicJack device (2007) which arguably ushered in a new era for all VoIP Services

Introduced in 2007, the USB

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MagicJack vs Basic Talk – Residential VoIP Comparison

Technological evolution in network infrastructures, ever-increasing demand for mobile & wireless communication services and high price performance ratio has led to sustained growth of VoIP services in corporate and individual consumer segments. Add to it, the rise in bring your own device (BYOD) trend as well as diversification of telecommunication service providers – it isn’t difficult to fathom why VoIP is the chosen option for several industries. MagicJack has quickly grown to be the top most solution in this category. In little over half-a-decade, they have outrun several critics and admittedly imperfect customer service model

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MagicJack vs. Ooma Telo Phone Service Review: Which Is Better?

MagicJack and Ooma have captured the imagination (and market space) of resident alternative VoIP services in quick time. Both have come to prominence as the best services in their price range, not least because of their similar claim of ‘no monthly fee’ which gives them a clear edge in terms of marketing theme over competitors.

MagicJack Brief Review

MagicJack started out as a humble PC add-on little over half-a-decade ago, requiring the computer to be on at all times for uninterrupted operations. Gradually, they have added more arrows to their quiver, eventually

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